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Tuesday, September 16, 2014


ABC Wednesday is round the corner and I’m trying to zero in on the topic for discussion. So many ideas had been hovering inside the mind scape vying for attention. Finally, nod has been given and the chosen word is the modest, something, of daily use in our kitchens i.e., ‘J’ for jug.  

 In fact, a jug of water to be precise. Surprised aren’t you? Let me introduce it. I’ve taken up the word ‘jug’ in an entirely different context. As a means to facilitate our consumption of water. Recently I’ve been educated in real earnest about something, I had awareness  about, but was ignoring out of sheer silliness on my part. Life is like that. Isn’t it? Sometimes, we keep postponing, procrastinating until we reach the cliffhanger.

Aftermath of a urinary problem meant taking antibiotics and drinking sufficient amount of water. Since consuming antibiotics leave a trail of upset stomach, I decided to try very sincerely water therapy, thinking that it might work. The experience I’m outlining is especially for my women blog friends. For men too, as with advancing age, many of them face  enlarged prostrate problems. Frequent urinary infections are a part of our aging process. We experience diminished immunity and suffer from other health issues. Simply drinking about five glasses of water, together with other fluids in the shape of coffee, tea, vegetables, fruits, soups and the like, works wonders for the system. Religiously observing the above has helped in clearing my body of the toxins and I‘m feeling much better. Hope to save myself from the dreaded antibiotics.

My knowledge and experience has proven that there are many more paybacks of consuming adequate water like:

Urine flows out in a comfortable stream.

The color looks clear and there is much less smell because the toxins in the body don’t accumulate and pass out with more frequent visits to the wash room.

Water meanders inside the body with ease and bodily functions take place in a healthier environment.

Free flow of water improves the digestive process and facilities the bowel movement. Constipation sufferers get a lot of relief.

Since you remain hydrated, it promotes overall well being.

For weight watchers it is helpful too. Drinking a tumbler full of water before every meal reduces the portion size because one is already filled up somewhat.

The essence of this piece is to impress upon you to manage a jug with the capacity of about five glasses of water. Fill it. Keep it at a place where it remains in view. And empty it by the evening. Follow the routine strictly. You’re bound to reap many  health benefits.

You should also consult your doctor about it.

Friends,welcome here as always.

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  1. Hmm .. its a good take on the prompt. I have taught my son all this as not only elders but children ought also know and understand things in clarity .he keeps tab on all the symptoms... J is for a jug of water.. precious.

  2. I have been aware of the benefits since increasing my water consumption. I do not really get away with coffee and lately I have found I am not so keen on tea anymore. I now drink herbal fruit tea or better still, water.
    Thanks so much.
    Denise ABC Team

  3. Nothing to argue on this front... acceptant is a part of life and without water nothing exits. I understand the wealth of water, but like you said laziness and being silly skips from drinking water. For urinary problem, drinking tender coconut and banana stem juice helps at early relief.

    I read lately that drinking water amid eating delays the digestion and they say that water dilutes the digestive fluid and grip loss the stomach to grind the food. Also advices to drink water 30 minutes early taken on food.

  4. Hari om
    Excellent post Uppal-ji. As a homoeopath and nutritionist, I can wholeheartedly reinforce what you have said here. Jeeven mentions the 'during meals' drinking...this is something of a myth (in terms of 'diluition'); but what can happen is that undigested foods are perhaps sent along the intestine before being fully processed in the stomach itself, which can lead to problems. Therefore it is advised to drink a glass prior to eating for lubrication. This may have the additional benefit of limiting the amount eaten; but also may not according to the individual's relationship with food. There is some improvement in this if the water is drunk somewhat earlier than meal, as - on not then receiving food - the digestive system goes into action against the fluid and it is this which reduces food requirement.

    The world has gone crazy with all its flavour drinks; certainly herbal infusions and fresh fruit juices are the better out of these; but NOTHING substitutes for pure water in matters of maintaining the body. For each of those flavour drinks, take in addition a glass of water is my suggestion to that!

    Blessings, YAM xx

  5. You are, of course, correct. Knowing and doing aren't always the same!

  6. Sometimes I get a bit dehydrated in the summer. Drinking extra water is a good thing.