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Monday, February 22, 2010

Amber, the Little Nymph

When Amber arrived in the world there was rapturous joy and jubilation. We had stayed put in her parents’ house waiting with bated breath for her, our angel’s arrival. We had the first glimpse of her at the hospital when the nurse placed the cherubic bundle in her mother’s lap to the unbounded pleasure of all gathered there. There she was resplendent with a peach and pink complexion in contrast with the milk white wrap around her and a glowing serenity pervading on her face. It took sometime for the truth to sink in that our darling Amber for whom we had been waiting for the last many months is actually before us.

Her first bed was the crib beside her mother’s bed and a slight nudge on it startled her as if conveying that the realties of this harsh world were too much as compared to the secure haven of her mother’s womb.

Finally after a few days Amber was homeward bound sitting in the infant seat of her papa’s car. With her homecoming the atmosphere in the house changed dramatically. There was a flurry of activities around her. All four of us started scurrying to and fro in tending to her needs which were a lot many.

Our moods went up and down based on her condition. We were happy when she was smiling and cooing and our faces fell immediately when she threw up most of the milk while burping(which was as essential as the milk itself).But when she burped without spilling our faces lighted up as if with a sense of great achievement.

Thus was spent the first semester - alternating between moments of sheer joy , her bouts of colic pains and our panic reactions. All this and much more went into making Amber grow into a sweet, cute, charming and chirpy little princess.

Now whenever her parents ask her to say cheese before clicking her picture her face instinctively broadens into a bewitching smile and takes on the contours of a classic beauty. Already her precociousness comes to the fore through her passion for books and her communication skills. She goes to the children’s library with her mom and selects story books by intently looking at the illustrations (she does not know how to read yet).She is going to be four soon and what a joy to us! We her doting grandparents only wish and hope that she attains excellence in whatever she takes upon herself to do and in the process makes a difference somewhere!


  1. How time flies...had almost forgotten those times.

  2. But these memories are still fresh in my mind. May be because time moves a lot slowly with us now.