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Saturday, March 3, 2012


The main thrust of my blogging endeavour is to portray life in its various manifestations. Out of this infinite field, a few exceptional ones stand out in the mind’s eye and put forth in words.

To an observant eye, life presents a rich canvas of diverse images and unexpected experiences. Some are intense, some amuse and some sadden. All leave an imprint on the subconscious, while enlightening us about the ways of the world in the process.

In the context of above premise, I can’t help narrating a funny anecdote regarding a harmlessly deceptive angle associated with cell phone use. And also how the survival instinct makes one adopt silly methods to save one's skin in trying situations.

It so happened that at one time, my hubby and I were volunteering our services at a group of educational institutions, and were asked to contact one young man in case of any problem. In fact, problems, there were many. But the said person appeared to be overburdened, as he stopped picking up our calls and later on when confronted in person, would make some excuse or the other. That didn’t help him for long, as the place was in the hills with limited space, entailing frequent encounters by default. (Looking back I can understand his predicament of being overwhelmed with work and unable to deliver.)

Then he devised an ingenious ploy. On seeing us from a distance he’d turn his back and pretend to be talking on his cell. (I saw through his trick quite early, but started enjoying the scene.) Obviously there was no question of disturbing him, though he faked to be in serious conversation. Naturally we‘d pass by, postponing to get something urgent fixed in our suite. This went on for quite some time. Later on, out of curiosity, I shared the finding with another couple who too was engaged in labour of love like us. Smilingly they corroborated being aware of the gimmick of the man but just ignored it because of his otherwise good manners and an important position in the set up.

Thank God he never came to know that we knew his trick, because, we left the place soon after.


  1. Funny it is!

    I have seen a number of people here too.
    I have studied them, being exposed to such acts in a big organisation.
    I think, they are always having people on contact, just in case those people may be helpful.
    But the person in question is only interested in contacts, and not really helpful.
    By acting as if helpful, they collect people on their mobile . That is all.If they are too busy, they could direct other people to help. Bu they won't. They dont want to loose the good will .. see.
    Actaul people who helpa re very sincere and go to any length. and do not pose.

  2. Hello,
    I agree with you absolutely about the reality of such fickle and fragile relationships. This syndrome of instant contact is ruining the beauty of wait and longing.It is leading to instinct centric behaviour. When wil we rise above this childishness?