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Thursday, December 13, 2018


W is for Winter

Finally, wintry days have arrived in the plains of North India where I live.  Looks like severe winters are slowly disappearing. We are approaching the middle of December, still, it is pleasant, and allows us to move out with just a sweater.  The mild and sweet balminess of golden sunshine gifts the bliss of warmness. Daytime warmth enjoyed while luxuriously lazing in the sun takes the night chill out of the bones.

However, the specter of global warming is real and obvious and warns the world leaders to find solutions forthwith.

Surprisingly we experienced winter rains today. There had been subdued thunder and intermittent light showers since morning. Maybe this would usher in expected and awaited wintry conditions soon. It has to be. Otherwise, piles of winter clothing stored in airtight bags would be compelled to remain in the company of mothballs for another year.

Why rainy days are welcomed by the likes of me? For one, you are least disturbed on rainy days in winters. Even the maid gets an excuse for a furlough. The boon of having plenty of me time to be yourself is pleasurable. You can spend it wilfully and comfortably. Either ensconced in the soft confines of your quilt with a book or listen to your fav songs uninterruptedly with dreamy eyes.

Winter rains are a godsend for the farmers too. The wheat crop, which is yet in its infancy, receives the much-needed slow saturation and proliferates admirably in the aftermath. A drive out of town on the highway gives a glimpse of vast fields of healthy green sheets of wheat spread like an ocean touching the horizon.

                                           Indian turnips   image Google

In our part of the country, winter is synonymous with mouthwatering cuisine. A sumptuous variety of fresh vegetables is available in plenty in the market.  Green leafy vegetables like mustard greens, spinach, fenugreek leaves are popular favorites with all. Saag (all three cooked together after fine chopping) is a much sought after preparation for tangy taste and enormous health benefits. Turnips with their fresh leaves intact make a delicious and nutritious dish. Radishes- the white beauties grated and stuffed into paranthas for breakfast waft flavorful aromas around and activate the taste buds of even the neighbors. 

I eagerly wait for winter for buying shakarkandi (sweet potatoes) another of my weakness. It makes its appearance only in winters. Slicing them into rounds after boiling and eating them with a generous quantity of honey or ketchup is a truly satisfying experience.

It is the late evening of a rain-soaked day and mild rain spell has started once again. Even with the curtains drawn closely, I can sense the atmosphere outside. Sitting in a static position in front of the computer, I feel like standing up to shake my near numb legs. I think I do deserve a hot something. Don’t you think so?

"No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn." - Hal Borland 

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018


 V  is for a visual feast!

Enlivening the space in the front of our house!

From my archives. The delicate cactus flower seems to be the one loved by the bees.

 A park closeby presented these gleaming beauties!

Marigold troika!

The cactus flowers open up so joyfully in the morning but sadly wilt by the evening.

This one was captured when I's staying amidst hills!

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Saturday, December 1, 2018


Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.

 After a  lon ...g  time  I could inspire myself to make an effort to capture a critter: here a butterfly.. It's an effort indeed. I followed her flight and eventually succeeded in capturing the designer beauty in my chrysanthemum patch! The morning sun accentuated the glimmer of her multiple hues!

In this pic. the butterfly is perched on the third bloom and below...

  she is sucking the nectar of the middle bloom! Lucky she!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2018


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“We have nothing to fear and a great deal to learn from trees, that vigorous and pacific tribe which without stint produces strengthening essences for us, soothing balms, and in whose gracious company we spend so many cool, silent, and intimate hours.”

 T for TREES that make us feel proud!

Trees are stately sentinels towering above us as nature’s glorious benediction. Their unique green empire is steeped in spirituality and beyond the limits of expression. God-fearing, benevolent, dutiful, they bear no grudges and claim no entitlements. They embellish our boulevards, brighten our parks and offer a visual feast around our homes. They make us feel proud.

Being ubiquitous in planned cities, towns and near modern high-rise structures, they help to diminish their concrete jungle character. They wrestle with all weathers and still stand erect uncomplaining. Trusting friends, they keep watching yet keep secrets. They act as our nurturers, silently enhancing our quality of life by purifying the atmosphere, without demanding patents. 

We're pilgrims, trees are eternal bearing seeds of legends.


Friends sharing pictures of our visits to different places:

Nature cure Institute at Banglore, Karnataka

Entry to our community at my hometown Patiala.

Homeward Bound: Workforce returning home at Solan, (H. P.)

 Beautiful house nestling amidst natural surroundings at Banglore.

Silver oak around hills in Solan.

Coconut tree in a company in the precincts of a hotel in Kochi, Kerala.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2018


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S is for Spirit:

ABC Wednesday’s prompt letter 'S' did put me in an unenviable state of mind.  I could not decide for almost half of the week about the appropriate subject to go with the letter 'S'. The result was procrastination. And lack of focus to generate something appealing. The task was tough so it kept on being postponed.

The comfort zone went on winning. The inner police had to remonstrate, and chide, to wake me up to shake off the self-imposed laziness. It had to go because the compulsion to write was much more powerful than temporary lassitude.

A ten-minute stroll in my driveway was a trigger point for a new idea. It’s luckily the one, which I needed to motivate myself. It’s the much-critiqued idea encompassed in the phrase ‘Never say die' spirit, which flashed suddenly into consciousness.

Friends some people are fortunate to be born with a bubbly positive outlook. Some acquire it while in the thick of life experiences. There are others who never learn it.

A healthy attitude towards life is a blessing because we traverse many rough terrains during the course of our lives. We've to endure them as they are beyond our control.

While I'm at it, let me share a few thoughts with you on the subject!

