Friday, July 31, 2015


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Theme for August is: Bicycle


This used to be a fairly common sight in India, a few years back in small towns and villages . But not any more. Here the man is a vendor of aluminum pots and pans and perhaps is going to a scheduled destination to sell his wares.

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Thursday, July 30, 2015


Part of my hill series.

Late afternoon shot of the skyline from the road where I take a walk.

Here in the country side, wealthy people belonging to the plains,  build their  summer houses almost on top of the hills. During my walks I've noticed this trend getting popular. This one actually is on the road side itself. But on the backside it is surrounded by fresh looking pines and other vegetation.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015


This  week's challenge is:

"MOOD" (Things Happy, Sad, Exciting, Boring,...)


A couple of days back we (hubby and I) felt like exploring an area which is at a distance of about 4 km. from our community. After parking the car, we strolled on the road, as the cool breeze ruffled my hair, played with the contours of my body and soothed my spirits. Suddenly we saw an opening, which probably was a pathway leading to a village. The scene looked so gorgeous that we walked further on and came upon this cheerful plateau. It was adorned with a fresh coat of lustrous green grass with the blessings of monsoon rains. The place looked calm and poised with lanky pines showing absolute contentment. It was breathtaking. The outing proved to be exciting and blissful. That night, I slept soundly!

Location: Kumarhatti- Nahan Road, (Solan) Himachal Pradesh.

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source  for both quotes Google

Here comes another Wednesday and the letter C needs befriending, to start a little conversation with it.

For letter C, my mind mapping steered me to choose the word ‘Care’.  Care subsumes under its sweet canopy so many warm emotions and insights, which are integral to our wholesome existence on this earth. The term ‘Care’ acts as a root, when specific suffixes form a part of its structure. For example, words like caring, careful, caregiver, carefree and careless are generated. All of them relate semantically to the word care in some way or the other.

However, I‘ll limit myself to dwell on the concept of ‘Care’ as it singly encompasses a whole gamut of feelings and emotions. They constitute robust passions of love, kindness, altruism, sympathy, generosity and many more.

When you care, it is implicit that you possess all the life-promoting qualities. The primary one is the constancy of character.  A caring person has a positive orientation and is devoid of any type of maliciousness or envy. Rather he endeavors to help others to succeed. He is inspirational as well as aspirational and rubs the same attitude on those who come in his contact.

His dealings with others are rational and his belief in equality and righteousness is unfaltering like a rock. Without expecting any credit, he contributes to societal responsibilities with genuine commitment.  Caring people are noble and do their utmost to uplift the less privileged. The motto “service before self” becomes the mainstay of their personality.

A caring teacher is a sensitive human being.  Being judgmental is inimical to his nature. He believes in encouraging his students   to excel in whichever field they choose.

On the other hand, a caring parent would instill a value system based on morality and goodwill in his children.

A caring child would understand the difference of outlook of his parents from his own and will learn to accept it and respect it.
Those who care are sympathetic listeners and perform a valuable service to the community by building trust and dependability.

Caring also means ignoring the idiosyncrasies and flaws of others and giving precedence only to the goodness of the individuals.

The world will be a much better place, if frictions and conflicts, which have vitiated the life of the law-abiding citizens, are replaced by a caring and loving attitude towards humanity.
Let's not forget that caring also means that we should remain steadfast in our principled points of view.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015


                                  “The earth laughs in flowers.”
                                                                                ― Ralph Waldo Emerson


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Saturday, July 25, 2015


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 A couple of days back, I happened  to wake up  early about 6 o' clock  in the morning. I opened the door and was greeted by  some crisp chirping. Stepping ahead, I sighted a few birds flying around. Looks like birds are early risers. I's drawn to the freshness of the ambiance and stood by the balcony railing. Luckily this pair settled on this branch and guess, what did they do?
They started their morning cleaning process so earnestly that it was  amusing to see how rigorously they pecked their bodies from all sides. Their beak reached the farthest spot under the tail and above it. They fluffed their feathers shaking them as not to leave even a speck of dust. Their tiny bodies displayed enviable pliability. All yogic 'asanas' got performed in the process. They seemed so concentrated on the job that nothing mattered to them. And that is how, I's able to click their private  moments comprising early morning ablutions.

 After the ritual, they looked thoroughly refreshed and enjoyed the cooling period after the strenuous activity.

 On another day mild sunshine energized these birds and they had a jolly good time and flew around in a hyperactive speed.

 These two and three above it, are the birds with a tuft of hair on their heads and are hyper agile.

 This one has a funny tail as if parted from the middle. At the moment it is relaxing after 'its pecking the body clean' job.

The cuckoo at mid morning, perhaps aiming her next move at something on the ground.

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Thursday, July 23, 2015


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Most of the units in our complex are built in such a way that every unit has a  small gate for entry to the flat. And all are different in design. This gate is the entry to the largest cottage in the community.

While driving on the Panchkula- Shimla Highway, I Captured the scene with the express desire of viewing the sky meeting the earth in a warm embrace!

Here, I'm on the scenic Himalayan Expressway. It bypasses the crowded Pinjore and Kalka. It is a sheer pleasure to drive on this as  you feel the presence of the cool mountain air and the joy of gorgeous views.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015



"OLD" (Vintage, Antique, Rusty, Secondhand, Long ago, Aging, Senior,...)

 MANY MOONS ago, the print below,  lying  in a shop at Patiala, fascinated me. I'm a Jane Austen's fan and the image somehow, evoked that golden period of classic romance in my mind. After buying it, I got it framed and it is hanging here in our living room ever since. For today's theme, after a lot of mind mapping, my choice finally rested on this.

