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Thursday, February 23, 2012


Dear blog friends, I was off the World Wide Web for almost ten agonizing days because of the inefficient handling on the part of those who are supposed to look after the functioning of broadband connectivity. I felt like a lost child who got separated from his parents in the crowded fair and though was offered all the goodies which he had been asking his parents for, yet he only wanted to be reunited with his parents.
I took internet connectivity for granted (till this black out) and blessed the people who were manning it. How naïve of me to be so unrealistic! In our country expecting an uninterrupted supply of any service is like asking for the stars. And here I was enjoying constant broad band connectivity and without giving a thought about how lucky I had been.
My hubris got busted when our landline phone went dead and with it I lost the internet connection. Complaints got registered with BSNL our service provider. After enough heartburn and desperate reminders the telephone connection got restored. But I never expected that our internet facility’d be severed in the process. That is exactly what has happened. All these days I’ve been deprived of something which has become as important as food and sleep. Nothing matters any more. I only want the internet like the lost child crying for his parents. But I am wallowing in helplessness and haplessness. It is the eighth day and two personal visits to the facility and a number of phone calls notwithstanding, no light is visible at the end of the tunnel yet. In frustration I’ve been pestering dear hubby to ring here and ring there and the calls went unanswered. So my fate hangs in balance. Three days back I was hoping that the work force in the department will join their duty after three holidays all refreshed and‘d be hurrying to redress the complaints of the hapless consumers. How stupid of me to expect such a treat!

But for how long I am to grope in the dark and not provided any relief in spite of crying hoarse? Helpless like the lost child I’m crying for my rights.

Dear friends, the connection got restored just now and here I’m.


  1. Uppalji,

    Sorry about that.

    I missed you. It was odd that you were silent. I had been wondering whether you had guests and were busy or celebrating some function or have gone on some trip.

    Thanks to God everything is ok, but for the internet. Surprisingly , in our part of South India, the BSNL guys are really efficient. ( touch wood). They agree to help soon ,and do it. Though they do not have good name elsewhere.

    Anyway glad to read your pages again.
    Welcome back.

  2. Hi Pattu,
    I felt lost when this wonderful medimum of communication was snapped away. I'm keeping my fingers crossed as the connection is not fully stable yet.Lucky you in Hyderabad!
    I,d like to have your take on my new post.