Wednesday, June 11, 2014



It was my dear cyber friend Pattu Raj from Hyderabad, who acquainted me with the existence of indi bloggers community. She opined that my blog posts deserve to have wider readership. Thanks Pattu for this altruistic gesture. I miss your presence from the Indi blogs and your heartening comments. We are in the same league, retirees, but long to be heard while discoursing about the  raging societal concerns. We also wish to share our flights of fancy, our myriad impressions about life, our accounts of the miracles of nature, its cycle of seasons and the inspiration therefrom. 

It is an exclusive prospect, gifted by the Indi bloggers community, where patterns drawn by our thinking process, stirrings of our consciousness and nudges of our inner voice get inked on the screen. With the hope, that our friends here will visit our sites, read our posts, promote them and sometimes comment upon them.

Don’t be surprised if I confess that even at my age I have pure emotions that of a child. How thrilled I feel when well-wishers from the community say something encouraging or simply promote my posts

On my part, my association with indi bloggers has enabled me to have an enlightening peep into a reservoir of writings of all literary genres. Young bloggers write at length about romance its pains and pleasures.

There are poets who with their keen sensitivities weave all human emotions with the finesse of their measured words. There are photographers whose camera clicks bring out the palette of our unique lives and the world around.

The techie geeks come out with posts, which burst with information about mobiles phones, computers, share trading and much more.

Greatly advantageous is the chance to participate in variety of writing contests, which help to sharpen our writing skills and broaden our outlook

It is a world encompassing so much in its fold that the expression ‘GOLDMINE of knowledge’ succinctly describes its personality.

My only desire is to have more attention to my posts by my dear friends. I keep waiting when some posts of mine get space on the home page.

More power to this elixir of life promoting attributes!


  1. I will be honest that I have never participated in any Indiblogger contest but some day would love to. Dont worry age is only a number on Indiblogger and i too am in my late 40s and still a child in this case specially.

  2. Yeah it is ofcourse a reservoir of Knowledge...

  3. You have described all the aspects so nicely. Agree with you :)
    Great that thanks to IndiSpire everyone has a chance to get featured on the IB HomePage :)

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