The painting  seems to suggest the romantic setting of a bygone era, whence a tall, handsome, debonair young man  on horseback is courting a lovely, lissome maiden. They meet ostensibly by chance in the pure and subdued wooded ambiance, on a morning outing. 
Surely a whiff and a vision of Jane Austen’s dreamy interludes. How pretty and delicately charming the ladies look in their  stunning, lacy long dresses and  curls partly covered by their headgear. The two curious dogs complete the amorous setting.
I am reminded of Frank Sinatra’s passionate song about lovers 'meeting by chance but not really by chance,' something like that. If any of my friends help me with the actual lyrics of that song. Thanks!

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015



lovely colorful bird. image Google

 The dark brown bird in the lawn of our house at Patiala.

 These white flowers are perennial and bloom twice a year!

White, yellow (above) and purple (below) flowers at Patiala.

Though there was a lot of neglect by the gardener (in our absence),there were some flowers which saved the day.

The Panckula-Shimla Highway.The looming thick clouds captured from the car while driving back to (Hills) Kumarhatti

On either side of the Highway, behind the trees is located the modern city of Panchkula (Haryana)
The weather at Patiala too was mostly cloudy but uncomfortably humid! So we dashed back to the hills.

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Sunday, July 19, 2015


Pigeon   holed!!!

The threesome is all agog with the bounty of tiny grubs, which mostly appear after the rains.

 Seem to be wondering, how to start!

  This loner is silently enjoying the rain cooled surroundings!

I'm back at my home at Patiala, for a short visit. Hence this belated posting. I took these pictures around our the area.

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Thursday, July 16, 2015


 Part of my hill series:

This is the driveway of the complex, where we are putting up for summer months. I wanted to get a larger view to share it with you and have succeeded in showing 3/4 of it. The  gate is at the farthest end (not visible here)and a gatekeeper manages the entry and looks after the security issues in the absence of residents.There are about 35 units in our community.

 My previous sky watch clicks were either taken from our balcony or from the lawn or from the road. I felt like experimenting how the sky will look if I capture it from in between the trees from the driveway. Here is what i achieved.

 Location: Kumarhatti-Nahan Road,3km from Kumarhatti bazar (Himachal Pradesh)

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 This week's challenge is:

 "FAVORITE" (Thing, Photo, Person, Pet,...)

 Shivalik Hills, Himachal Pradesh:

Nahan Road Kumarhatti flanked by lanky pines on both sides.

Mist covered hills in the  morning. This'll be a common sight during monsoons!

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Another Wednesday and time for thinking aloud on life's infinite complexities. Another cycle of inspiring journey for 'ABC Wednesday' has begun.


'A' is for Aging

Time’s ruthless sickle is unsparing.
Its onslaught never misses its mark.

Slowly ambushes man’s dynamism,

And grins at his feeble labors.

Its roguish persona is a sly robber,

Of the vitality of the sinews.

Disables their power of renewal,

And dries the linkages of the limbs.

It mocks man’s morbidity,

Being immune to age’s frailties.

Carries on aiming its callous arrows,

At man’s vulnerabilities.

How funny to say, age is only a number!

Why fool with rosy euphemisms.

Do they disarm the attack of disintegration?

Can they stop the furrows of time’s plough?

Can any potion bring back the swagger in the gait?

Or care free run on the stairs of life;

Or falsify verities of fears, insecurities and dwindling life force;

Or prevent dipping assurances and lurking letdowns.

Time wields its power in equal measure,

Over mighty kings, rulers or humankind.

All surrender to its karmic symbolism,

‘It is our destiny’ they echo.


An epilogue for the aging:

Be engaged, be good and be wise!

Source The Internet
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Monday, July 13, 2015


Part of my hill series.

Pines have quenched their thirst after three days of generous downpour. Clicked their exuberance and fast growing density at early afternoon today. Followed by an enjoyable walk on the road below, under somewhat grey sky.

 A larger view of shadowed mountain tops on a cloudy afternoon.

Only these yellow flowers remain, others have withered and plants are in the slow process of rejuvenation.

Friends,welcome here as always.

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Saturday, July 11, 2015


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Enjoying a cool evening in the hills.

 This one dons a tuft of hair on its head. It is too nimble to be clicked easily. Some catch after a long time.

Moreover, i find few birds here. There is one with a long lovely tail, but it disappears in no time.Yes, pigeons are sighted more often. 

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Thursday, July 9, 2015


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The shot taken on a cloudy evening.

The imposing entry to a grand house which is built almost on top of the hill. Here we can only see two of the massive retaining walls, the wooden gate and the concrete fence. Actually there is another similar retaining wall before you reach the house. It is built on Kumarhatti-Nahan road. On this road, I take my walk and look up every time I pass by. I feel going uphill to reach the house would be like a physical marathon. 
It is owned by a doctor who belongs to our home state of Punjab. Since he is a practicing doctor, he visits it once in awhile and it is looked after by a watchman and his family.

The sky's canvas being painted by wayward clouds. Monsoon scenario in  Kumarhatti, Solan,( Himachal Pradesh).

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015


With this the 'ABC Wednesday'  alphabetical challenge comes to a thumping      end.

'Z' is for 'Zigzag'  

Let’s pick life’s each grain,
Its smooth tracks, plus its tortuous terrains.
Its simplicity as well as its exotic mores,
Its lively brooks, scenic hills, and littered shores.

Its serendipity and its inanities,
Its magic wonders, its grim realities.
Its gleeful smiles, its wrenching sobs,
Its godly souls and its lynching mobs.

Its cool valleys and its scorching plains,
Its classy style and its crumbling remains.
Its greenery, its blooms, its naked deserts,
Its elevating joys and its corroding hurts.

Its moonlit starry nights, its groping mists.
Its warm hugs, and its mindless massacres.
Well, whatever way, you may define it,
Life remains sublime and infinite in every bit.

Friends,welcome here as always!