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 It was a chance encounter with my friend on a breezy, bright afternoon. I's moving around, inspecting casually the green patches in my house. Suddenly i saw this squirrel (my friend) trying to attract my attention with her naughty capers. I watched her playful moods and decided to imprison them in the camera.

She evidently has her habitat in the Neem tree which grows outside our house. Its huge trunk serves as a stage for her cute and entertaining acrobatics!


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 LEAVES (Trees, plants and leaves of autumn colours just simply green,...)



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'T' is for 'Tears'

“Heaven knows we need never be ashamed of our tears, for they are rain upon the blinding dust of earth, overlying our hard hearts. I was better after I had cried, than before--more sorry, more aware of my own ingratitude, more gentle.”
Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

What better way to start a post than to discourse about something, which is a miraculous gift of nature.  I’m referring to our unique capacity to be able to express our strong emotions through crying. Emotional responses resulting in weeping, only we humans possess. Tears not only cushion the furrows and pitfalls of our sojourn here but benefit our emotional health too.

A biological process though generates tears, but holistically speaking, tears are our emotional anchor. They sweep clean the system, of tensions, past hurts, resentments, and negative responses. They bring about a great detoxifying influence and restore the mind-body balance. A bout of crying yields solace in the midst of overwhelming agonizing moments.

While we shed tears over some real or perceived wrongs done to us, unknowingly, another process of introspection and reflection moves along. Our dynamics of criticism, judgments mellow down, freeing the mind of harmful binds. Tears heal the wounded, brooding spirit, pushing it back to action. To a free mind, solutions to problems flash unexpectedly. We often hear the words, ‘cry it out, you will feel better’.

Crying is the safest outlet for pent-up feelings. Tears act as a conduit for achieving wellness and sobriety in our stressful lifestyles. The purifying effect of crying takes away the binding blinkers of our psyche, which hinder the restorative process. The clear frame of mind helps in reconciling to circumstances, which we can’t change.

We shed tears of pain as well as of joy. Take for instance the grueling pain a mother suffers, in the process of giving birth to a new life. Tears of supreme joy and pride, she sheds on seeing the baby.  On receiving the happy news of sudden success, after painstaking efforts, one feels choked with joy and tears flow in torrents.

For eye health, tears are extremely essential. They lubricate the eyeball and eyelid and prevent dry eye syndrome. Scientists say that ‘tears bathe our eyes in lysozyme, one of the most effective antibacterial and antiviral agents known.’

Human life sans tears will be terribly uncomfortable and in the end, our eyesight will be impaired beyond repair.

Tears and Nature have, one thing in common, they both mitigate our sufferings and sorrows.

T is also for trees.

This is a mango tree in one of the parks which I visit sometimes. Though its leaves are dulled by wintery conditions, it retains its dignity intact.

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The first photo of a rose bush in colorful hues, i took during my walk/outing in a new area. This rose plant was like a visual feast, growing outside the boundary wall of a house. This click was a silent appreciation of the family's love for flowers.

The second photo is that of home grown patch of chrysanthemums, which are slowly coming to full blossoms.

This bounty of nature represents a blissful slice of life!

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There were ominous signs of imminent bad weather conditions, on that particular evening. But, he'd already decided to attend a special get together, at his friend's house. Throwing caution to the winds, he started off in a mood of merriment like that of any other young man of his age. After all, he'd toiled hard for the whole week in his position of a senior researcher in the company. He longed for some relaxation and a change of scene. Though a bachelor in a foreign country, he had made many friends. He's a likable person. On weekends he's more or less invited by his acquaintances or married friends for dinner etc. He never missed such outings. In fact, he enjoyed the interactions and the party spirit.

In that expectant mood, he was driving at a good speed. The warmth in the car made him oblivious of,  what was brewing outside. The sky was slowly filling up with menacing darkness. The sudden growling sound woke him up as if from a stupor.  It had started snowing.  There was no other vehicle in sight.  The road and trees were losing their distinctness. He was alarmed. Soon, the outside scene was like a huge white ocean. Stopping was not an option. His heart beat jumped up and started hammering his insides.

In the nervousness of fright, he accelerated the car. He'd not covered much distance, when there was a  deafening thud, as the car hit a tree. His mouth must have hit the steering wheel. His front teeth were gone and blood was flowing out in torrents and there was terrible pain. He tried to gauge the predicament. Even in that hopeless situation, he knew that he'd have to act, otherwise he'd die of cold. How he managed to come out, he didn't remember. Perhaps the survival instinct energized him momentarily.  While staggering out in the accumulated snow, he spied a faint light. A ray of hope was born. He remembered vaguely being lifted by some angelic hands. Then everything went blank. He lost consciousness.   When he came to himself after how many hours, he couldn't fathom, he was lying in a  hospital bed with his jaws bandaged.   

