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Friday, March 23, 2012


It was about ten years back when we lost our ‘Nutty. We had left him in the care of a friend, as we went abroad and he died in between that period. So sad was the news that we didn’t have the nerve to inquire about the circumstances leading to his death. The loyalty and affection which he showered on us, pulled at our heart strings and made the remembrances so very painful.

It was our daughter who persuaded us to have a dog as a pet, promising that she would look after all his needs. When her aunt informed us that her Pomeranian bitch had had her litter fathered by her own Apso, and that one pup was reserved for us, we were overjoyed. Off we went to her place without wasting time. The very sight of cute little ‘Nutty’ (name given by our daughter) with white and brown patches on his generous coat, thrilled us and we wanted to have him there and then. I for one had serious reservations about keeping a dog, but on seeing Nutty, I fell in love with him instantly and brought him home.

The first few days were a challenge, though. Feeding and taking him out for urinating frequently was no mean task. And then he was to be potty trained. There were other irritants also. Nutty tore to shreds a few pair of socks, pulled the sack cloth under the sofas and chewed the ends of bed sheets hanging on sides. Mercifully he soon outgrew these hiccups.

As expected all the duties regarding him fell on my already busy shoulders. Our daughter cut her job only to cuddling him, stoking him, whenever she wanted a break from her studies.

Though having Nutty was like an addition of one more family member, yet I started loving him so much that I didn’t balk at the duties, which actually I had self imposed on myself.

However, with our care and love, in no time Nutty grew into a healthy, spirited and active young dog with sparkling brown eyes. One thing endearing about him was his gentleness (though to strangers his growl was menacing) and the other was that he ate almost everything which we ate. When we had fruit he’d sit patiently, waiting at my feet with an expression, which clearly conveyed that he was waiting for his share.

One incident I remember vividly. We were having fried fish in the company of some friends. Nutty kept moving around us (he never created any problem while making his way in our midst). At that time I noticed him sniffing the air as fish has peculiar smell. So I gathered that he was ready to have his mouthful of the delectable stuff. I placed a couple of pieces in his plate. Surprisingly, he rushed towards his plate, but immediately drew back in disgust, probably because of the strong smell. Then I saw him barking at the plate. Once or twice he put the piece in his mouth and brought it out. It was evident that he was perplexed that how come, everybody consumed it and he could not. After a sort of battle with his taste buds, he munched the pieces slowly, while we watched the whole drama furtively.

The welcome scene enacted by him on our arrival from our jobs, could melt any heart. He’d run here and there like mad, excitedly jumping and encircling us, exhibiting utmost joy. And it’d take a few minutes to pacify him, after acknowledging his love with endearing vocalizations

Nutty was intelligent enough to decipher our moods and emotional state. If he saw me incommunicado he’d sit near me so unobtrusively as if he was not there. At other times if he found me receptive, he’d cheer me up by wagging his tale as if he was making it clear that he understood me fully.

In winters he slept on an improvised small bed in our bedroom and never would disturb us in any way. Only when he noticed our movement in the morning he’d show urgency, indicative of his need for being taken out for the call of nature.

Nutty’s contribution in making us disciplined by default was most significant. No matter what, he insisted on his morning outing which was with his master, whereas the evening stroll was in my name. Both of us enjoyed the activity.

Nutty afforded us great pleasure. Sometimes we miss him dearly.


  1. Yeah, it is nice to have a dog adoring you all the time. Nothing will take its place, and nothing will be so loving in life.

    We had Alsatian always( for 30 years). The present one is huge, Tiger!

  2. Hi Pattu,
    A pleasant surprise that you too are fond of dogs.I wonder how you're managing so many activities and a dog to boot.No denying that their love is so pure and kind.And what they demand in return, just love which, though in abundance is given so miserly.

  3. Yes, The love they show is the one motivation. Actually, he latest one is form a friend who could not look after him. He is huge Alsatian, and he loves food! :-)
    But sometimes, it gets a bit too much. Even then we are carrying on.
    Cant imagine our house without a dog.:-)