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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Ginger root is a wondrous herb having many therapeutic qualities. In India, Ayurveda has used it for centuries for medicinal purposes. With new studies confirming its efficacy in treating many sicknesses, this herb has grown in stature world wide. With its regular use one can bid good bye to nausea, feeling of distension, indigestion, heart burn and a host of other minor ailments.

Chewing a small piece of fresh ginger after every meal helps in the digestive process. Remove the skin from a piece of ginger root, wash it and chop it into small portions. Put one or two into your mouth and allow it to stay under your molars lightly crushed and let the juice pass inside slowly. It will ease discomfort either through a burp or passage of gas. For nausea or morning sickness continue chewing tiny pieces till you feel better.

My mother used to prepare a curry of dry ginger powder in winters and also whenever she had some digestive problem. Over time I have also developed a liking for it because it sharpens appetite and provides a feeling of warmth and well being.

This is the recipe: Pour one tbs. of clarified butter/ refined oil in a small frying pan over low medium heat. Stir fry one heaped tbs. of dry ginger powder till it turns light brown. Add salt to taste and a little turmeric powder to give it color. Then pour a cup of water and let it simmer till it thickens, stirring occasionally. Add about two tbs of beaten curd (this is to make it palatable) into the curry and mix it well for about a minute or two. Remove and savor it with a chapatti, lightly toasted bread or boiled rice. It is especially beneficial for women during menstruation for easing cramps and providing internal warmth. It also gives relief from back pain as it possess anti- inflammatory properties. 

A popular hot beverage in winters is ginger tea first thing in the morning. Simply boil some crushed ginger in water till it turns  yellowish and prepare tea the usual way. Keep moving while sipping it and be conscious about the urge to go for bowel movement.

Ginger also acts as an expectorant in coughs and colds. Squeeze out the juice of a piece of ginger to fill half of a tablespoon, mix it with honey and lick it slowly morning and evening. It helps in dislodging and bringing out the phlegm thus giving immense relief.

It helps in dyspepsia by releasing trapped gas in the stomach and also eases heart burn.Ginger neutralizes the harmful effects of fatty, acidic and fried foods. It acts like a digestive enzyme and promotes good digestion.


  1. Useful post Uppalji!
    I remember the hot ginger served in Jaisalmer Fort, on a cold afternoon. It was so soothing!.

    In South India , we add ginger to Upma, all savoury Dosas, and many veggies, esp, Potato and Cauliflower.It is also part of various Chutneys.

    But , I liked your recipe using ginger and curd. Must try it out!

  2. Hello Pattu,
    I like south Indian dishes a lot.They're light on the stomach.Those cruncy wafer thin dosas with spicy sambar is always a treat. I remember going to a south Indian eatery in Philadelphia serving a variety of dishes and doing a roaring business.
    We use ginger in all gravies for its peppery flavour and digestive goodness. Do try the recipe sometimes.:)

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