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Friday, October 28, 2011

Almonds: A Reservoir of Nutrients

Dear friends, I find almonds  to be a reservoir of the best nutrients needed for the human body, therefore I'm sharing  a few accepted truths with you.
Almonds are wonder nuts, packed as they’re with all the essential vitamins and minerals, required for a healthy body. They’re loaded with energy and vitality boosting proteins, dietary fiber which helps to lower cholesterol and vitamin ‘E’ a powerful antioxidant, considered to help prevent the accumulation of plaque in the arteries, improves the skin tone and texture  and slows down the aging process.
Calcium in almonds strengthens and maintains bone health and is essential for growing children, pregnant, lactating and menopausal women.
Almonds are of two distinct varieties, sweet and bitter. Sweet are the edible ones that are eaten as nuts and are used in bakery products, to garnish puddings and desserts, in soups, in salads, in ice creams and are eaten as such as a wholesome fulfilling snack. The oil of bitter almonds is used in the manufacture of flavouring extracts and for therapeutic medicines.
In the present day hectic life style, one must devise ways and means to include them into daily food pyramid. Why not stash a handful (about 20) of them in a container in your car or in your purse and munch them on your way or keep them in a drawer in your work place and enjoy as a snack. While on a long walk, a handful of almonds will sustain you and keep you satiated.
The catch is: Chew, chew and chew, for proper absorption and to derive the maximum benefit.
At home sprinkle whole or sliced almonds on your oatmeal, wheat porridge, pan cake batter or mix powdered almonds in a glass of hot milk or make a cold beverage by blending it with milk and ice cubes. The older people with dental problems can refrigerate the powered almonds and use them in the above stated manner.
You can soak them in purified water overnight and consume them by removing the skin, together with raisins or sultanas (both store house of minerals). It’d take care of constipation and cleanse the system. Substitute almond butter for other spreads on toasts.
Almond oil is used for body massage to improve blood circulation, restore vitality and well being and ameliorate aches and pains. Hair massage before washing prevents dandruff and hair loss and gives hair a lustrous shine.
In India mothers after delivery are feted with a preparation made of roasted wheat flour, pure ghee(for lubricating the intestines) dry ginger powder, ground aniseed seeds, raisins, sugar and lots of almonds , whole or sliced, for at least forty days to replenish her body, to  enable her to take care of the baby and  household duties.
In summers, almonds should be stored in the refrigerator for preventing them from going rancid. Even otherwise they should be kept in air tight containers in a cool,dry place.
With such immense health benefits almonds should find a special place in our daily meal plans.


  1. Yes, I like them too. But I am careful in using them, due to health problems.

    In Hyderabad, one odes not get to pick good stuff. Most of the nuts are old variety, except the ones packed well and sold is Super markets.

  2. Yes, you can buy good quality from standard shops only. However best quality almonds are available here in plenty.I try to consume some every day.