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Saturday, November 22, 2014



I love birds. Squirrels are my favorite critters. During the week I's looking for some birds to click. At morning time one finds birds in the lawns or on electric wires. But somehow they fly away by the time you're ready to click. Luckily during my morning  outing for killing many birds with one stone, I spotted this troika of larks in a wee bit state of wonder and clicked.

In our area the presence of larks outnumber all other birds. I like their simple and innocent bearing. No hubris! They mind their own business. They love company. You'll always see them in groups. Completely harmless. That is why perhaps their population is stable or may be increasing. Their chirping is peculiar, low pitched but pleasing. They look pretty when they fly as their feathers have lovely white circles underneath.

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From my archives of October. My favorite park afforded me the pleasure of capturing the near  spiritual tranquility of its ambiance, one joyful morning. While looking intently at the picture today, I felt elevated. Positive energy flowed into my being. The whole experience of posting the pic for 'SKY WATCH FRIDAY' was like an inexplicable 'CATHARSIS' OF SORTS!

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"ARCHITECTURE" (Buildings inside and out of all kinds,...)


Since morning I's trying to have an image based on the theme. But the ones I'd didn't satisfy me. Then, the evening visit to the market place helped me to capture the sense of the place. This also explains my late submission. Thanks!

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There is a need to stop and ponder over the generosity of nature in making our lives worth living.

'S' is for SOW as used in the above saying which is universally acclaimed for its significance over many millennia.

As i contemplate over the profundity of these words, an appraisal of my own journey of life, comes to the fore. Whether as a college teacher i was able to sow seeds of kindness, through encouraging  words, good counseling, sympathetic  attitude, character building and discipline. Was  i able to imbibe enduring qualities of head and heart which had the potential of making  the students  lead a fulfilling and purposeful life. Looking back i can certainly assert that i tried sincerely and there were good results too. 
Harmony, patience, positive orientation, charity, selflessness, sum up the basic principles of the  concept of 'service before self'.

Trying to create harmony in whatever role we play in life is of utmost importance.This healthy approach leads to  happiness, positive vibes and greater  productivity. Discord on the other hand is counter productive. It expends energy and causes hordes of problems and tensions.

As parents we should inculcate the importance of being doers of good actions among our children. Success and joy flow in life, even in small gestures of goodwill.

Sowing seeds of love, forgiveness, imparting education to the needy, sharing grief, showing compassion and offering help in adversity is like reaping the harvest of wellness and cheer. 

Nature in all its avatars is an inspiring example of benevolence and magnanimity. 

At the end of the day it is a good idea to self audit the activities of the day and learn lessons for the future.

 “Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”
Robert Louis Stevenson

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014




This Neem tree is growing outside the boundary wall of our house. I captured it from our front  lawn. Though there is a sporadic shedding of leaves by many deciduous  trees, our Neem refuses to adhere to the natural norm. Its leaves  still look green and bright in the early morning sun light. It only shows signs of change in extreme winter. It is a hardy tree. Its leaves and fruit are used extensively in Ayurveda. Its leaves and bark have powerful germicidal properties. It also cleanses the air by absorbing  the harmful elements and other pollutants in the air.

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Monday, November 17, 2014



It was about 10 pm. We were on our way to the airport, driving on this beautiful highway. It was lit up strategically with dazzling lights, giving the impression of some other world, The road was almost empty. The cruising speed was lulling. Unconsciously a thought process started sharing the drive. It was like a reverie. The parting scene of bidding farewell to our dear ones swam before my eyes. The events which gladdened our hearts in the company of our children started moving in a slide show in the mind's eye.  Underneath, a feeling of sadness enveloped me. I became teary. When will we be, destined to meet again was a question mark deep inside me? Though the enjoyable stay of a couple of months was fresh, yet stray thoughts were flooding my being as if reviewing the time spent with our loved ones.

Abruptly I came to myself. All of a sudden,  a swanky red car whizzed past us at a screeching speed. 
We could hardly have a faint glimpse of the people inside. But what was puzzling was the sound of loud guffaws of merry making which we caught nevertheless.