 Life is no cakewalk:

The existential crises, which everyone faces at one time, or the other have the potential of dragging us into despondency and feelings of inadequacy. Only a resilient attitude can overcome obstacles and challenges of life.

Develop confidence:

Uncertainty is the only certainty of our lives. Confidence in oneself enables an individual to muster up the courage to face all types of circumstances.  Giving up is no option for him. His never say die spirit inspires others to carry on whole-heartedly despite roadblocks. Such people always succeed where a weak one might leave the arena vanquished.

Safeguard your core values:

To sustain a balanced and resilient stance in our life we need to be vigilant not to let our core values be eroded by negativity prevailing around us.    Even in the face of coercion or intimidation stick to the fundamentals of your personality.
Have a good company:

The company we keep holds the mirror to us. Those who pull us down and discourage us need to be shunned. Befriend like-minded individuals with vision and willpower who'd move ahead with dedication in their preferred line of work.

Cultivate reading habit:

Reading inspiring life stories of successful people who succeeded against heavy odds and came out unscathed bolster our resolves.

Learn time management:

To be productive each day is very significant for developing overall confidence. For this, one has to learn time management.  A determined schedule for the activities of each day should be planned meticulously. My personal experience tells that a planned day achieves considerably in terms of work done. The satisfaction is highly uplifting.

Follow an exercise regimen:

It is imperative for us to look after ourselves in all aspects of life. Keeping good health is most important. We women who sit in front of computers for hours together must do aerobic exercises to keep fit. A short walk and some stretching exercises daily improve blood circulation, digestion and activate sluggish cells. A well-balanced diet energizes and makes us feel good. Deep breathing exercises promote feelings of wellness.

Control negative thinking:

Furthermore, we should always take note of the intrusion of negative thoughts in our mind, which should be crossed out immediately. Negative thoughts drain you out completely and push you into depression and inertia. These are deadly enemies of a fulfilling life.

To summarize it can be affirmed that giving up on any task how much humongous it may be is no solution to life’s situations. This option is irrelevant for living a meaningful life. 

The list can stretch endlessly but I shall be extremely happy if I can stick to the few shared above.

Friends welcome here as always!

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Tuesday, November 6, 2018


Wishing you a happy Diwali!!!

                                          Images courtesy: google


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R is for 'Rain':

Though October ushered in the much-awaited change in the weather in the plains of North India, yet the day temperature stayed uncomfortably warm. Last week’s unexpected rain stepped in unannounced to surprise us with its blessed mild chill. It marked an amazing entry. When we went to sleep at night, all was calm and serene. A clear blue sky sans any trace of clouds. No other hint of impending rain either. No thunder, no sound of speedy wind usually a precursor to rains. It came like an angel in the soft footsteps. The world down under stayed ensconced under their blankets. None was disturbed with an unusual activity in the middle of the night. Yet it rained unobtrusively, peacefully.
What a pleasant surprise it was when I got up in the morning, drew the bedroom curtains and saw the backyard all soaking wet. A gaping expression welcomed the scenario. The day started on a charming note. With remarkable alacrity, the sweet coolness of winter crossed the threshold to facilitate festive outings and donning of fashionable winter outfits.

The whole of India is experiencing the feverish excitement of  Diwali celebrations. Festivities to welcome the queen of festivals ‘Diwali’ are at its peak here. The glitter, pomp, and show are evident all-around. The newspapers ads are overwhelming and attract potential customers with price cuts and gifts. People are arranging strings of colorful bulbs on their roofs and entrances. The spirit of joy and gaiety pervades all households. 

The advent of November with its pleasantly moderate coolness post light spell of rain generates healthy vibes.

The sudden showers have surely added to the cheerfulness of the festival of lights!

 Friends welcome here as always!

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Wednesday, October 31, 2018


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Q is for Queer:
Sometimes one experiences such a queer incident that one ends up being traumatized considerably.

One such incident happened to me a few years back. It shook me and scared me about my vulnerability. Sadly my faith in people got a slight beating.

We were putting up in the hills during the summer. One day we planned to go shopping in Solan (one of the important cities in H.P). It is situated at a distance of about 12 km from our place. With sufficient cash in my purse, we drove in our car to Solan. Since the narrow main bazaar was always buzzing and overcrowded with all sorts of vehicles, we preferred to park our car at a safe distance and boarded an auto rickshaw to reach our destination.

After finishing our errands, we again boarded an auto for our return journey. As soon as we sat in the auto two dark-skinned women wearing gaudy outfits, seemingly belonging to the lower class hurried towards us to get into the same auto. Though there’s space for only one the auto driver did not object. I protested mildly but thinking it was public transport didn't make it an issue. On hindsight, I realize  that they sensed a potential naïve target in me and that is why they ran to get into the same auto.

I felt very uneasy adjusting but bore it somehow. The din on the road was deafening besides it being a bumpy ride. It was painfully funny because in the small space the women were partially slipping and adjusting all the time. I just avoided looking at them and caught hold of the rod above to stabilize myself. In a vague manner, I remember the woman next to me constantly eyeing me. My purse was in my lap unattended. The duo to my relief got off on the way. 

I had not imagined in my wildest dreams that I could be robbed.  When we sat in the car, I rummaged my purse for something and found to my shock and disbelief that all my money was gone. The women thieves did it to me.  I even suspected the auto driver was part of the conspiracy. I still get goosebumps when I reminisce about the incident. It took me a few months to restore my self-confidence.

Now I act like the proverbial 'once bitten twice shy'. Whenever we go there, I prefer to walk rather than take an auto.


Friends welcome here as always! 

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