Thursday, December 31, 2015


 'Y' is for New Year!

"Ring out the old, ring in the new,
Ring, happy bells, across the snow: 
The year is going, let him go;
Ring out the false, ring in the true."

Very soon we'll be ringing in the New Year. The often-quoted Lord Tennyson’s verses ring in the New Year on a practical and joyful note. In fact, 2015 has gone by in a flash. It seems as if it was only yesterday when we were welcoming it the usual festive way and now ‘2016 is waiting at the threshold of time to enter  our lives so magnificently. Well, time has a speed post!

Truly, today is the right time to introspect about our good, bad days in the past year.  The best way is to recollect our successes and failures and draw some lessons there upon. The beginning of the New Year offers an opportunity to pledge ourselves upon the basis of stern convictions to make our lives more meaningful, enjoyable and happy. Everybody knows that in essence life is a challenge and a struggle. As  thinking beings, we instinctively aim to lead a worthy life by continuously endeavoring to make it more productive. For this to be possible, we need an attitudinal shift. We have to cultivate kindness, more inclusiveness as well as a helping attitude.

This apart, each morning presents a stepping-stone to plunge into something new to expand the existing state. I do believe that our life remains always in the process of becoming. It is never static. There are always possibilities galore to be explored and tried upon. The secret is to focus with mindfulness, whatever we take upon ourselves to do.

There is always a plethora of items on our wish list. Actually, it boils down to, how to achieve them.  Who needs to be told that the power to unleash our energies is within us and we are to inspire ourselves painstakingly. No doubt, there will be set backs because we are human and never would know the outcome of our choices. What we do recognize is that we’ve to put our heart and soul into any mission, which we are convinced about to be purposeful and worth pursuing.

Success will certainly match our efforts in the New Year beautifully. At least that is what we should hope for. I personally am resolving within myself to take positive steps to incorporate a healthy routine and stick to it religiously. This alone can enhance physical and mental wellness, which is the prerequisite for realizing one's dreams. 
 "All of us every single year, we're a different person. I don't think we're the same person all our lives." — Steven Spielberg

 Friends,welcome here as always!

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Thursday, December 24, 2015


                                         Merry Christmas To You All!

Sky and earth are always affectionately bonded!

From my archives. This sky view captured during mid morning walk at Philadelphia (PA) in the US, during our visit there in 2013.

Compact balcony fenced with iron railing at Kumarhatti (Shivalik Hills).Clicked in September 2015.

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Friday, December 18, 2015


A boulevard type look of the entrance to the newly established University at a holy town, which we recently visited

My archives lent a helping hand in sharing this sky view. Captured at Philadelphia (PA) in the US in 2013 during our visit there. It is the backyard of the house from where i took the picture.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015


 'W' is for 'Wait'

Don't mind, if I say we human beings are crazy creatures.  I think we're really like that.  Our minds possess treasures of boundless fecundity. Yet, it is no child's play to fathom its knotty, sometimes childish contours. Well, taking my own example of inactivity and languor for about a fortnight will suffice to make a point.

During the hangover of sorts, I tried hard but failed to prevail upon my whimsical inner being to take up its usual creative activities, which remained postponed for no reason. Believe me, my ubiquitous internal policeman was obstinately indulging in a chiding spree all the time. However, my mental space remained uninspired. 

Then something unexpected happened. Fortunately for me, I traveled to a holy town (Damdama Sahib, Talwandi Sabo) in my state of Punjab, on an invitation to visit a newly established private University there.  Afterward, we visited the historical Gurudwara located there, which is one of the five sacred Takhats of Sikhs ( Seats of Temporal Authority) in India. While taking a round of the hallowed precincts in the company of throngs of devotees,  I experienced the feeling of elevating supreme energy and positive vibes enveloping the surroundings. Slowly and slowly I felt the veil of inertia and cynicism melting away. Long awaited spiritual resolution filled the mind zone liberating the inhibiting web. Such are the magical moments, which make the earthly journey of ours worth pursuing.
So, here I'm.

The entrance to the Gurudwara. The rush of the people on an ordinary day.

The sanctum sanctorum (above) where the devotees pay obeisance. On the left, on the dais are ragis (singers) singing Gurbani (sacred hymns). The process goes on throughout the day with ragis'  group getting replaced after a fixed time.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015


 Won't you agree with my above statement? The innumerable graces, which the nature has bestowed upon us are mind blowing. What with majestic mountains, elegant hills, serpentine lakes, rivers and lively water bodies, forests harboring exotic natural beauty and protecting the animal kingdom, while safeguarding the ecological balance, the exquisite plants, imposing trees, resplendent blossoms, the scented,cool breeze of spring mornings, the monsoons rejuvenating the parched earth and smothered humans with the free elixir from above, the  mighty sun, the fountain head of all all natural growth, warming the chilled bones in winter, the summer outings for play and adventure, the moon lit nights,veiled in mysterious tender, romance and so forth. The list is long and indefinable. In the spirit of thanksgiving, shouldn't we be grateful for the overflowing benedictions of the Almighty, which are always available to us?

I waited till most of the buds opened themselves  up to capture them. This spread of chrysanthemums brightens the space across our boundary wall.

 In our backyard the small  flowering plant  adorns the space with its lovely persona. Its shadow is cute too!
The full moon capture of 25th November at 10 pm, while standing midway on the outside stairs of our house!

The sunset in the urban milieu. Funnily, I took this picture through the window pane of the dining area of our house.
Hope you like these images!

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Here is my entry for the theme:

 A little bit of introduction to this picture: Yesterday I went to the city bazaar with the express purpose of clicking something in tune with the theme.Out of many possibilities, I chose this 'purse shop' as the image to share with you.

