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Saturday, May 3, 2014


time for pulling down the  juicy mangoes after rain
It was getting more and more intense each day. I mean the onslaught of heat. Yesterday, like any other day, started with a piercing bright sunshine. So much so that even spreading clothes on the clothesline outside created a sensation of burning skin. By the late afternoon however, the contours of the sky appeared to be changing. In place of clear blue skyline, there was a whole sheet of grey slowly covering the overhead canopy. It was an eagerly awaited sign of anticipated respite from the sizzling heat.
As the evening stepped in, the sky morphed itself and brought forth mild thunder accompanied by flashes of lightning. Lo and behold, in no time we were welcoming the blessed first summer showers. What a relief it was! The temperature came down and cool breeze replaced the scorching hotness. The drizzle continued throughout the night and helped us to have a restful sleep.

I woke up today to an overcast sky and the mood is upbeat. I am sure the day will prove to be a lot productive. We in north India are thanking the rain gods for their kind gesture. Amen!

Friends, you are welcome with your comments.

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  1. Are you the one on the mango tree? Loved it.

  2. It's so hot in North India. Thanks to rain God for some respite.

  3. we also experiencing our first summer shower here in chennai... what a bliss it was and extreme relief from the summer torcher. beautiful natrative :)