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Saturday, April 21, 2012


Last year I wrote a piece about my soul mate cuckoo, but that was during rainy season, when her presence is pronounced. But I can’t help penning paeans to her persona again, after hearing her sweet voice a few days back. As the buds on the neighbour’s mango tree grew into tiny mangoes, I was certain that cuckoo is on its way from some mysterious abode of hers. There is some eerie connection of the cuckoo with the mango tree in its glistening glory, starting from the advent of spring. Cuckoo’s internal clock is geared perfectly to appear in our midst around April, when the atmosphere is crisp, breezy and refreshingly cool.

Her daily visits to our area are perfectly timed. Early morning I open my door and go to bed again, to wait for her call. That is the hour when I get to hear a crescendo of chirping, twittering and host of other bird sounds on the three towering trees across our house. It is like an orchestra where synchronization has gone hay wire. But even then the sounds appeal because of their distinctness. I feel blessed in the luxurious state of waking up while taking my time to get up. It is then, that I hear cuckoo ‘s mellifluous coo coo which cheers me and my inner being feels like shouting, how wonderful it is to be alive on such a superb morning!

The pitch of her song indicates that she is at a distance hidden in thick foliage of some tree. Her melodious song stands out above the cacophony of other avian families. Her sonorous voice is that of an expert vocalist, starts on a slow note, gains an effortless pitch and slows down again, to end on a perfect note. Her voice has depth, energy and resonance. If you are a bird lover you can’t simply miss the rich quality of her voice. These days her singing spells are short, sometimes just a couple of stanzas and sometimes just a couplet. It is only in the rainy season when she sings in full throat-ed abandon.

Her dulcet voice echoes in the rustling leaves in the cool of the mornings, though she is hardly ever seen. She perches undisturbed, hidden in a lavish spread, a perfect setting for singing her lyrical melodies. Her singing evokes  many emotions. It has the potential of many interpretations, if it can be put to that test. And perhaps she conveys something as mystifying as the nature of life or perhaps she is pining for her lover inviting him through her harmonious ditty to melt his churlish response.

Cuckoo’s musical notes brimmed with romance and magic surge up amazing emotions in the human heart.

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  1. Lovely post Uppalji. I look forward to rains ,if cuckoo calls. We too have a resident bird, who calls all the time.

  2. Hi Pattu,Thanks.I can well imagine your desperate desire to have rains.But in Punjab we'll have rains in June and July.Weather here is still pleasant in the mornings and evenings.The birds enjoy the weather by chirping and twittering all the time.The cuckoo sings in the breezy mornings.All new leaves on the trees and flowers blooming everywhere.
    Luckily there is no shortage of water in Patiala and our maid too wastes tons of it though i keep on pointing to her all the time.They don't pay heed because they know we can't manage without them.