Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Bizarre Dream!

Sigmund Freud the father of Psychoanalysis in his work “The Interpretation of Dreams” says, ‘through dreams you are able to get a glimpse into your unconscious or id; because your guards are down during the dream state and your unconscious has the opportunity to act out and express the hidden desires of the id.’ With this premise of Freud in mind, let me share my dream with you.

Yesterday night I had a bizarre dream which impacted me mentally on waking up. Once before, I had a somewhat similar dream but it receded from my mental landscape without leaving a stir. But this one is recurring repeatedly in my consciousness. I am puzzled about the symbolism behind it. So I penned it down. The dream narrative moves like this:

There is a knock at the door and an unrecognized male nasal voice calls me by name. Curiously, I open the door, look right and left but there is nobody to be seen. I recall that I did hear the knock and my name being called. I am still in that perplexed state when suddenly out of the blue I see a jet black, horrid looking, crow shaped creature with a tail like a thin iron rod jump past me into the room. Vaguely I surmise a resemblance to some cartoon character. Frightened and stunned I hastily step aside. Another look at it tells me however that though revolting to look at,most likely it won’t harm.

While it moves about in a zig-zag manner on the floor it defecates smudges of darkish rubbery stuff and constantly repeats my name in a heavy voice. Mustering up courage to move I very carefully take steps so as to avoid stepping on the filthy looking stuff. I feel nauseated. Mean while I try calling my husband for help. But voice doesn’t come out; my throat feels dry and hoarse. I decide to act on my own. After all I think it is a small creature.

I don’t know how I get hold of a stick and straightaway hit him on its head. To my horror its body gets split into two and one part instantly flies away and clings to the wall. What do l see? The separated part while moving slowly is creating holes in the wall. The inside of the wall looks hollow. Its body part left on the floor is as agile as before as if nothing has happened. It keeps moving constantly and speaks unintelligibly. The tone certainly becomes mocking. In the meantime the whole floor is littered with that horrible substance which is dropping out of its body. I feel helpless and on the verge of tears. But realize anyways that I‘ll have to do something. That stick luckily is still in my hand. I make a last ditch effort. With a focused aim I hit it hard. To my great relief I find the stick landed right on it’s left out body which is completely smashed though the tail remains intact.

It is at this juncture my dream ends and I wake up with a start. I find myself on my bed with a stiff neck and a throbbing head!!!(:

I haven’t yet stopped guessing what was it all about?