Wednesday, July 26, 2017


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Here I'm  not writing about professional crooning but recounting a few observations about our daily life in a lighter vein.

 C is for Crooning:

LIKE any other art, crooning is also an art. In fact, in every family, there is one member at least who is an amateur crooner.  Our mothers and grandmothers were fantastic crooners. With soft mellowed notes of a lullaby, they would take us to the dream world of sleep.

Walking down the memory lane, I can still visualize my mother crooning her favorite and soothing religious hymns early in the morning. This practice with her was spontaneous. Her busyness was always relaxed and pure. It added a charm and dignity to her daily chores. That also manifested pure calmness inside. I don't know how, but the gentle notes of hers, made us young children feel secure and confident. A joyful aura pervaded the atmosphere. It would uplift our spirits.

I remember my father crooning while bathing in the morning. All his life he bathed in running cold water.  Humming neutralized the effect of cold water. He knew the sacred hymns by heart and repeating them during his bath was the perfect start to every morning.

There is no dearth of bathroom singers in this world. The privacy and freedom of the bathroom fogs inhibitions. The eased spirit breaks into some sort of singing. The bathers come out refreshed of mind and body, ready to take on the world.

Croon while performing household tasks. It takes the drudgery out, while giving into pleasant feeling. A person who croons is a happy person. He/she infects the other family members with feelings of well being.

I’ve seen some youngsters singing gaily while cycling. Like being on cloud nine. I envy their ‘don’t care attitude.’

There is another type of crooning (disappearing now) prevailing in our society. This is elegiac in form. Women relatives and acquaintances assemble in the deceased's house.  They would wail in unison, while chanting the qualities of the departed soul.

I know how difficult it is to croon when sad or feeling down in the dumps. But one can at least try.

Friends,welcome here as always!

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017


 Blooms are one of nature's inexplicable wonders!

Flowers amaze
Dazzle our gaze.
The heavenly tints
From God's mints!

B is for Blooms.

All shots taken from in and around our community at Kumarhatti, H.P.

Friends,welcome here as always!

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Thursday, July 13, 2017



'A' has the privilege to be the first letter of the English alphabet. It signifies a great beginning. As the first letter of the dictionary, 'A' is the vanguard for the treasure trove of words. Here it ushers a new beginning for 'ABC Wednesday'. Once more, an exciting journey in the offing.

The first word in the kindergarten associated with 'A' is Apple. It conjures up a beautiful image in the child’s mind. The chant in the classroom starts with 'A' is for apple. A child envisions the ecstatic feeling of biting into a luscious crunchy apple.

All types of apples have cute colors. Their bright hues and sweet smell catch our attention in the grocery stores. We buy them for their delicious taste, iron content and fiber.

Why did I choose the word 'Apple' to dwell upon? For, its usage to describe many aspects of the human condition and circumstances

One is apple of somebody’s eyes, when he or she is dearest to him or her.

George Bernard Shaw named his futuristic and satirical play as ‘The Apple Cart’. It refers to the tussle for power between the King and the Prime Minister.

It is also used when somebody upsets the 'Apple Cart' by spoiling the plans or disturbing the status quo.

"A good, bad or rotten apple' describes a thing or person’s characteristics.

'Apple of discord' is something, which causes rift or bad feelings.

'Apple pie order' is when everything is in perfect order.

'Apples and oranges' describe two dissimilar things.

'Adam’s apple' refers to the supposed forbidden fruit, which Adam ate in the Garden of Eden. It supposedly was stuck into his throat. The projection at the front of some men’s neck takes its name from that myth.

No body can forget the saying, 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away'.

There are lot many other examples too. One thing is for sure that 'Apple's prominent place in English language usage is permanent. 

 Friends,welcome here as always!

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Thursday, July 6, 2017


Sky formulations especially during monsoons are always gorgeous  and endearing to view.🌧

Clouds are a designer invitation to rains!!!

Both captures taken around 7 pm yesterday.

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Tuesday, July 4, 2017


 Nature follows a perfect calendar. It changes its colors seamlessly. It surprises us all the time!🌳

Pines flourishing after rains.

Mild hues of the  evening sky: a prelude to the impending monsoon scene!

Friends welcome here as always!

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