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Monday, May 29, 2017


This short video I took of cuckoo's touching notes, from my balcony.

U is for uncrowned:

Cuckoo is the uncrowned queen of singing birds.

 I've been in the midst of Shivalik  hills for three weeks now. The summer heat in the plains was intense and unbearable. So we came  here.

Since our arrival here, I have experienced many pleasurable surprises. The most signifying one is, listening to the adoring cuckoo’s magical notes early in the morning. In fact, cuckoo’s melody comes as a blessing extraordinaire. It seems to convey, “Wake up, abandon lethargy and enjoy my song.” I do listen to her.

It is on a breezy cool day that she is unstoppable.  Her full-throated ease in crooning, goes on until the heat of the sun teases her. Thereafter, she disappears mysteriously for a siesta to reappear in the evening. Her morning rendezvous has distinct proximity to my dwelling unit. It is evident from the unpolluted clear notes stirring my resting sensibilities.

She is elusive like a celebrity, though. Perches patiently in the thick foliage hidden from the prying gaze. I have failed to capture her image so far. However, her magical musicality remains pronounced above the cacophony of all worldly noises. My words celebrate her sonorous notes.

This one i took from my archives.  In a pensive mood?
If nature has deprived her of good looks, it has amply compensated her. It has endowed her with amazing richness of voice and poignant pitch in rendering those lyrical notes.

She does not boast of a guru or gharana for her talent. Her mentors seem to be the aromatic cool breeze and cloudy skies. They send their invite to her through the wafts of wind. Then she comes flying high.
From my archives again.Waiting for the right place to enjoy the delicacy in her beak.

Her sweet singing is inspired and inspiring. It takes the corroding blues away in a moment. Sometimes I think, she is a lonely soul and these notes are a call to her wayward partner to consummate the passion she has nurtured for him. Or maybe the song is a release for her grief after facing desertion. Or it is a call to suffering humanity down under to unshackle the constraints and enjoy gifts of life. It keeps me guessing!

Friends welcome here as always! 

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017


“The multitudes of sky views,

Of quirky shapes, sizes and hues,

Incredible signage of nature’s wonders,

Turns all doubts into ash and cinders.

'T' is for Tales: Sky Tales...

Since I'm sojourning in the lap of Shivalik hills these days, I'd decided beforehand that, this post would be about my sky watch experiences during the week. I missed such scenes in the plains these last few months.

My outings happen in the evenings because of the hot sun during the day. From the road I captured the residual blazing strip of light after sun set.

Late evening when darkness was slowly engulfing the space.

Evening shot of the pine lined road and bare mountain side. The mountain had to be cut for widening the road. 

Open space in a village, with a few dwelling units doting the mountain side here and there.Though it's mid morning, the haze is intact above the hills.

Patch of clouds in a meditative mood.

Friends,welcome here as always! 

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Flowers seek no entitlements,
They bloom on their own,
Having charm and cheer  upfront,
Relieve our sufferings anon.

All these images are captured in and around the lawn of our complex located in the midst of Shivalik hills. We've recently moved here to beat the summer heat of  our permanent home in the plains.

'S' is for sun soaked blooms:

Friends,welcome here as always!

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Indian Bloggers

                                                                       Trees are poems
                                               the earth writes
                                                   on the sky.
                                                                       -Kahil Gibran-

'R' is for Regal looking trees laden with blooms:

Silver oak flowering in the hills.

    Yellow flowers  shine brightly in the afternoon sun.

View from a distance.

The gulmohar tree is laden with orange blossoms in the park at Patiala.

 Contrasting frame of orange flowers and green foliage.

 Friends,welcome here as always!

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