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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Women’s clubs serve a useful purpose

(published in Life Style magazine of The Tribune dated 25th February,2010)

Women’s clubs have become ubiquitous in upper middle class communities and are considered to be an important medium of social networking. In the modern day fast pace life when leisurely visits around neighbourhood have become few and far between these provide opportunities for the ladies to meet and interact with each other once fortnightly or monthly. The members are mostly a medley of all adult age groups. The meetings are hosted by turn and the menu is always kept simple: a cup of tea and two healthy snacks.

I am a member of two such clubs and always look forward to the periodic get - together. These are running very successfully and make me feel a part of the neighbourhood.

Apart from the socializing and entertainment angle (we play two tambola games and it is such fun) the attend freshens me up and updates me about the goings on in my locality. There is always a healthy exchange of views on household remedies, cooking tips about individually tried recipes and pros and cons of certain specific exercises for common problems faced by many. The gaiety, cheer and camaraderie which are generated prove a
stress buster for all.

There is generally a tête-à-tête about important tasks which require attention and efforts are made to pass on the suggestions to the appropriate welfare association of the area. Such steps lead to the redressal of grievances.

Most importantly such kitty clubs act as a sort of anti-depressant particularly for non working ladies by giving them a chance to escape household drudgery and enjoy some change of environment at least for a short time. Definitely it helps all to unwind.

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