Wednesday, October 25, 2017


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"Sometimes memories sneak out of my eyes and roll down my cheeks."

P is for 'Paper Boats':

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I’m talking about 1950s when making and floating paper boats was the most exciting activity, we as young children indulged in. Simple life and times generated simple pleasures full of fun and thrill. The joy of floating boats fashioned out of old newspapers far surpassed the enjoyment emanating from any other activity during monsoons. The puddles of water here and there invited us youngsters to plunge into water to do splish-splash. Laughter, would reach the skies when clothes were partly wet and clung to the body. Continuous blinking happened as the tiny droplets of now muddy water found a way to reach our eyes. In the free for all hullabaloo one of us uttered the word, ‘Kistian liayo’ (bring the boats) and everyone would run screaming and shouting to get the paper to make boats.  By then almost all of us knew how to turn paper into boats.

The way I learned the art needs mentioning. For a couple of years, I would cajole my older bro to make a paper boat for me. He would take his time simply to tease me. One fine day his generosity had the better of his whims and he taught me the, how to. Afterwards there was no stopping me. My friends of the neighborhood would also pester their parents to help them in making perfect boats. Very soon however, most of us mastered the art. We would sit in a circle and release our boats in the water.  Chuckling ecstatically, we eyed the wobbly movement of the boats and sometimes would step in to the puddle to straighten our boats. The adventure would continue until our mothers called us for dinner. For a week or so,we'd be at it with gusto and then slowly the enthusiasm would transfer to some other game.

How our brains register past memories and are able to recreate them is puzzling indeed. A psychologist calls it “mental time travel”. Memories cement our bonding with the past and shed light on the growth of our personalities.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017


“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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The physical world around us comprises unique natural forces. Plants, animals, mountains, landscapes, sun, moon, stars, oceans, rivers et al. are  manifestations of the natural world surrounding us. It is mind blowing, awe-inspiring and mysterious. The scientists have come up with multiple explanations of the natural phenomena. Yet quintessentially I think it remains a mystery, which belies comprehension. We would love to keep it that way.  The human race is lucky enough to be related to a  vast cosmic kaleidoscope that sustains, motivates and heals.

'N' is for Nature

Flowers are one of the greatest miracles of nature. Even a tiny stem adorns a winsome bloom. The pattern of myriad hues, shapes and sizes is staggering. I still remember: the awesome rows of annuls, seasonal blooms, flowering trees, beds and pathways blazing with gorgeous blossoms in 'Buchart garden' in Victoria (Canada). The stunning beauty of the floral garden stole our heart away.

The enthralling magnificence of the rising sun over mountains is a rarefied  gift of nature.The mixture of scintillating colors around its emergence is too extraordinary for words.
 How subtly the sun spreads its golden sunshine  to be lapped up by all organisms down under. What can be more uplifting?!

A small plateau nurturing trees big and small amidst hills always  becomes a center of attraction for those who pass by.  It is a scene, which breaks the monotony.

Monsoon clouds wearing designer dresses laden with tons of water keep enchanting whenever you look heavenwards. How keenly we wait for those precious drops,when the earth is parched and dry. A blessing indescribable!

The mynas perched on a wire seem to be participating in their morning assembly. How the twittering, chirping birds make our mornings so special. Especially on breezy days their joy needs no bounds. They uplift our moods and  warm our souls.One instinctively exclaims, 'what a blessing this life is!'

 I'm a nature lover. Nature is my ally in all my pursuits. Its bewildering specimens keep the mystery of life and its complexities alive in the human heart.

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Monday, October 2, 2017


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Friends, I must tell you at the outset that this write up is a request to you to support my nomination for the 60 plus category. Pl. click on the side bar badge or the poster below to reach my nomination page. Read on….

When I opted for this nomination (60 plus category), I didn't know that I would be doing marketing for my blog. Believe me this is alien to me. Yet here I am.

As compared to young people of today I stand nowhere in computer savviness. Of course, this has resulted in less traffic on my blog. Perhaps not many know about its existence. Still, it does not deter me from doing what I like.

I compose and post one blog post per week. This is all I can manage now.  Dabbling in avenues, which can help, attract more visits to my blog, is no longer an option.  Experimentation is tough for me.  I don't feel good about it, though.

I'm a self-learner. I started my blog after retirement in December 2009.  So far, I've presented 581 posts. This is my 582nd one. Because of health constraints, number of postings has decreased considerably but the will to keep going is as strong as ever.

My blogging journey has been an exhilarating one. I derive immense pleasure from the intellectual activity, which I go through every week. It has given a purpose to my life, which in itself is a blessing.

Over the years, I've covered a variety of subjects in my posts. The range includes memoirs, offbeat topics, issues of social concern, and write-ups on my love of nature, poetry and some travel tales. Lately, I've been experimenting with photography and have joined memes, where I share my captures and info with scores of others. This is highly rewarding as a learning process and knowing so many gifted, kind and compassionate people around the world.

The fellow bloggers in the Indi Bloggers space have inspired me and influenced my thought process. The young, the middle-aged ones and the older lot like me post the best of their creative efforts. Most are extremely talented. Sometimes one feels bowled over by the depth of their understanding and analysis of the topics at hand. The enormity of subjects being taken up is mind blowing. The latest phenomenon of vloggers represents the newest trend on the block. Their videos cover current interests of the young people and are very smartly executed.

All those who contribute their art have strengthened the Indi Bloggers community. There are photographers who are adept in their craft and have very successful blogs. The literature lovers with their poetry and articles elevate and enlighten the reader. There are chefs who give recipes for finger licking dishes and much more. I’ve learnt a lot from them. A heartfelt thank you all!

 Friends welcome here as always!

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