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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


For almost a week, I experienced utter misery and disgust, as a consequence of my own recklessness. Though the ominous signs were time and again warning me of the impending discomfort, but I didn’t heed. Actually, dear hubby had been cautioning me repeatedly, not to sit at a stretch for hours before the computer and to take short breaks. I just ignored his concerns and continued my browsing and typing like crazy. Even my body gave signals of ‘all is not well’ and wanted me to take notice of neck and shoulder stiffness and pain, a symptom of over use

It was the dreaded sciatic nerve getting pressed and giving excruciating pain which radiated from buttocks to thighs to the calf of my right leg. I was almost whining, as no posture helped in reducing pain. Most part of the two nights I remained awake uttering sighs. Finally I had to take recourse to pain killers which I always try to avoid. As a result, I had to shun sitting at the computer or watching television. I was completely immobilized. The oft quoted maxim ‘To err is human’ will  stay relevant till eternity. The realization stopped me from being too harsh on myself.

Since the activity which I love the most became impossible till I got well, better sense prevailed and I laid my hands on a health book, gifted to us long back by our son. In fact, this book has proved to be our family doctor for so many years and saved us, I don’t know, how many visits to the hospital. This book treats illness holistically. It explains home remedies, exercises and wellness techniques. All the time assuring that things will improve if you cooperate with yourself for getting better. So my perusal gave me hope and reassurance that after following some home remedies and preventive measures I‘d recover soon.

As I’m prone to similar episodes, I’d do better to put in extra efforts to  avoid reaching the state of helplessness.

Now the regimen of regular rest with ice pack under the lower back for ten minutes, followed by ten minute walk on even surface.Together with keeping the correct posture while sitting and many other precautions, I’m pursuing religiously. I should not expect less caution at sixty plus.

Our body mechanism also works on ‘give and take’ policy. You take care of it and in return it gives you service ungrudgingly. The wheels of human machine need lubrication now and then, otherwise they get stuck and refuse to budge.


  1. Uppalji, A wake up call indeed. For those of us who do not like to flaunt illness, or pop pills by the hour, it is all the more difficult to be sick or immobile.

    Thanks God you are feeling better now. I am sure you will follow all caution and not get recurring problem like you did last time.

    As you said" listening to the body " is better, which in turn makes us aware of when to rest and when to work.

    Please take care.

  2. Thanks a lot for your good wishes Pattu.
    Caution truly is the wisest thing to take at this stage. But we sometimes overstretch the limits of our body and suffer.

    Life is a continuous learning process.As long as we remember this, we can never fail.
    Pattu i forgot to mention in my comment on water conversation that dear hubby was very much impressed by the genuinness of your efforts.

  3. Thanks a lot Uppalji, and also a special thanks to your better half. :-)