Tuesday, April 9, 2019


Bottle Brush in bloom.

Spring is nature’s bridal wear and offers an incredible visual feast. Indeed everywhere around you be it parks or flowerbeds maintained by residents or trees lining the roads, spring’s sparkle is unmistakably there. Mesmerizing sights of spring’s freshness overwhelm the responsive onlooker.

Spring’s arrival has finally bid adieu to lingering remnants of winter. People are feeling upbeat and thronging the roads for evening walks in the cool breeze.

Let’s soak spring’s riot of colors till the summer is upon us with its heat waves and scorching sun elevating temperatures to sweaty limits.

Lilies in their prime in my front yard.

A profuse presence of fully rounded marigolds at a religious place.

A richly budding mango tree in our neighborhood. I'm expecting cuckoo's arrival from her secure abode any time now since her visit coincides with the emergence of buds on mango trees.

Curry plant growing outside our boundary wall is donning glistening green leaves once again. I's missing their exotic flavor in my curry, rice pulao, and some other dishes. 

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  1. Have only seen a mango tree on a blog, although they must probably grow in California too - I love mangoes! The flowers are beautiful and bright:) And how do you distinguish a curry tree? Even though I'm not Indian, I LOVE curry, and have been told it is also a healthy spice. Many thanks for sharing these aspects of your season with the others:) Welcome back to All Seasons. Enjoy your spring time!

  2. 'Spring is nature's bridal wear'! Lovely concept. Beautiful captures to match.

  3. Beautiful and so rich in colours! Loved seeing the flowers. A mango tree from a house opposite to ours already started to produce mangos and them lovely handing around.

  4. Lovely description of Spring- bridal wear indeed :)
    Great pics!
    Nice And New- Anita

  5. Ah look at that Marigold!!
    Beautiful flowers. Enjoy the season. :)

  6. Such vibrant colors - outstanding shots!
    Thanks for linking up at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2019/04/almost-time-for-mimosas.html

  7. Beautiful photos !
    A great post.
    My contribution :https://meinmitmach.blogspot.com/2019/04/blue-sky-about-water.html

  8. What lovely flower photos, and array of colors. :)

  9. I appreciate you linking up to make My Corner of the World a success!

  10. I hope to remember your beautiful phrase: Spring is Nature's Bridal wear. Lovely.