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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I am in my sixties and feel more spirited and enthusiastic about certain things than ever before. Earlier family responsibilities and a job (which had their own charm and ambivalence) left hardly any time to experience any thing other than the extensions of these.

However, I am a free bird now. Life’s daily hassles apart; I’ve plenty of time on my hands to pursue my passions. I do spend hours in perusing newspapers, reading my favourite books, browsing the internet and dabbling in writing .The internet has blessed me with much power by broadening my world via social networking and blogging. There is plenty of food for thought and reflection.

Internet has changed my world entirely. I consider it the best thing, which could have happened to me. The credit goes to my husband (a self learner) who has helped to open the mysteries of the ‘World Wide Web’ to me. Later with my own efforts, I found myriad ways of entering this magical ‘Sim Sim.’

I find it to be a treasure trove of knowledge and information about anything and everything on this planet. Search engine Google transports me to anywhere in the world at the click of a button. There are very good sites which I visit regularly, where you can find articles by eminent medical professionals written in a simple, readable language about all sorts of health problems. You can benefit from the information and treat minor ailments yourself, saving many a visit to the doctor. By the way I consider ‘HEALTHbeat’ a Harvard Medical school publication extremely useful.

I communicate with my children and friends within minutes without incurring any expenditure through email. Video chatting via ‘Skype’ adds to the pleasure of communicating with my near and dear ones.

I no longer need to keep clippings of my favourite articles in newspapers. I can access online editions of all major newspapers, if need be.

A few discomforts and age related changes I’ve gone through but these haven’t diminished my desire to tap hitherto unexplored territories. I’ve not allowed my inability to read the small print of labels, expiry dates and other information, make me feel helpless. Nothing can deter me from penning my impressions about the world around me the way i wish to. My eyes do get tired sometimes and I’ve to curtail my forays. But a good pair of spectacles has eased out my difficulties.

For example I’ve bidden good bye to wearing high heels or fancy shoes and instead settle for a pair from Dr. Scholls’ limited variety for pneumatic feel and balance. Comfort, not fashion is what I look for now.

My digestive system does throw tantrums off and on but I manage it with sensible eating habits. Internet research has enlightened me a lot in this direction and I make full use of it. Once in a while I break the rules to indulge my taste buds.

Energy levels may have depleted but I remain active, alert and learn something every single day.

It is about forty years into my marriage but I feel fresh and vibrant as if it happened only yesterday.
Dear friends: Pl. give your take on the above narrative in a comment.

Let us laugh together:
An overweight fellow went to a doctor. The doctor said, " I want you to eat regularly for two days, then skip a day and repeat this procedure for two weeks." When the fellow returned, he shocked the doctor by losing 20 pounds.
"Why that is amazing?Did you follow my instructions?" The fellow nodded," I'll tell you though. I thought I was to drop dead that third day."
"From hunger you mean?'
"No, from skipping."


  1. :-))))

    Wish it was that easy!

  2. Hi,thanks, the weather is slowly turning for the better here.Same must be true with Hyderabad also.Any new success of your deft green fingers!!!