Monday, November 29, 2010

29th November: Reflections

Hi everybody,

This is the penultimate day of the month and I am in a reflective mood. During this month our aloneness was joyfully filled by the visit of our son for a few days. The continuity in the relationship got restored after a gap of more than two years. We enjoyed listening to the progress made by our grandsons in different spheres. We miss them terribly. So many times their innocent and sweet faces appear before my eyes and make me shower silent blessings. Distance does make heart grow fonder. No phone conversation can transmit the depth and warmth of your kinship with your near and dear ones!

November is also significant for the pleasantest weather.Morning walk is a treat. Basking in the mild sunshine upto 12 o' clock is invigorating and bucks you up for the day.Plenty of winter vegetables are available for savouring home cooked soups.Our mouths start watering at the sight of makki di roti and sarson da sag. One can see mounds of kinnows being sold on the road side. Lucky to drink fresh juice daily.Papaya ,apple and banana too are ubiquitous in this month. Bye bye Nov. and hail Dec for being always instrumental in ushering the new year!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Drawing Room Monologues

Drawing room social interactions are no longer what they used to be some years back. In these days of fast paced life it is quite infrequently that one gets invited along with a few others for a cup of tea by a common friend or goes their by oneself on a once monthly visit. The lamentable scenario is that there is no more a friendly sharing of views in a relaxed atmosphere for the enjoyment of all. Instead an irritating proclivity to hijack or monopolize the conversation by one or two individuals has become the rule rather than the exception.

The nouveau rich class seems to have become afflicted with this malady to a large extent. On a visit to them one will be bombarded by their description of their new acquisitions including flashy cars, high class bath room fittings and updated wardrobe et al. If one dares to interrupt their drunken flow of ‘duck speak’, one’s voice is drowned in the unstoppable cacophony.

The sudden quantum jump- in salary packages of those in service or those whose children have landed lucrative jobs in fast expanding Indian economy- has metamorphosed them into immodest charlatans. In no time such families have been catapulted from a middle class social ladder to an upwardly mobile centric position. Their egos have soared sky high and good manners required for the smooth flow of a dialogue have taken a flight. Especially the ladies in such families have turned so disagreeable since the family’s income has more than doubled that their common sense has correspondingly dipped abysmally low. Wherever they are they never get tired of indulging in boastful talk and narrating inane and insipid personal details ad nauseam to the genuine but concealed mirth of those present.

Then there is another specimen who the moment you open your mouth to say something would compulsively cut you short half way and start recounting endless stories about himself with the sole purpose of being in the centre stage. The egotistic exhibition would ironically end up making him look sillier and insufferable. Out of courtesy the victims choose to suffer in silence than putting him in his place. But evidently the thick skinned bore does not ever learn his lesson and would keep on mauling the unsuspecting victim mercilessly even without a breather.

Now the question arises why some people indulge in such social insanities when contrary to their expectations this aggressive and crude behaviour on their part lowers them in the eyes of those who paradoxically they wanted to impress. Don’t they know that people actually start avoiding them and would turn the other way to save their skin from such inveterate and conceited bores.

Perhaps it stems from their internal insecurities which they try to hide by resorting to such unbecoming show off. In the run up to one-upmanship they end up becoming a pain in the neck of their listeners whom secretly people despise. Surely they urgently need to do some introspection and learn to behave in a socially acceptable manner. Rather than acting a monologue be advised to participate in a healthy dialogue.