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Monday, July 16, 2012


Monsoon rains are in the prime of youth at the moment. Exuberance and excitement are palpable in every drop of water. The vitality of rain waters have already succeeded in dressing the bald hillocks with glistening, dewy and fresh grasses and plant life. The mother earth has opened its womb to be watered with the grain of new life to be presented to the harried mankind down under.Unfortunately the all giving earth’s response is always met with man’s callous indifference to its needs.

These days sun and rain indulge in a game of ‘Hide and Seek.’ When we wake up in the morning, usually there is mild mist around but slowly the sun behind overtakes and there is golden, clear sheen of sunshine beckoning us to come out and stand in its luxurious fold and stretch our limbs to drive away stiffness and indolence.
You try to soak in the sensuousness of the ambience while sipping your morning cup of tea standing alongside the balcony’s railing. Soon the reverie is cut short by the sudden darkness caused by the floating clouds when they waylay the sun and cover its path. This playfulness continues till the over saturated dark clouds advance and force us indoors to watch its outpouring sitting near the window, feeling lucky in some vague and mysterious way….

 All around pine trees blessed with a new lease of life outspread their long fists at the ends of twigs and allow pine needles to stand aloft with full strength. ( I've clicked these  pictures ) The verdure on the hills is revved up and is responding to the melody of rain by growing fast.

Evidently the mood is upbeat and farmers are scurrying around to finish sowing and transplanting saplings. The hand pumps and bore wells are getting replenished with water and new sense of hope and well being has taken birth.
On the other hand, I notice during my walk umpteen incidents of landslides. Some of the mountains have been bruised and lacerated in the process of widening the road and look naked bereft of all vegetation and with every rain spell the loose soil slides down bringing large boulders and stones. Hopefully this rainy season’ll stabilize the soil by growing plant life on the exposed flanks.

Forestland and hills need care and nurturing like that for a child. Every year forest wealth is being denuded disturbing the ecological balance. The hill folks ought to be sensitized and disciplined regarding their responsibilities towards their surroundings. People can’t sit smugly expecting all initiatives from the government.

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  1. Lovely post. I can smell the monsoon in the hills.
    Sad about deforestation, though.There is no end to greed, in India.

  2. Hi Pattu,

    Thanks! I'm exploring the area, may write on some other aspects.