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Friday, February 8, 2013


Living amidst the prevailing culture of lies and half truths, should one ignore celebrating small victories here and there?

In this context friends, let me share with you the joy of attaining the first milestone of my blogging journey: the number ten thousand page views. The excitement and thrill of a mother, when her child takes the first step unaided or utters the first word is adorably documented in countless stories. Some what similar exuberance and childlike swing in my heart, I felt at this humble success. Howsoever time it took to cross the first hurdle, perhaps because of my poor social networking skills, it is still a win !

Who are  the people instrumental in bestowing this joy? Of course my beloved readers spread all over the globe. Thank you so much for hitting my blog pages and perusing the gamut of my life’s experiences. Your support enthused me to carry on with my efforts at recounting the layers of my impressions of our sojourn in this universe.

Our lives are short no doubt, but imagine the multifarious challenges which crop up every day. We’ve to find meaning in the continuous struggle of our lives and try to either accept or solve unpleasant situations. We ought to learn to be happy while wallowing in the myriad fears and doubts enveloping  us. For this, we’ve to be doers, and action oriented. Wasting precious time is a sin. We can’t postpone enjoying our small victories on some future date. Today is real. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow does not hold any certainty. Hence I realized that I must celebrate this sweet little success and ask for your blessings and your kindness. I pray to God to endow me with steadfast will power to write authentically and impart immense pleasure.

I have been fortunate to  meet in the cyber space so many intelligent, charming and genuinely helpful co-writers, whose caliber in the craft is awesome and profoundly inspiring. I’m grateful to them for guiding me in the process of writing, I feel passionate about.

Can any one deny the fact that creator of any art form pines for applause? Recent example of Kamal Hassan articulating similar sentiments in the wake of his film’s release hitting a road block in his own state comes to mind. We can empathise with him and feel his pain. In this longing all of us are alike. All of us suffer from vulnerabilities. That is what makes us human. We wish to be noticed and crave good words to be spoken about, even our imperfect product. The generous gesture bears results. Makes the artist to work harder to polish his craft and give joy. It is like to be there for others who need our support.

I’m indebted to my co- bloggers on the indiblogging net work for enriching me intellectually and stimulating my thinking skills with their wonderful contributions. I too fill up a tiny space in this ocean of knowledge which is amazingly profound and colourful. What a grand opportunity to be among such bright young people who, while doing jobs, raising families and discharging umpteen numbers of duties, find time to present such beautiful creations!You’re real management gurus!

The astounding diversity of contributions reflects the gushing talent proliferating around us. Nurtured as it is spontaneously by the influence of great philosophical treatises which we have inherited and which enshrine in their sacred pages the wisdom of centuries of our civilization.

Young and old have their footfalls in this ever growing space, for expressing the distillation of enlightening moments of their lives.

I traverse the creative path here in the company of wonderful fellow bloggers. From technology freaks, gizmo geeks, travel enthusiasts, master chefs, gardening lovers and pungent humorists to those with magic eyes who lock up marvelous images for us, to those who put across deeply evocative poetic compositions, awakening in us the mysterious muses of our finer sentiments which run parallel in our lives. Then there are the blog posts which showcase mesmerizing canvas of personal literary collages which stun, stir, inspire, educate and jolt the stifling stereotypes.

Well here I'm !!!
Dear friends I wrote it because I’m sure you stand by me and feel happy in my happiness.

Here is a quote which echoes my belief :

“All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Waiting for your responses!


  1. Congratulations and may you have plenty more!!

  2. Thank you so much, Deepak ji!

  3. Congrats...keep blogging...wish u lots more in ur blogging journey

  4. Congratulations for achieving the milestone and pray for more in the years to come.

    Very true, is a fountain of knowledge.

  5. Thanks Nandini!

    Your write ups are always extremely expressive and well written. I'm sure you're going to go places.

  6. Hello Fayaz,
    Thanks for the good wishes and greetings!One always needs support of well wshers like you to carry on.

  7. congratulations!!! 10,000 is a huge number.

    you write so well! your posts always put a smile on my face. and i agree with you, we can learn so much from those talented bloggers you have mentioned. and i would definitely love to learn the art of writing from you.

    a wonderful post and apologies for being here late. it was intentional because i didn't want to read your post in a haste.

  8. Hi Deb,
    Thanks very much!It really bowls me over as you say you'll learn the art of writing from me.Come on! You've such an amazing spicy style and your tongue in cheek content makes one smile.
    Your satiric arrows are laced with honey. So smart!

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  10. HI Congratulation..
    Reaching to this milestone wasn't an easy task. But you did it. My heartiest congratulations.
    Maam , do keep on writing and wish you such success ahead..
    Bhavik shah

  11. Thanks a lot for the good wishes!

  12. Congratulations!. Wish you many more thousands of hits!

  13. Thanks for the kind words, Pattu!

  14. Well that is worth celebrating. Congrats may you have a lot more of such cyber love and success.