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Sunday, December 4, 2011


An unpleasant friction occurs in our relationships when we become obsessively self- willed and rigid in our approach and try to impose our will on others. We look through the prism of our own limited world view. We resist different opinion and wish to have things our way. In the process we antagonize others, lose our calm, act unreasonably and end up working against our own interests.
Florence S Shinn of ‘The Game of Life and How to Play it’ says that resistance to natural scheme of things is hell. Rather than distrusting others, pledge full faith in them and speak positive affirmation, “Every man is a golden link in the chain of my good,” and will further the divine plan of my life.
It is in our nature to become tense and worried about some letter or call which has a bearing on our life. We spend tormenting hours waiting, for that letter or call, suspending our normal activities. Experience is a testimony that nature is our ally and we should have faith in the balancing act of the supreme power which is governing this universe. It is going to help us, get, what is ours according to the divine plan of things. Our letter or call will come at the right time.
The images of opulence, health and prosperity in our subconscious, get externalized in our life spontaneously by the natural law of attraction. Highs and lows are part of life and they are there to keep us in touch with the real world. Resisting situations, on which we’ve no control, create unnecessary stress and lead to expending of our vital energies on negativities. “Bless your enemy and you rob him of his ammunition.” Send goodwill to everyone. By the sheer power of your genuine blessings you will take from him the power to harm. Agree with your adversary and he will fall in place and even may befriend you.
There is a Chinese maxim which exhorts: Let life flow like water in a river. So many obstacles come in its way, but it flows placidly undisturbed. Instead of trying to change the personality of others we should try to change the obduracy in ourselves and give due regard to all. We should never lose sight of the ground realties and allow barriers erected by our egos to be demolished and then every righteous desire of the heart will be fulfilled. In Sikhism in the last verse of our most sacred prayer (Ardas) the blessings of the Almighty are invoked by singing: ‘God’s name is bliss and by His Grace everybody is blessed.’ “Nanak nam chardikala, tere bhane sarbat da bhla.”
God’s bountiful benedictions will be ours, if we pray for the good of all His creatures. This message, we need to remember for always!!!


  1. It is a comfort to assimilate good words. Wish that people will follow these thoughts in deeds. less and less are following, leading to so much misery.

    Well written, Uppalji.

  2. Hi Patu,welcome.You're so right.We've become selfish and have lost faith in each other.People hardly confide in you and keep their emotions pent up inside.It does no good to any body.It affects mental and physical well being.We see this happening around us all the time.
    The upper middle class has become smug because of enhanced pay packets and feel they don't need anybody.Their children are ill mannered and won't even greet their elders.The parents don't bother to correct them.The noveau rich class tend to forget all values.It doesn't bode well for our future.

  3. If only it were that easy to believe that 'whatever will be, will be'.Sometimes the bleakness in life does not allow the sun to seep through and let warm, positive thoughts surface.But agreed that positive energy and happy thoughts attract the like!

  4. This is so true.We humans keep moving between highs and lows all the time. Positivity certainly helps to overcome negativities of life.Acceptance of the givens sustain in the long run.