Thursday, September 28, 2017


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L is for light/lamp:

The word light entwines a great concept of the multiple facets of this entity. Look at the moon. It gives light to the world at night. The moon-lit nights are the loveliest and  have myriad romantic connotations. The poets have explored the depths of their imagination to describe the beauty and magnificence of moon's mystery. It is photographers delight to click the many phases of its appearance. To take a walk in the moon-lit night is an experience indescribable! Watching 'THE TAJ' at AGRA in moon light feels eerie and out of this world. The moon figures  as CHANDA MAMA( uncle moon) in children's stories and lullabies.This nature's lamp is both awe inspiring and  elevating.
Scientifically, it is said that moon  has a stabilizing effect on earth's movement around its axis.

The word thunder and lightning epitomize Curiosity. The flashes of bright light in the sky to the lay man is one of the awesome mysteries of nature   and need no explanation.This zig zag strip of lightning sans thunder, I captured a few days back from the courtyard of our house.

Here are the white beauties which light up our  eyes, our mind and  our soul. They are stress busters.Their sight inspires us in our gloom and encourages us to move ahead. They sustain and strengthen us. They provide a visual feast.
 Flowers are unique. They smile, sometimes they wink at us to relieve  our tensions. They are great givers of happiness. That is why they prosper.

Can we lose sight of the electric light which has revolutionized our life in all spheres of our existence?

Friends,welcome here as always!

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Thursday, September 21, 2017


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In a lighter vein.

K is for Kitchen Tales.

It was a long time back. I was in my early-teens. One day out of the blue, mother decided that it was the right time for me, to learn some kitchen tasks. I hated the idea. It meant restricting my playing time and after school gossip sessions with friends. I ignored her calls.
google image
One day my nemeses caught me. Mom fell sick. She needed help in the kitchen as well as in managing the two demanding younger siblings. She asked me to knead the dough for making chapatis. I half-filled the flat-bottomed wide hipped sturdy brass platter (Parat) with wheat flour. Poured enough water in a pan and started the process, following mom’s instructions. However, things went awry very soon. In my haste to do it fast, I poured a lot of water and messed it up. The whole thing turned into watery lumps. When mother saw it, she was angry, of course. She had to mix enough dry flour to turn it into right consistency for rolling chapatis. The incident gave me relief for some time more. 

However, in due course of time I did learn to knead the dough perfectly.

The second culinary adventure was my foray into preparing a vegetable dish for the first time. We used to have zucchini type (green tory) vegetable growing in our kitchen garden (my father was very fond of growing vegetables). Mother was busy elsewhere and asked me to cook the dish. The initiative on my part was the result of nonstop lectures on the necessity of learning cooking. Of course, she left instructions. I started with roasting the minced onions in ladle full of cooking oil. After adding seasoning, the chunks of zucchini were put into the pan and were mixed properly. Very soon, I could see that the the whole thing started sticking to the bottom. In my anxiety, I totally forgot to add water.  The flame was high. What did I do then? I poured another two ladleful of cooking oil in a jiffy and kept stirring. The dish was prepared somehow but it was soaked with excess oil. Dear mother had to very carefully; drain the excess oil before serving.

After many such disasters and funny adventures, I did learn some of the basics of cooking.

During my University days, dear mother never asked me to cook. I just focused on my studies.
google image

The real test came after marriage. My darling half had no clue about anything concerning the kitchen. Not even preparing tea was his forte (which he occasionally does now). He had returned from abroad after doing his doctorate, a couple of months before our wedding.  He had joined a state university. I got myself transferred from Gov. College for Boys Chandigarh to a Patiala College to join him. Soon after, he invited a few of his colleagues for dinner. I prepared an elaborate meal, in spite of my yet limited skills.  

According to pre-plan, the last thing to be cooked was rice pulao. I screwed it up badly. It should have been al dente. Every grain of rice is supposed to stand singly. In my case, more water and high flame turned it into a sticky gruel. I cautiously called my hubby and explained to him the dilemma. A scientist as he is, he had an idea. We transferred the contents into the rice platter and placed it on the bed under fast whirling ceiling fan, in the hope that some water would evaporate. It’s a fiasco, no doubt.

During our next visit to mom’s place, she happily taught me all the intricacies of cooking perfect rice pulao.

Friends,welcome here as always!

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Friday, September 15, 2017


 Can you remain sad and depressed,
When beauty around you, makes you feel blessed?

The mysteries of nature deepen, when you look up and see the mind blowing compositions of the wild blue yonder!

Sky view above the mountains In Solan.

Click from the roof top of our house.

 Clicked during an evening walk!

Friends,welcome here as always!

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Water is a boon!

