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Sunday, August 7, 2011

On Coming back from the Hills in July


Hello friends!!! Let me tell you how I am feeling after coming back from the hills a few days back? It is like simmering in a cauldron of hot water throughout the day. True to the adage that ‘grass is greener on the other side of the fence,’ we decided to return to our nest, tired as we were by the continuous spell of rain at Kumarhatti, where we  put up for the summer. OMG, what a damning decision it proved to be! :(  The minute we stepped out of the car, my blinkers got removed, reality stared at me straight and clear. In the act of unloading our things itself, we got bathed with sweat and all the excess salts poured out from the skin pores leaving us limp like wilted flowers. We opened all the windows, doors and switched on fans and ACs to get a breather. No luck of course. Humidity stifles. Anyway I had to set the kitchen in operation. Fortunately we had left the refrigerator running and I immediately stuffed it with the eatables and fruit which we had bought on the way. Washed the few utensils needed. While I got busy in my empire, hubby dear, right away started fixing the computer paraphernalia and TV dish set up box. At this break neck speed we worked for about two hours at our respective domains without exchanging a word and succeeded in organizing the essentials.
 Over the years I have learnt to wind up the house in such a manner that both of us only need a couple of hours to start the house running once again .After the needful was done, it was  time to replenish our energy with some victuals. I prepared my favourite Tulsi tea.(I was missing it so much at Kumarhatti) Mercifully my Tulsi plants are still there with plenty of leaves  while the other plants and lawns showed utter neglect. I had instructed our gardener in detail but I had truly wasted my words on him. When the cat is away the mice will obviously play. I put out the intended tirade before it welled up furiously inside me.
 Tea, some rest and I was on my feet again to start the washing with loads of clothes which I had brought with me. Two wash cycles of the washing machine finished the task well enough. Then after changing the bed linen to prepare for the night, I decided to call it a day. So did I tell my hubby who was still wrestling with some chores.  
 The hardest part of resettling however is to get a new part time maid. The household tasks which are beyond me are: intensive cleaning and mopping after the house is closed for months. It is four days since we came back and I could manage to get the house cleaned only once. Have not found the right one so far. I am trying and will have to succeed. By the way we‘re off to Amritsar tomorrow and hubby is insisting that we pack up to go back to Kumarhatti again as he feels like a fish out of water. And I feel no better. Will decide on coming back from our short trip. It is like living one day at a time now. Don’t know what lies ahead?

Agreeing with the assertion that one should learn to live in incertitude, I remain prepared for anything now.  


  1. Once again , I admire your travelling life. I love to see places, but of late we are laid back.

    Do have a good trip and enjoy.

  2. Thanks for the comment.In this hot and clammy weather it is best to stay at home and drink lots of coolants.