Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Last week the days were soaking wet with intermittent rain and foul weather conditions. At night the sky gurgled, thundered ominously with streaks of lightening in between spells of pouring rain. The loud rumbling even wake you up. Ensconced in the cozily warm wrap of the quilt, in eerie darkness, you fall asleep again lulled by the pitter patter of rain.

And today when we woke up- what a morning it was! It wore a dazzlingly bright washed look, like that of a bride adorned with the best of jewels and bridal finery for the supremely joyful day of her life. Here the morning was embellished with the tingling cool of the  blowing wind, draped in sweet warmness of the February sun. The hullabaloo of night morphed into golden threads of light, emanating from the east. The sun which was thwarted in its march these couple of days was appearing in its glorious armour. It looked as if it was carrying the message of positivity and gaiety in the folds of its immense power. The depressed mood and moroseness were at once goaded into action. Calling for some purposeful activity. A step towards inspiration and wellness.

 It'd be sinful to miss bonding with the environs on this blissfully balmy morning. Flora and fauna beckoned. Why not enjoy a quick bracing walk before the mundane chores bust the euphoria? The vegetation seemed to be praying in thankfulness. In the sun filled park dew drops shimmered on blades of grass. The plants secretly blushing were soaking the life giving light waves. The leaves, the buds and the sparse blooms were preparing for a dancing extravaganza. Even the Neem though bereft of much of its foliage seemed to relish the morning radiance spread generously around it. Its cluster of twigs were swinging merrily in the moderately blowing wind.

Looking at the sacred blueness of the sky was a mystifying experience. You look up; close your eyes to allow the visual to strike a spiritual chord with your inner self. You ask yourself, “Is it real or are you in Alice’s wonderland?” The scene was scintillating.

Then you spy a few isolated cottony clouds tinged with the glow of the sun, meandering aimlessly, as if conscious of their irrelevance in the singular personality of the morning.

Far above was visible an eagle in a gliding motion of charming ease, filled with the flush of the blue sky. The uninhibited splash of the sun inspired the eagle to act out some dance forms in the air- going up at marvelous ease without flapping the wings. And then gliding down and in between taking half rolls like air force jets, showcasing their daredevil maneuvers.

As the day progressed many bird species landed on the lawns to warm themselves, twittering eagerly in between pickings. A pair of pigeons settled on the top of the parapet moving round and round constantly as if thrilled by the atmospheric splendor.

No half ways in the world of nature. Not like our metallic existence. Always troubled. Chasing the unattainable. Squeamish. Doubtful. Fearful of reprisals. Guilt consumed. Bridled. Unsure. Never full flowering or fully animated. Always some pin prick behind.

And those squirrels. Oh my God! Such abandonment such friskiness. No subtle moves. Every thing in the open. Going up and down the trees speedily. Or stopping in between to have a nibble of seed or nut hidden in the paws. Laughing discreetly at anxious humanity running around. A sight begging to be drunk to the dregs and digested.

People were out walking or simply sitting in their verandahs. Everybody wanted to taste the mouthful of the breezy warmth and the faint smells of myriad plants in the vicinity.

The genial heat injected life force into the body, strengthening its cells, muscles, pouring energy indiscriminately into all living organisms. Such was the indescribable miracle wrought by the sun rays on the distinctive morning! Can one ask for more?

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Life’s journey is dotted with multiple events, unexpected encounters and variety of experiences. Sometimes weird surprises spring up unannounced. They occur very close to you but leave you unscathed. At that hour you realize the presence of some supreme power which stood between you and the danger.........
 By the way, friends, you must’ve received guests in your house many a time. But did you ever have one who sneaked in incognito, shared all your secrets, without your having any inkling whatsoever? Funny isn’t it? But it actually happened this way. It was serious, as it turned out to be, later. God’s graciousness and kindness saved the situation for me. However, it left me a lot shaken.

One day, many moons back, when I was still in service, I reached home late from college, because of some pressing assignment. As soon as I came, I entered the kitchen without even changing my clothes.

