Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bond Wagon Pub.Tribune 25March2010

Bond Wagon
We are K. S.Sidhu and Mrs. M.P.Sidhu
Relationship: Husband and Wife
Time Together: 40 years
Same to Same: We were both in the same profession. He was teaching Chemistry at the University level and I was teaching English language and literature at the College level. We are retired now and we both are sticklers for perfection and believe in doing good deeds. Whatever we take on ourselves we put our heart and soul to accomplish it. We are wholly dependable and keep our promises. Though because of this trait we have been taken advantage of, but we carry on nevertheless.
We both love poetry and occasionally indulge in reading sessions together. Robert Frost’s “Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening” is his favorite poem and mine is A.H. Clough’s “Say not the struggle not availeth.” In Punjabi we fully savour Shiv Kumar Batalvi’s poetry - his magical and deft threading of words to express human pain, sadness, despondency and dejection intensely, lyrically and rhythmically.
Yet Different: Above apart we have opposite traits. Though he has mellowed down considerably with the passage of time, yet even now instinctively the man in him reacts in the negative to my opinions and assertions. It is another matter that he comes round to my view after some convincing. He is very intelligent and with his mathematical proficiency can manipulate numbers in his head whereas I fumble even computing vegetable bills. He is pragmatic and is ever ready to take up new challenges and is capable of bringing them to fruition. I largely evaluate the pros and cons of an action before embarking on it. He loves watching hockey and cricket on T.V. I almost skip the sports page of a newspaper.
Unforgettable Moments: I have many but I will share a few with you. On the day of our marriage-a long time back of course- immediately before the garlanding ceremony he presented me a bouquet of beautiful flowers. It was a pleasurable surprise and I was deeply touched as he had ordered it a few days back through somebody from a Chandigarh florist.
Other unforgettable moments are connected with our trip to Jammu and Kashmir way back in the first summer break after our marriage. We explored the heavenly valley driving in our Volkswagen, staying in rest houses and meandering through the exquisite gardens spread over Kashmir. For the first time we experienced staying in a house boat that too in the Dal lake of Srinagar.
The birth of our two children were the happiest moments of my life and most memorable. (M.P.Sidhu)
When I met her for the first time there and then I decided that I am to marry this girl. The other moment is at the time of the Doli ceremony when my daughter sat in the car with her husband to go to her in- law’s house I became so emotional that I cried profusely. (K.S.Sidhu)
Special Something: He is very, very special. He is my man ‘Friday’ and I am his most reliable assistant. When he fixes my leaking taps I stay at a calling distance to hand him over the wrench while he adjusts the washer at the right place. I hold the stool when he replaces my fused bulbs. When he hangs a picture on the wall I am at his side to pass the drill to bore a hole and also point out the marked spots-I can see them better from a distance- and then the hammer and the nail in the correct position to be struck in the hole. Consequently the job is impeccably discharged (unlike uncle Podger’s crooked effort).He is a sort of connoisseur in food tasting also and most of the time tells me accurately what is required.( M.P.Sidhu)
I am indebted to her the way she managed her professional and private life so very earnestly. (K.S. Sidhu)
Funny Takes: When she naively explains something very simple minutely I am amused but pretend that I am listening. (K.S.Sidhu)
Though he had been in and out of the kitchen many times yet would ask in a childlike manner what is for dinner, which makes me laugh! (M.P.Sidhu)
Wishful Thinking: “If wishes were horses beggars would ride” yet I can certainly state that I had had a wonderful life and absolutely no regrets. At the moment I only wish for his love, care and concern, nothing more and nothing less. (M.P.Sidhu)
I want her as she is! My only wish is she should work less hard and take care of herself more. (K.S. Sidhu)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

2nd anniversary celebrations of Eternal University, Baru Sahib, Himchal Pradesh, India.29th April 2010. There was a grand function organised which included cultural events such as classical dance, musical medley,solo music performances, a farcical comedy'The man who marries a dumb wife' a skit in Hindi on the scourge of superstition and a Himachali dance ',Natti'. I was the master of ceremonies and incharge of the preparation and rehearsals of all stage performances. But with the grace of God and co-operation of team members the programme was executed meticulously to my immense relief.