We hardly bothered about the chance encounter, though that unusual laughter intrigued us. After all, all sorts of people drive on this important highway which connects two or three states. 

However, after about an hour, we stopped at a restaurant for light refreshments and stretching our limbs. We were yet to drive for another two hours or so. To our great surprise, the same red car was parked there. Before we could enter the eatery, a group of five men in a weird dress code was stepping out of the door. Their body language and spirited movements exuded confidence and a peculiar elation, which generally we associate with some unexpected success. 

Our friend, who was seeing us off at the airport, unraveled the conundrum at once. He recognized them to be the members of an upcoming rock band, who were coming back after a  very successful performance in the capital city. The flush of success was writ large on their persona. 


Saturday, November 15, 2014



While on a walk during the week i happen to see this lovely pair of woodpeckers busy in finding the insects in the dry grass. With these sharp shooter beaks, there is no chance of losing any prey. 

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Friday, November 14, 2014



For a few days I'd been trying to capture the rising sun from the precincts of our house itself. THE SUN  SEEMED SO CLOSE AND EXTREMELY BRIGHT. I's not to look at it. I decided my position by practicing, during the day. After a few attempts I got the satisfying result (above.)

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Thursday, November 13, 2014


  Since it is pink again i thought i may participate as well!


Clicked it last week from the front verandah of our house, as the sun is setting behind the trees! Soft pink lingers in the sky amidst urban setting!

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Nature personifies hope.

 'R' is for 'rattle'

Friends, here I'm giving vent to some of the irritants of daily life, which rattle our composure and cause sullen moods and vitriolic tempers.  I’m sure few of these unnerving situations will be common ground for most of us.

I, for example, can’t stand rattling voices of TV debates and substandard musical performances on high volumes, jarring lights, and gaudy stage settings. They drive me to the edge of insanity.

The piercing and intimidating sound of horns of our truck drivers make me plug my ears with fingers. If by chance, the dimwitted truck drivers are behind us they dare to use pressure horns, presumably to make us disappear( I don’t know where), to make way for them, even when there is traffic snarl in front. Young bikers are another species to watch for on Indian roads. Constantly annoying is their reckless driving and the way they precariously negotiate in between other vehicles, like acrobats in a circus.  Do they know that their antics cause the sensible driver’s heart, miss a beat while encountering such dangerous maneuvers suddenly?

Late night or early morning discourses at some religious places also interfere in the quietude you long for at that hour. Ear-splitting singing and dancing coming through the speakers at marriage venues are no less than a horror for the neighborhood. 

The ringing of call bells, when one is halfway through the shower and the audacity of the visitor whoever he/she is to keep pressing the buzzer is rude and rattling to no end.

How maddening the situation is when one plans to watch a certain TV show and the electric power goes bust, and ironically is restored when it is over.

More galling are instances when being a part of a group you unknowingly become a victim of people, who keep rattling on about the mumbo-jumbo of their lives. You yawn and fidget with your hands as a sign of boredom but they carry on regardless.

Exhibition of self-righteousness and narcissism coupled with stubborn self-will of some, embarrass their dear ones and cause unpleasant episodes at social interactions. However, the poor souls miss a lot, as they stick to their own perceptions and beliefs.

In fact, we face multiple uncomfortable circumstances in the course of our lives and the wise step is to be somewhat detached and try to palliate the severity of the situations if you can.

It is my association with nature, which draws out the discomfort of daily hassles and creates overall balance in my life. Nature is inimitable, wholesome, uncorrupted and benevolent!

The above image I clicked in the morning, especially for this post!

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 FRIENDS, I've chosen this art piece  to present before you as my entry for this beautiful meme, for a reason. One it was a gift to me by our daughter. She visited Thailand some time back and brought this charmingly sculpted item. Such art pieces are in great demand there, by tourists as mementos of their visit.

 Here are some observations on the go:

This love lorn couple in the first flush of love, deeply engrossed in the passionate presence of each other and oblivious of the world around, led me to ink certain assertions. These are cliches no doubt but certainly don't deter me from articulating what stirs my mind at the moment. Why this paradox keeps puzzling us, the sentient beings that the much awaited dream of honeymoon period evaporates so fast confronted with the reality of real living?

Perhaps the idyllic charm of Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve lived before eating that forbidden fruit,
confirms in a way, the universal truth that two individuals when they become man and wife are besieged with the overwhelming struggle of living itself, after a short period of runway romance. That short time, luckily, becomes a cherished memory to live life by.  Looks like, nature willed it that way to perpetuate the human race.