I fixed up the lunch in a jiffy. Meal over. I moved towards the fridge and started adjusting the left over food containers in it. At that moment, all of a sudden, I felt as if something was striking  the lower part of my starched cotton sari. As ‘Nutty’ our dog was in the habit of following me in the house, I thought it was he doing it with his tail, demanding my attention. I blurted out, “Stop 'Nutty' let me finish the job,” but the rustling around me continued. Angered, I gave a cursory look down and screamed...... The container fell down from my hand. To my horror, I saw a snake, about two feet long, grayish in color, hitting me desperately with its upturned tail as if to extricate itself. Apparently one of my shoes had his head under it. I shudder to think of the timing of my stepping on his head. His head my foot on it, so well timed. That actually saved me. He was most likely hiding under the fridge stool and inadvertently peeked out exactly at that moment. I don’t know how in that scary state I made a marathon jump out of the kitchen. In the meantime my good friend slithered fast towards the safe opening under the kitchen sink and coiled itself tightly. Such episodes are pre-ordained. My dearly beloved always cuts me short whenever I try to analyze it 

It was too risky to coax it out alive so it had to be eliminated.

Dazed though I was, I had to figure out –to prevent a possible repeat- how it got inside the house, as all our entry points are secured with double doors. The mystery was resolved soon enough without much brainstorming. It also explained the uncanny rustling which I heard at night, was not due to my poor sleep or some paranoia. It was real. Our friend used to have an undisturbed tour of the house during night.

It turned out that our maid who mopped the floors would keep the water filled bucket in between the net door and the door frame, which left enough opening for any reptile to sneak in. It was rainy season and in our area snakes were sighted in open spaces occasionally.

The unusual visitor came in and lost its bearings in unfamiliar surroundings. It could not escape through the same route though the opportunity was present every day. God’s protective hand saved us from a possible misadventure.

Truly truth is stranger than fiction.

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No image coz snakes give me creeps.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Leaving the amorous young things to their antics, as they make a beeline for the profusely adorned shopping malls, for selecting specialized gifts for their valentines; let’s have a random look at the ever fresh topic of man woman relationship.
Observing the young in the frenzy and surge of romance on this special day in metros and big cities, we who have already tasted this forbidden fruit are tempted to rethink about the magic of cupid’s arrows. Long time back we too got pierced by its potent power, which succeeded in playing a permanent April fool joke on us.
Let me start with my self.

The question is who is my valentine? Of course, the one and only, my hubby, who else? The man in my life for the last forty years or so. Please  friends, don’t give me that amused smile of yours. Oh yes, people with silver hair and specially those pursuing an avocation as stimulating as writing, would dredge out the remnants of their young romance, from the secretly guarded recesses of their subconscious. Fuelled by remembrances of some beautifully rare moments, the bonding withstands the onslaught of tsunamis and stays intact. For example, when I remember the first love letter I received from my better half-totally unexpected- post our betrothal, which literally plunged me into a dizzy spin, I forgive him everything.

How interesting that everyday of your married life, efforts continue, to reach perfect compatibility, but it’s like aiming for the horizon which seems so near yet so insurmountable. I think life being so short there is no room for new experiments here, unless the situation is beyond repair. Count your blessings and make the most of what you’ve.

Erotic love between man and woman starts on a hugely promising note, with dazzling dreams of a paradise of sorts. In the thrill of fresh love, both profess the oft quoted adage ‘till death do us part.’ Alas!!! It’s here the beguiling mischief occurs. God willed it that way to take us for a ride, to perpetuate the human race.

Remember Satan who misled Eve with his oily tongue into violating God’s command and she ended up becoming our great …great….grandmother. Poor Eve in turn had to use her charm on hesitant Adam to make him agree to the fusion of the two which started the human race, overshadowed of course, by trials and tribulations.

In the first flush of love man and woman feel like being on cloud nine in each other’s company. However, cloud nine soon becomes cloud zero. In the beginning it is merely infatuation sparked by the naughty hormones which play havoc with emotions. The state of excitement reaches an uncontrollable high. Sadly the physical attraction ebbs as fast as it rises. For the man the novelty vanishes soon enough and the gushing emotions plummet and calm down. There is always a streak of Don Juan in every man. History is a proof that man is not monogamous by nature. It’s the societal pressures which keeps his willfulness in control. I remember reading somewhere, “If you want to be eternally in love, don’t marry.”

