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Monday, October 14, 2013



When I  was in Philadelphia there were days when during my customary walk I had had scintillating glimpses of the sky line. It was a breathtaking scenario, when you see cloud formations strolling  majestically  in  the expanse  above. My daughter’s i pad did the next job of imprisoning those imposing scenes as permanent images to be enjoyed later, together with the precious memories of those prized moments.

Now I’m in Cincinnati (OHIO). Noticing my interest in nature photography on the side, my son gifted me a camera, a real good one. My fascination for sky watch is growing by the day. Looking at the sky has become a sort of addiction for me. On a cloudy day just after the rains, the clouds weave a magic so mesmerizing and other worldly that the irritants of life seem insignificant before such endowment of natural beauty. It’s magnificence and mystery which all the Disney lands of the world can never match. The awesomeness is surreal and unsurpassed.

The images here, I took during my scheduled evening walk. I go prepared so that I may capture the sky in its myriad shapes and celestial hues .OMG, how the canvas of the sky gets embellished every day with enchanting cloud formations which are beyond description.

Took around 5 p.m. during my evening walk

Around 7p.m. after the sun disappeared down under.

The water body surrounded by vegetation and the splendor of the horizon.

The dreamlike tapestry at 4pm after the rain had stopped.

One of my favorites.
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  1. those are lovely pics...wish i could go there sometime too.... btw i think your indi-vine link is not working proper

  2. Thanks Nandini for liking the pictures! Actually looking at the canvas of the sky has become a fascinating routine for me. I wish your desire of visiting the U.S. may get realized soon!

  3. Wow these are simply amazing Pics..Indeed The Sky with there different moods is a treat to watch and Capture.. :D

  4. These pictures Wow me too and i keep coming to them again and again. Thanks.