Wednesday, June 29, 2016


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This is the first bloom on the bush which i clicked in the early sunshine of the morning,today.

'Y' is for 'Yellow'. Yellow is the color of sun of moon of gold of flowers and of our brightest smile.

Yellow shines like gold.

It exhilarates in every mould.

Keeps the on looker in soft hold,

In sunshine or crisp cold.


Friends,welcome here as always.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


'W' is for WEATHER

Flower bush in the hills,where I'm putting up these days.
Occasionally the concept of weather enters our mind one way or the other. For example, people think about weather conditions, while fixing a date for a wedding or some important function or an event. Weather conditions also determine our planning for holidays or short outings. In short weather is the king.

Nature has endowed us with a variety of climatic conditions. All have banes and boons to their credit. Human beings are very special creatures on earth. We’ve moods, feelings, sentiments, likes and dislikes. Only nature knows how to handle our idiosyncrasies.
Rose in the mid morning light.

For instance, in the early days of summer, it fills us with enthusiasm to be proactive. Relief after getting rid of woolens, heaters, and hot water baths of winter is immense. We make plans for embarking on journeys to feel fresh and rejuvenated. Summers make us feel light and inspire us to plunge into adventurous activities. However, as the summer progresses, weather turns hot and humid and we long for rains.

My favorite red rose looks fresh after a spell of rain
We go ga ga during rains for a few days but soon enough get tired of dampness, wetness and stifling humidity and also being restricted in our lives. We start waiting for a more wholesome weather.

Slowly autumn lands in our lives with piles of shed leaves here, there and everywhere. For some time we enjoy the bright colors of autumn. We go for breezy walks and love the rustling of leaves under our feet. However, the fall charm wanes at the unkempt look of our environs and endless leave shedding in and around our homes.

Winter look.Courtesy Google
In fact, autumn signifies plant world’s preparation for the winter. The bare look of deciduous trees and sundry vegetation indicates that plants go into a sort of hibernation to preserve their vigor for springing delightful surprises for us in spring. Spring transforms our environs into wondrous sights, which not only provide feast for the eyes but also inspiration and hope. The cycle of nature goes on and on. Sometimes we are too involved in worldly pursuits to be conscious of it. 

Friends,welcome here as always!

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Friday, June 10, 2016


I've recently joined this exciting meme, where I'm supposed to complete  four given statements. The whole exercise inspires one to think and come up with  new ideas to fill up the blanks. Below are four statements, which I've completed.The given words are in bold letters.....

 1. I used to love to eat sweets a lot but now they repulse me as I’ve learnt and realized that sweet things contribute to one getting diabetes and high  bad cholesterol levels. Furthermore, sugar intake also causes acidity and other digestive issues. Obesity is the proven aftermath of taking sugary delights.

2. I would never eat dishes made of bitter gourd when young. My mother would persuade me to try it by listing numerous health benefits. Who’d listen to health benefits at that age, but now I love it knowing that bitter gourd is part of Ayurveda, a branch of holistic system of medicine, which is widely practiced in India.

3. I always cry watching movies with deep emotional content as I start relating to the situations depicted. It is an automatic way of achieving emotional catharsis, which has a purifying effect on body and mind.

4. On encountering  some people posing as if they are intelligent,well read and possess sharp  intellect, when  in reality your observation and their body language show them to be nearly duds, always makes me laugh in my sleeves.

Friends welcome here as always.

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Thursday, June 9, 2016


‘V’ is for vivid/vividly: a Graphic account of something, a clear-cut picture in words.

It is amazing to find some people expressing an event or incident so vividly that the entire scene turns into a large painting in words that entrenches itself like a grand image in your mind’s eye. So much so that one feels as if, one was present at the scene. Undoubtedly, some people are endowed with an enviable descriptive quality. For fiction writers to articulate numerous incidents in their characters’ lives or narration of the natural setting of a scene in vivid language, so absorbs the reader that he in a way, along with the writer becomes an integral part of the writer’s journey.

I know a woman who is in her eighties but her power of recounting incidents of her past life is astounding and her narration makes the things come alive with vivid imagery. Furthermore, her energy to repeat this exercise is incomparable. She only needs listeners to attend to her endless tales. If one has time to spare, she is the one to go to.

For journalists covering events good or bad, to possess this ability is essential. A clear account lends credibility to the news and induces the reader to go through the complete news item.

Sometimes under the garb of giving a realistic picture, some fiction writers go too far as to resort to obscenity to titillate the reader. In rape or physical assault cases, the defendant’s counsel many times purposely asks for such graphic details to make the victim feel humiliated and confused.
This apart, the word ‘vivid’ describes the intensity of colors around us. The glistening natural objects in sunshine especially flowers, the skyline after rain, the vivid colors of a painter’s creation and the brightly painted artisan’s products all present a colorful picture entrancing in its vividness.

 Friends welcome here as always!

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Saturday, June 4, 2016


“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”
Albert Einstein

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'U' is for unclogging. Unclog your mind...

Unclog your mind
From the bigoted perceptions’ bind.
Ensure positivity to sway.
Keep  negativities at bay,

Let kindness be the byword,
Let wrathful voices be curbed.
Let the eyes twinkle with a smile,
Shake the inner self, clean of bile.

Nature anchors and teaches,
Every responding heart it reaches.
Hatred consumes from within,
Love and care are desirable twins.

Seek the company of the wise,
Be committed and steadily rise.
Enjoy life’s simple pleasures,
Embrace them like priceless treasures.

Life’s journey is bliss,
Hug it, never leave it amiss.

Friends welcome here as always!

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