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Sunday, November 29, 2015


Parrots are a common sight here. However, you see them always in  groups and in extreme  rush as if they are on an emergent mission. When i chance to hear  their shrill squeaking sound, I look up and find a group flying, so to say, at  breakneck speed.
Yesterday, I's surprised to see this one alone and moodily relaxing on the electric wire in front of our house. I clicked it before it'd decided to sprint away.

Here is a cuckoo perched on a stone,busy in  planning the next move. Shot taken in hills during this summer.

The myna in our front yard looking down for grubs.

This bird is sighted off and on around here.While it's head, tail and lower part is black the feathers on its flanks are rust colored. Here, perched on the wall with ruffled feathers,it seems to be in a thoughtful mood. An early morning shot, when the atmosphere is hazy.

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Friday, November 27, 2015


 The  last leg of the sun, heading towards setting, behind the trees far far away. The shot taken while in the moving car on the Chandigarh-Rajpura Highway.

The wheat sowing season is in full swing in Punjab these days. The sprouts of the early variety have been visible for some days now, as the vast spread of the wheat fields show here.
The illusion of the sky meeting the earth remains ever so fascinating.

  Part of the fence around a park in a nearby community from mine.

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Monday, November 23, 2015


courtesy google

Truly, our world presents a grand spectacle every single moment. Though the winter is slowly tightening its tentacles around us and nature, yet there are pockets in our midst, where we find flowers defying the chill and smiling at us in all the glory. The grandeur of nature's beautiful persona keeps our spirits buoyant even in  stressful times.

A beaming singleton in my garden!

 Early morning shot of the red and yellow blossoms in our neighborhood.

 In my backyard a small chrysanthemum's plant has these maroon beauties on display.The long shadow of the whole plant at 8.30 in the morning proved a bonus.

This spread of white chrysanthemum blooms create magic outside our boundary wall space tended by us.

The luxurious exhibition of lemon hued chrysanthemums occupy a corner in my backyard.

Friends,welcome here as always!

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Friday, November 20, 2015


Indian Bloggers

'S' is for 'squirrels'  

Yes, they are not simply my friends but worthy ones at that. In fact, about them, I can say ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed.’ Here, I must tell you that it is not that my liking for them has sprung out of the blue. It is decades old and thrived all along. The difference is: now I’ve started communicating the soft corner I nurture for them, in words as well as by imprisoning them in my camera, with tons of patience. They are so vivacious and ardent in their sprints that a single good shot is a filtered one from among many discards. I've written  a couple of eulogies on them since I started blogging.

Just see, how beautiful it looks gliding down the 'Neem' tree across our boundary wall. The furry grey tail, the clear brown and white stripes on the back, tiny eyes and aquiline nose turn it into a designer’s delight.  It is a marvel of nature, the way it infects you with the joyous liveliness of its bearing. It is apparently impossible to articulate its nimbleness and carefree persona.

Sometimes in the park, on a breezy, bright and sunny morning, I encounter them gamboling on the sidewalk and note their prompt jumps on the nearby trees, as my footfalls caution them. I keep watching their amusing and spirited capers in front of me. How they mesmerize with their ferocious mobility, which make them so distinctive and lovable creatures.

They do make me ponder about our loaded lives, beset with existential dilemmas. In addition, the compounding tensions of our daily lives compares poorly with their boundless vitality and goodness.This special gift of nature enlivens our environs by its uninhibited motion and enviable freedom. A quarter of an hour spent in their blissful company during my walk in the park, sets a melange of positive vibes for the whole day.

 Friends,welcome here as always!                                       

Monday, November 16, 2015


courtesy google

There are  some poor people in villages, who keep a flock of goats, and lambs born to them are taken care of, for a few months and then at the right time, sold to meat shops in the city. 
Below are two young urchins, carrying wooden sticks, out in the late afternoon - busy in an animated conversation-  to help the lambs, have some green bites on the roadside.

Designer pruning of the 'Ashoka' trees in the front of a house in our neighborhood, which attracted my attention.

Even though autumn is half way through here, this bush in one of our parks is green and resplendent with delicate marshmallow type flowers! Early morning shot today. Pure blue sky feels so peaceful!
Absent from the cyber world for more than a week, waiting for the creative juices to flow again. I'm back to share with you some of my 'KODAK' moments.

Friends,welcome here as always and thanks for the support!

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015


THE ETERNAL QUEST for the meaning of life...

 'Q' is for QUEST.

 "...............You will never live

If you are looking for the meaning of life.”         Albert Camus

How futile to chase a  mirage,

Unreachable like the horizon.

Jumbled maze of the universe,

Was never meant to be unknotted.

Our journey is a pilgrimage,
Sans any cut off date or finality.
Yet crazy souls exit the world,

Famished by the quest.

The chase will continue,
However, fruitless it may be.

Happiness as the goal is elusive,

Doubts sway our hearts.

 The wise select a mission
And pursue it with a committed zeal.

 Here i end it on a lighter refrain:

Courtesy: The internet

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015


  Not that i went to an orchard to click this pic.The chance was right behind in our backyard. Our high boundary wall at the back separates our house from the house of our neighbor.  Our back neighbor had planted a Kinnow bush right across the boundary wall. The plant has grown above the wall and the fruit laden branch bends to our side. The about to ripen citrus fruit attracted my attention and this is how i could click this one.

 These white ones adorn our front yard.

 The image of the singleton from  my last year's collections.

Here the pinkies are opening up to the early winter breezy ambiance.

One of my favorites,displaying the peak of the shimmer of golden autumn in the US.

 A giggling group of yellow blossoms look resplendent in the sun light. 


Friends, welcome here as always!
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