In fact,(I think) lasting romance and value of companionship start as late as in one's fifties!

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Monday, November 10, 2014




 What a seductive pose and oodles of charm, enveloped with the stars and stripes -and no ordinary  flag at that! Taut legs and feet  unleash shapely  calves and delicate heels. The lean torso and projected behinds   sizzle, adding to her near perfect figure of flowing sensuality.  Her healthy  arms and shoulders evidence regular workouts in the gym for a fit mind and body. Her flying black hair are a testimony of hair care monitored with sincerity and full consciousness of the killing effect,  the special grooming will generate. 

Her expression exudes the confidence of a woman who knows that she is desirable. Kudos to the lens-man who made her his artistic muse and presented her so beautifully in her  portfolio for a  modelling assignment.

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Saturday, November 8, 2014


My all weather friend in the park.

My friend the squirrel was busily drawn towards the dry bread chunk,when i clicked incognito. Next moment she sensed danger and sprinted, to jump on the  nearby tree with the piece in her mouth.  Her permanent abode is in the thick foliage of the park trees. Mild sunshine of the morning  seems to brighten her profile.

Thursday, November 6, 2014



Bosom Friends: Sky and Earth!

My sky watch forays now explore simple locations  where our every day life breathes,thrives and pulsates.This one is captured from my favorite park close by our house at mid morning of a mildly cloudy day.

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This week's theme is:

PINK (Anything that has the color pink,...)


Last year when I's in the US during October /November, I clicked the twilight scene during one late evening walk. I hope it connects with the theme!

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Q is for quirky

The word ‘quirky’ takes me back quite a number of years when I was the young mother of a three years old daughter.  We had gone to Shimla during our summer vacations (Both of us were in the teaching profession.) Every day after breakfast, we strolled around, in the midst of summer rush on the ridge, where all activities happened. We’d sit on the benches, installed on either side of the ridge, bask in the mild sunshine, and enjoy the breezy weather. 

One day it so happened that while coming up the ridge from the main bazaar, our daughter spied a monkey doing his tricks on the tree across the road. She excitedly pointed her finger towards the spot. In a matter of seconds, like a flash of lightning, the monkey landed on my husband’s turban, which got untied and fell on the road. The little one screamed with fright. Thanks to the locals behind us, who shoved him with their umbrella sticks and we were saved the wrath of the monkey. We immediately went back to the hotel to compose ourselves. The incident really shook us.

Later we were told never to point our finger or anything else toward the simian, as they feel threatened and attack the victim mercilessly. We learnt our lessons and became extra vigilant and more cautious thereon.

Now when we are in the hills during summer months, we dare not look at them straight. I run inside when I see a monkey in our balcony and I shoo it away by shouting, with eyes closed through the cover of the net door.  How amusing, isn’t it? A case of 'once bitten twice shy'.

 In the mountains, hordes of them roam about scaring children, destroying crops and spreading filth. Residents, of course, are helpless.

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 The previous week I couldn't participate in any meme because of indisposition. I don't go out yet, so ferreted for inspiration within my limited  personal space. Here it is!
This is a painting hanging on the wall of our house and I clicked it to share with you its antecedents and its significance.
 Long back, I requested one of the Fine Arts students of the College, where I's teaching at that time, to paint a picture for me, with women as the theme. So this (above) is what she as a young girl imagined and presented in color on the canvas. Here she shows women in supreme abandon dancing in celebration of  the glory of womanhood.

Friends, What do you think of this representation of womanhood?

Magpie Tale

The two-army men faced a bizarre kind of situation. They had hardly any clue that the place where they had parachuted down as part of some special military exercise would be no ordinary zone. Wintery despair surrounded them completely. Nothing evidenced that humans ever lived there. No dilapidated structures, no ruins of buildings. Nothing at all, which remotely linked to civilization. Just a deserted plateau with dry, weather burnt, snappy twigs and uneven coarse sandy soil.

Disappointed and scared they looked around. There was nothing except the dark dingy depressive air. They moved on to scan the God forsaken area further and viola! behind a huge boulder what they saw petrified them. Open mouthed and wonder struck they slowly closed in on to a low depression in the soil, where was lying a branch with large green leaves and at the end a strange kind of huge bright red flower. Picking it up boldly one of them brandished it in the air like an unexpected clue to a great discovery. Mesmerized for a while the idea struck them that surely their mission has something to do with this mystery

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