Sunday, May 29, 2016


I've recently joined this exciting meme, where I'm supposed to complete  four given statements. The whole exercise inspires one to think and come up with  new ideas to fill up the blanks. Below are four statements, which I've completed.The given words are in bold letters.....

1. Whatever happened to all of us that we as citizens of the world are becoming selfish, self-centered and lacking in empathy towards pressing global issues? World is shrinking and we can’t ignore the problems and vulnerabilities faced by less privileged populations of other countries.

2. I always am, reminded of the struggle and strife of the people of war torn nations who are continuously being killed, maimed and deprived of even basic human needs on Memorial Day.

3. I used to wish for a comfortable, consistent life, but now I realize that to grow and contribute to society one should be prepared to come out of one’s comfort zone to participate in exciting activities for a purposeful existence.

4. I just cannot indulge in slander and gossip no matter what. I never allow myself to be part of a  group where such activities are enjoyed and guffawed at.

Friends,welcome here as always! 

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016


'T' is for trees.Trees are priceless.They're a unique gift of nature for us.

Trees stand as bulwark for humanity.

Ramrod sentinels of our wellbeing.

A shield from the blistering hotness,

Balm for the concrete of our surroundings.

Absorb the pollutants and carbon emissions,

Keeping the air clean and healthy being their mission.

Sooth our nerves as they swing and sway

A scenic delight in springboard of May.

Feed us fruits, nuts and berries.

Home: for birds, squirrels and bees.

Sometimes, lush green, sometimes sadly wilted,  

Sometimes leafless, sometimes darkly bared.

Pointers of changing seasons,

Fascinating in their multifaceted templates.


 Friends,welcome here as always.

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Sunday, May 22, 2016


Friends, with this post I'm joining an interesting meme in which the hosts give a half statement followed by blank space. The participant is required to complete the sentence with his/her ideas and thoughts. Below is my offering for the 2nd week.The highlighted portion comprises the given words.


1. Everyone should read Erich Fromm’s ‘MAN FOR HIMSELF.’ ERICH FROMM is an American writer of 20th century, who is renowned for his psychological insights viz-a viz the existential and ethical crisis in which the modern man lives. It is a comprehensive book underlining the symptoms and solutions for the undesirable and stifling conditions of our times.

2. My first poem, which I composed when I was about twelve, was a short poem expressing my interest in nature and its various manifestations. By the way, it was recited in the children’s program on ‘All India Radio’ of those days.

3. My favorite time of the day is morning because the cool and serene atmosphere makes me feel blessed. A few minutes of meditation and some light exercises prepare me to start the day with vigor and renewed enthusiasm. It inspires me to be proactive and plan my day successfully.

4. I think dreams represent jumble of images related in some intricate way to our present or past experiences, which have influenced the workings of our mind. These images reside in our subconscious and find release during dreams when the mind is free sans daytime controls.

Friends, welcome here as always! 

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016


'S' is for Secure. Here  I state that one should secure one's old age in advance to avoid frustrations and disappointments.

Hold the rails firmly.

Enter testing spaces determinedly.

Guard the flimsy freedom mightily.

Ensure the mellowed voice to be heard surely.

Outside home, it is chaos, rush and rages,

Lurking fear of being knocked down dazes.

A misstep, and there you go sprawling down,

Into the hell of broken bones, to piteously drown

Sulking liver keeps at bay our favorite treats.

You battle moody limbs, bones and their creaks.

Morbidity robs life force of buoyant mobility.

Gone are the days of fun, frolic and agility.

Medicine cabinet turns into overflowing mess.

Clutter of files throttles the drawer’s chest.

Restricted choices make up the daily bane.

Life’s journey becomes a mirthless game.

Let’s console ourselves though:

Brooding and fretting won’t pay.

Regular workouts may yet save the day.

Together with some ennobling task,

Wait peaceably for the ultimate blast.

 Friends, welcome here as always!

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Monday, May 9, 2016


This week  again in nature's bountiful lap!

'R' is for REAL. Nature is Real and its splendor is unique and iconic. Can we overlook its infinite templates?

The jacaranda's special attraction is its profuse flowering and gorgeous orange hue.

The succulent looks sweet with its unusual color and thick beautifully shaped leaves.


 The yellow flowers stand out in the midst of green ambience.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016



THE 'AKAL TAKHT' MEANING THE THRONE OF THE TIMELESS is one of the five TAKHTS of the Sikhs. It is located in the HARMANDIR sahib complex at AMRITSAR in PUNJAB.(WIKIPEDIA).

Though all five TAKHTS are equally venerated,it enjoys a special status. It is the oldest of the five Takhts. It is situated opposite to Harmander Sahib (Golden Temple). Golden temple stands for spiritual guidance and Akal Takht stands for temporal authority of the Sikhs.

It is one of the majestic landmarks of India. People from far and wide throng here on religious occasions. Visiting this sacred place is akin to having an unforgettable experience in spirituality.

Friends,welcome here as always.

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Monday, May 2, 2016


CDP  Challenge for May, 2016 is 'SMELL.'

 I've chosen to represent the theme through this picture of a yellow rose,which i captured during last year's spring season. Sweet,fragrant smell is perceived to be an integral  part of a rose's persona. Its presence is always kingly. A rose in full bloom and brightened by the mid morning sun gives immense visual pleasure.

 Friends,welcome here as always!

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