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Saturday, February 25, 2012


Dear friends, here is the first picture ever which I've transferred on my blog. This one is just average, but i think okay as a first try.
My front and backyard are having these flowers blooming to glory in small beds and in pots. A visual feast with resplendent  hues of purple, yellow, orange, pink and white. The petals are narrow and thin, but strong. The unique thing is that these open their petals in the morning in sunlight and close with the setting of the sun.
I don't know their botanical name but my gardener calls them 'Barf.' These have small thick leaves and grow hardly four inches above the ground.
These have enlivened my surroundings and invite me to stroll around many times during the day. I bow my head in gratitude to this boon of beauty and freshness.


  1. Lovely flowers. Hope you will publish more about your garden.

    This is a very short post :-)

  2. Thanks Pattu. My garden is neglected one expect for these flowers,potted cacti and aloe vera, a small bed of fenu greek leaves and fresh coriander each and a curry patta plant.Oh yes some mint also which is burnt with cold at the moment.
    As you know we don't stay here the whole year and the gardener just neglects it in our absence. However with your positive influence I'll surely post some picture of the new development.

  3. Yes, this happens often.
    When we went out of the country for a few months, the garden was the neglected though my domestic help was over watering them!That time I was not into Terrace garden.
    I think plants also miss us:-).

    Now Terrace is so dependent, I am not having heart to leave them and go anywhere for days together.

    WP is not getting to comment. So I am using my google account:-)