J is for a jugful of water:

A jugful of water is all that you need, to help you ward off many common ailments. Yes, it is true. Extensive medical studies have proven that it is so. The catch, however, is that you are supposed to drink this much daily.
google image

Yet, we hardly give a thought to this medically established fact. A jug of water holds key to so many major health issues concerning us. We no longer can ignore it. The sad part is that most of us ARE aware of the significance of drinking enough water. Strangely though, we get so much engrossed in the nitty-gritty of life that our twisted priorities tend to overlook the crucial element, which promotes our wellbeing. What a pity! For this negligence, we pay a heavy price health-wise. So many person-hours are wasted in unnecessary hospitals visits.

Just like air, sunshine, food, and fire, water is nature’s greatest gift. It is a tonic, indeed. Actually, it is the elixir of life. 'Two-thirds of our body weight constitutes water. The human brain is made up of 95% water.’ Just ponder how this nectar blesses our very existence on this planet!

Extensive researches have confirmed the manifold benefits, which accrue if we drink sufficient quantity of water daily.

Water is essential for our survival. We will die if we do not drink water for a few days. Water lubricates our joints, cells and the whole of our internal system. The blood flows freely in our veins energizing the body organs, to function much better.

Drinking about eight glasses of water and other liquids everyday aids digestion, removes constipation and allied problems. It helps kidneys and liver to flush out toxins through urination and perspiration.

Water is beneficial in regulating our body temperature through the evaporation of perspiration, thus cooling our bodies in summers. In winters, it helps in keeping our bodies warm by conserving heat.
It is partly dehydration, which leads to our experiencing cramps and discomfort at night. Most of us must have gone through the painful feeling of abruptly getting out of bed to straighten our legs and doing self-massage to relieve cramping.

Mild dehydration can cause daytime fatigue and headaches. Here I share my own example with you. The weather in Punjab is still hot, humid and suffocating. A few days back, after spending the morning, doing restarting the household chores, (We've recently returned from our summer stay in the hills.) I felt sick with depleted energy. While resting to restore some vitality in my limbs, I suddenly remembered the need to drink water. I did and surprisingly felt much better and could resume finishing the chores.

However, apart from the quantity the quality of water also matters a lot. Clean and pure water leads to good health and prevents waterborne diseases.

It also contributes to our wellness if we learn to preempt the feeling of thirst and quench it before it hits the danger button.

We must realize that we are to drink enough water for our health and overall well being.

The above observations are based on my own experiences, reading over the years and random research.
Can we imagine these beauties without the availability of water?

 Stately pines on hill plateau.
Gulmohar in full bloom

Friends Here is thinking about a few other documented facts about water in general.

Water scarcity is looming large over our planet earth. So many regions of the planet earth are turning deserts. Our rivers and lakes are drying, which is leading to a shortfall of rain. It is due to the shortsighted policies of the administrators of different nations. In this globalized world, we no longer can neglect our duties towards the affected populations of the world. One of the ways where we can participate is planting more trees, plants and conserving our forest wealth.  Plants need water to grow. Conversely, plants provide us with rains, which feed the earth and ensure the survival of living organisms. This is how it happens.
"During photosynthesis plants lose water as water vapor from their aerial parts through a process called as transpiration. These water vapors go to the air in the surrounding atmosphere and increase the normal moisture of the in it. It saturates the air faster and brings rains."

Man and nature enjoy permanent bond and are interdependent. Let's not lose sight of this fundamental truth.

Friends welcome here as always! Pl. share your views on the subject. 

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Nature amazes me all the time and fills my heart with joy!

I is for informal:

Nature is informal and yet committed to its jobs. It has its own perfect calendar. It manifests itself according to that, without being bribed or coaxed. How methodically the sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening. We hardly give it a thought. Everything happens spontaneously. Our lives pass through various worrisome situations. Nature teaches us to persevere and be patient.

Nature is unique. It is spontaneous. It soothes, gives us joy, hope, and courage to keep going. It does not believe in inane formalities, which sometimes are too much to bear. Nature believes in giving and only giving. It cares not for any reward. It cements our faith amidst deceit, lies, and selfishness proliferating around. It personifies all that is wonderful in life. If there are some negative episodes like natural calamities, they are minuscule compared to its infinite boons.

Here are some pictures taken recently. Representations of nature's inimitable presence!

Gazed heavenward to imprison the sheer awesome expanse of the skies!!

While coming back from the hills to still stuffy heat of the plains, clicked the amazing landscape from the moving car.

Skywatch Friday

Mountains having a friendly chat with rainy clouds!

Sandwiched sky, captured during an evening walk.

Earth meets the sky!

Dusk (8 PM) hour!

Friends welcome here as always! 

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