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Sunday, April 15, 2012


Some of us have absolute trust in God. We wonder how God steers the wheels of universal phenomenon so magnificently?
Belief in God is experienced on an intuitively private mental plane. It is completely subjective. It is like forging a relationship with God and having Him as an ally in all your ventures. A believer keeps company with the creator through various mediums.
Faith builds confidence:
The question often asked is- if God is our saviour then why our lives are beset with innumerable challenges. God does it on purpose. In fact, faith symbolizes moral courage and resilience in the face of adversity. He leads our success for the right causes by cultivating within us the quality of determination through self confidence. If we don’t succeed, it is due to our impatience for quick results.
Man needs God’s intervention:
God has granted man the sharpest intellect and the ability to solve most of his problems. In spite of our well developed faculties man still is the most vulnerable creature on earth, emotionally as well as physically and needs some faith or affirmation to go on with life.
Praying helps:
One medium of having a commune with God is through a sincere prayer which works psychologically. The very act of praying happens because you believe that God is on your side and will listen to you. The belief generates positive energy and zeal and goads you to put in all your efforts in whatever you do. The situations which seemed invincible are tackled because of perseverance and confidence that He will affirm your prayer.
A personal experience:
Many many years ago, a genuine and fervent prayer rescued us out of a seemingly insoluble situation. One such intense prayer in the course of which, your whole being merges with the image of the Almighty, utter humility replaces ego, you feel cleansed, the stress of the situation melts away through a pure revelation and everything falls in place.
Trip to Shimla:
We had gone to Shimla during holidays and were having a gala time enjoying outdoor activities with our son and daughter. In between we decided to go to Mashobra a beautiful small town situated about ten km away from Shimla. After reaching there we explored the lush green forest cover and water courses hidden here and there. When our children got tired we came back to where our car was parked. The kids wanted to be left in the car. They got the keys to unlock it and were given special instruction not to lock it. We started walking nearby, busy in gazing at the mountains. (In those days there was no rush on the roads and hardly any car was visible.)
Unexpected happened:
After we had done with mountain gazing and a good walk, we decided to join our children to go back to Shimla. We neared the parked car and found the kids busy reading ‘Tin Tin in America’ which was our son’s favourite. When my better half asked for car keys both of them showed ignorance. They simply did not remember where they kept the keys. You can imagine the ordeal which followed. Inside of the car was searched hundred times. Every nook and corner of the area was rummaged with utmost attention by four of us but no sign of the keys. Hubby was livid with anger as no solution was in sight. How could we leave the car there? We talked about the possibility of hubby going to Patiala to fetch the spare key. Luckily we had given one house key to our neighbour and the other was in the bunch which was lost.
Light after the dark:
In utter frustration of our failure to locate the keys, I entered the car and sat down on the back seat. The trio was still groping in the grass around the place. I closed my eyes with a feeling of indescribable helplessness. I started praying. Soon I felt detached from the now and merged with some holy presence and simultaneously glided into a state of tranquillity. I requested the unseen presence to help us out. I forgot where I was, being totally immersed in the act of praying and complete stillness inside. I don’t recall how much time I stayed in that meditative state. When I opened my eyes my gaze fell on the sun visor above the steering wheel. I got up and spread my arm to lower the shade and lo the bunch of keys was lying there snugly.

My prayer was answered through a soulful experience.

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  1. Wow! You are right, we never know when and how our voice reaches God, and He extends a very kind hand to help us out. Very pious experience, very well expressed.

  2. Congrats for setting up Google account.Yes most of the time it is our lack of faith which creates the stress and strain.A little wait for God's intervention in our favour can work wonders.But how impatient are we all the time!