On the other hand, early on, a woman learns to climb down the fanciful ladder of her day dreams. She has to add surprise and innovative elements in the marriage to keep the fires of passion burning. She tries to tame her man and fails. I think every woman errs on this assumption that she can change him.

The settling process takes time. The routine starts. The union stands at an even keel with occasional fireworks. Children come and with it, lot many commitments, job pressures and so many other hassles. Efforts at balancing life’s manifold demands take its toll and real romance falls by the wayside. Here the busyness keeps them together.

Strong feelings for each other rejuvenate when the children leave the nest and deep bonding ensues to overcome loneliness. Energies deplete and dependency increases. In the restful equanimity of home the man and woman relearn the art of loving. The core virtues of endearment: Caring and respect for each other takes over at this hour. Relaxation, exercise and meaningful engagement boost healthy longevity.

A woman’s role is critical in all stages of wedded life. Her sagacity manages to steer life on track while harmonizing the disparate aspects of it. Her practical, disciplined and mature approach transforms the togetherness at this juncture into a blessing.

Undying love is a myth or is just a fantasy. In wedlock two people decide to spend their lives under one roof with all the allied ramifications. This sacred institution of marriage enables man and woman to achieve productive relatedness to preserve their sanity after our permanent severance from natural phenomenon which man inherited when he landed on this earth.

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Friday, February 8, 2013


Living amidst the prevailing culture of lies and half truths, should one ignore celebrating small victories here and there?

In this context friends, let me share with you the joy of attaining the first milestone of my blogging journey: the number ten thousand page views. The excitement and thrill of a mother, when her child takes the first step unaided or utters the first word is adorably documented in countless stories. Some what similar exuberance and childlike swing in my heart, I felt at this humble success. Howsoever time it took to cross the first hurdle, perhaps because of my poor social networking skills, it is still a win !

Who are  the people instrumental in bestowing this joy? Of course my beloved readers spread all over the globe. Thank you so much for hitting my blog pages and perusing the gamut of my life’s experiences. Your support enthused me to carry on with my efforts at recounting the layers of my impressions of our sojourn in this universe.

Our lives are short no doubt, but imagine the multifarious challenges which crop up every day. We’ve to find meaning in the continuous struggle of our lives and try to either accept or solve unpleasant situations. We ought to learn to be happy while wallowing in the myriad fears and doubts enveloping  us. For this, we’ve to be doers, and action oriented. Wasting precious time is a sin. We can’t postpone enjoying our small victories on some future date. Today is real. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow does not hold any certainty. Hence I realized that I must celebrate this sweet little success and ask for your blessings and your kindness. I pray to God to endow me with steadfast will power to write authentically and impart immense pleasure.

I have been fortunate to  meet in the cyber space so many intelligent, charming and genuinely helpful co-writers, whose caliber in the craft is awesome and profoundly inspiring. I’m grateful to them for guiding me in the process of writing, I feel passionate about.

Can any one deny the fact that creator of any art form pines for applause? Recent example of Kamal Hassan articulating similar sentiments in the wake of his film’s release hitting a road block in his own state comes to mind. We can empathise with him and feel his pain. In this longing all of us are alike. All of us suffer from vulnerabilities. That is what makes us human. We wish to be noticed and crave good words to be spoken about, even our imperfect product. The generous gesture bears results. Makes the artist to work harder to polish his craft and give joy. It is like to be there for others who need our support.

I’m indebted to my co- bloggers on the indiblogging net work for enriching me intellectually and stimulating my thinking skills with their wonderful contributions. I too fill up a tiny space in this ocean of knowledge which is amazingly profound and colourful. What a grand opportunity to be among such bright young people who, while doing jobs, raising families and discharging umpteen numbers of duties, find time to present such beautiful creations!You’re real management gurus!

The astounding diversity of contributions reflects the gushing talent proliferating around us. Nurtured as it is spontaneously by the influence of great philosophical treatises which we have inherited and which enshrine in their sacred pages the wisdom of centuries of our civilization.

Young and old have their footfalls in this ever growing space, for expressing the distillation of enlightening moments of their lives.

