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Wednesday, February 12, 2014


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Inspired by Roger Green’s tale of expressively beautiful string of E words; I too thought of loosely weaving a tapestry of innocuous but powerful E words, which act out our lives day in, and day out. For example, E eggs us on to earn, eat and enjoy an eventful life. It even encourages us to extricate ourselves from the inanities of life and encounter the challenges of life with élan. It engenders hope and enthusiasm in the hearts of those who embrace edifying edicts. While enjoining upon us the need to embolden the committed and enable them to empower their elders and enrich the lives of the enslaved through endearing endeavors and create some ease and ecstasy in their ensuing years.

Here are short narratives with my chosen E words.

I chose the word eavesdrop because of its association with some sort of intrigue and mischief. Originally an eavesdropper was one who stood at the eavesdrop (where the water fell near the house) to overhear what was said inside. It is the habit of stealthily listening to a private conversation without the others’ knowledge. Sometimes simple curiosity makes people to indulge in this nasty secretive play. It is a stolen pleasure, so it is a malicious pleasure. It also feeds the urge to know what other people talk about you. More often than not, it has led to confrontations and heartburn. Sometimes people purposely conspire to enable others to eavesdrop to mislead them with evil intent. Many times you become an eavesdropper for no fault of yours e.g. in trains, buses and in air travel. Have you heard of a mother in-law eavesdropping on her son and daughter in-law’s conversation on a regular basis ending up in a family feud, when it was found out?
In this new age of sophisticated technology in communication systems, governments can eavesdrop on all aspects of the private life of its citizens. For that purpose phones can be tapped, offices bugged and wired. Monitoring of computer activity is allegedly a regular practice in the hands of govt. and law enforcement agencies.

Leaving aside the eavesdropping to its votaries let’s go after a simple E word that characterizes our lives very smartly by being a part of special proverbs. The word is Early and it got nestled in my mind-scape effortlessly. However, once there, it wanted its presence felt rather early. The adage ‘The early bird gets the worm', ‘didactically implies that our productivity will increase if we start our day early in the morning when there is least disturbance and distractions. Then the proverb “Early to bed and early to rise makes one healthy, wealthy and wise" also exhorts us to go to bed  early to reap the advantages of more work done by rising early. Since it provides a head start for the day. Whenever we travel, the advice we always get is to be at the airport, bus stand or station earlier than later. Therefore, the word ‘early’ signifies a formidable power to make or mar our destiny. It is a metaphor against laziness and carelessness. Its mantra is to do things earlier than later.

On the heels of preachy early the E word ebullient enters gushing and stamping its feet spiritedly. Its ebullient bearing seemed to chide us for our cynical looks and negative vibes.  Surely, its ebullience disapproved of our frowning visage and impressed upon us to take life as it comes and face the miseries and sorrows with faith in our good sense and confidence in our power of overcoming the odds of life valiantly. It brought forth the argument that birds happily peck into the ground or glide in the air above us displaying joy and carefree abandon.They leave everything to nature, which sustains them in all seasons and climes. Likewise if we resolve to work honestly and joyfully to the best of our abilities while being kind to those who are less fortunate  than us, life’s myriad dilemmas  get resolved in due course of time. 

Wasting no time, ebullient walked out hurriedly, leaving us gaping with wonder. 

 Images: courtesy the Internet.

Friends, what do you think of the E words? 


  1. Sorry, but I've used up all my E words. I do love your description of eavesdropping as a STOLEN pleasure.

  2. You're welcome Deepak Ji! Have a good day!