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Friday, February 1, 2013


 Should I share with you friends, how I’ve learnt to transcend the cynicism and despondency of our times? The answer is simple. Just by romancing the uncomplicated pleasures of life.
I dare say, I have done it all, seen it all and experienced it all. You may ask what all? Oh yes, the existential paradigm of life from birth onwards… Nothing has stayed with me, though, buried safely, stubbornly somewhere in the dark, deep alleys of the subconscious. It shows itself either by a lot of prodding or through a trigger point.

But the creative devil is brutal; it does not allow you to exist on nothing. It grills you about the inertia and sloth. It reminds you of the self commitments. Continuously pricks, and questions, “Are you deaf and blind to the phenomenon around?”

So friends, I found a way out to silence the internal policeman by merging my consciousness with the pious essence of our surroundings and forgetting every thing else. To be frank, this is what keeps me going. It is my life blood. It prepares me for the now and the morrow.

Dear young bloggers with dreams in your eyes, don’t have me wrong. I’m amazed at your felicity in penning those marvellous love stories. It is your day. Dream your dreams and reach your goals. Wish the very best for you.

As for me, life has acquired new meanings. Possessing possessions no longer holds sway. To be in shape to keep pace with the ever agile grey cells matter now. Grey matter needs stimulation of some kind and the melody of nature provides that in abundance.

Welcoming the golden hued sunny days after a long period of fog and intense cold is the most pleasurable activity these days. The priceless warmth and charm belies description. The glow of sunshine replaces the shroud of dejection by the shimmer of hope and happiness. I bask in the glory of the moment with closed eyes; overwhelmed with the thrilling sensation of gentle warmness, infusing vague eternity. What else is Jannat, I ask myself?

And then while sitting in my backyard, my attention is often drawn towards a pair of parrots, tweeting shrilly on the upper most twigs of the Neem. I keep looking at them, wondering what they are conversing about? Perhaps ruing the fact that there is nothing for them to pick and eat with their razor sharp beak. While I guess so, they fly away in a jiffy, as if suddenly reminded of some unfinished task waiting for them.

Another pair which gives me immense pleasure is the twin woodpeckers, who are sighted off and on in my front lawn, burrowing their long and pointed bills into the soil for insects or seed. The architecture of their bodies- a marvel in flesh and blood!

Some days an army of babblers or larks descend on our Neem and create a pandemonium as if resolving some long standing dispute in their panchayat. Hope there is never any endorsement of honour killing there!

All sorts of birds converge on my twin neem trees, indulge in their usual gossip sessions, sharing weal and woes and leave relieved. But not before nudging me by their presence.

Natural cycle of seasons has its own rules. Here in North India, deciduous trees are still shedding leaf in troughs. There are sheets of dry crumbling leaves around the trees and scattered on road sides by the mildly blowing wind. Nature's kingdom is incomparable.

Blooming Marigolds are enlivening my house with their golden touch and reason enough for me to seek their company and track their daily progress.

Many times during the day vegetable vendors on their cycle carts move about on the road selling the stuff, coaxing you to come out and have a look. Winter vegetable spread is hard to resist and you always buy a basketful of them. The vendor leaves happy and you share his joy by exchanging a word or two.

Well!!! The bouquet is complete as the last stem has  already been inserted. But for the time being only!

I’ll end this write up with the beautiful lines of the song sung by Julie Andrews in the classic movie ‘SOUND OF MUSIC” which echo my sentiments as well.

“These are a few of my favourite things……………………………….. When I’m feeling sad

I simply remember my favourite things and then I don’t feel so bad”
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  1. Hello ma'am, Thanks for drooping by my blog. I loved your blog, You are an amazing writer.

  2. Nice words. The amount of pleasure and relaxation one gets being with nature is phenomenal. When I am in the wilds filming or photographing or recording sound, the stress vanishes. Watching animals mother and child interact is a nice feeling. You don't see animals beating their kids unlike us. The amount of joy and affection that one finds in other species is a perhaps a lesson for us.....

  3. Well said Maam! You truly seem to enjoy every bit of life. May god give you good health and hope to read more of your beautiful posts.

  4. Thank you Owais.I like your clicks. you seem to have a lot of potential in this field.

  5. Thank you Deepak ji!I admire your felicity with words.

  6. Hi Sabyasachi, Welcome to the blog and thanks.I'm so happy to see you here.

    I absolutely share your seniments about nature and its healing power.Humans need to learn a lot from flora and fauna surrounding us.

  7. Thanks Ali! Your pictures show that you're travel friendly.Way to go!

  8. Hello Fayaz,
    Welcome and thanks.So kind of you to give me such good wishes.I reciprocate in equal measure.

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    Wanted to share some stuff with you. I used Vistaprint for some embroidered t-shirts with logo. Damn impressed. Check it out if you can.

  10. Lovely post, Uppal! Thank you:)