I traverse the creative path here in the company of wonderful fellow bloggers. From technology freaks, gizmo geeks, travel enthusiasts, master chefs, gardening lovers and pungent humorists to those with magic eyes who lock up marvelous images for us, to those who put across deeply evocative poetic compositions, awakening in us the mysterious muses of our finer sentiments which run parallel in our lives. Then there are the blog posts which showcase mesmerizing canvas of personal literary collages which stun, stir, inspire, educate and jolt the stifling stereotypes.

Well here I'm !!!
Dear friends I wrote it because I’m sure you stand by me and feel happy in my happiness.

Here is a quote which echoes my belief :

“All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Waiting for your responses!

Friday, February 1, 2013


 Should I share with you friends, how I’ve learnt to transcend the cynicism and despondency of our times? The answer is simple. Just by romancing the uncomplicated pleasures of life.
I dare say, I have done it all, seen it all and experienced it all. You may ask what all? Oh yes, the existential paradigm of life from birth onwards… Nothing has stayed with me, though, buried safely, stubbornly somewhere in the dark, deep alleys of the subconscious. It shows itself either by a lot of prodding or through a trigger point.

But the creative devil is brutal; it does not allow you to exist on nothing. It grills you about the inertia and sloth. It reminds you of the self commitments. Continuously pricks, and questions, “Are you deaf and blind to the phenomenon around?”

So friends, I found a way out to silence the internal policeman by merging my consciousness with the pious essence of our surroundings and forgetting every thing else. To be frank, this is what keeps me going. It is my life blood. It prepares me for the now and the morrow.

Dear young bloggers with dreams in your eyes, don’t have me wrong. I’m amazed at your felicity in penning those marvellous love stories. It is your day. Dream your dreams and reach your goals. Wish the very best for you.

As for me, life has acquired new meanings. Possessing possessions no longer holds sway. To be in shape to keep pace with the ever agile grey cells matter now. Grey matter needs stimulation of some kind and the melody of nature provides that in abundance.

Welcoming the golden hued sunny days after a long period of fog and intense cold is the most pleasurable activity these days. The priceless warmth and charm belies description. The glow of sunshine replaces the shroud of dejection by the shimmer of hope and happiness. I bask in the glory of the moment with closed eyes; overwhelmed with the thrilling sensation of gentle warmness, infusing vague eternity. What else is Jannat, I ask myself?

And then while sitting in my backyard, my attention is often drawn towards a pair of parrots, tweeting shrilly on the upper most twigs of the Neem. I keep looking at them, wondering what they are conversing about? Perhaps ruing the fact that there is nothing for them to pick and eat with their razor sharp beak. While I guess so, they fly away in a jiffy, as if suddenly reminded of some unfinished task waiting for them.

Another pair which gives me immense pleasure is the twin woodpeckers, who are sighted off and on in my front lawn, burrowing their long and pointed bills into the soil for insects or seed. The architecture of their bodies- a marvel in flesh and blood!

Some days an army of babblers or larks descend on our Neem and create a pandemonium as if resolving some long standing dispute in their panchayat. Hope there is never any endorsement of honour killing there!

All sorts of birds converge on my twin neem trees, indulge in their usual gossip sessions, sharing weal and woes and leave relieved. But not before nudging me by their presence.

Natural cycle of seasons has its own rules. Here in North India, deciduous trees are still shedding leaf in troughs. There are sheets of dry crumbling leaves around the trees and scattered on road sides by the mildly blowing wind. Nature's kingdom is incomparable.

Blooming Marigolds are enlivening my house with their golden touch and reason enough for me to seek their company and track their daily progress.

Many times during the day vegetable vendors on their cycle carts move about on the road selling the stuff, coaxing you to come out and have a look. Winter vegetable spread is hard to resist and you always buy a basketful of them. The vendor leaves happy and you share his joy by exchanging a word or two.

Well!!! The bouquet is complete as the last stem has  already been inserted. But for the time being only!

I’ll end this write up with the beautiful lines of the song sung by Julie Andrews in the classic movie ‘SOUND OF MUSIC” which echo my sentiments as well.

“These are a few of my favourite things……………………………….. When I’m feeling sad

I simply remember my favourite things and then I don’t feel so bad”
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