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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


In the prevailing atmosphere of cynicism, despondency and disillusionment, I cherish the blessed moments I spend in the company of the creatures who frequent my signature park, a stone’s throw away from my house. This park interestingly, has been the inspiration for a few of my write ups.

I love the cheerful creatures who visit my fancy park every morning. Their sight and sounds not only provide audio visual pleasure but also a lesson or two for achieving relaxation for our overstressed lives. I remain enamoured and overwhelmed by their personas: crystal clear and fully transparent, no hidden motives or intrigues; they are themselves all the time. They don’t care about my presence or for that matter anybody else’s, and keep on doing merrily what they want to do. They are happy- go- lucky and exude gaiety and cheer as they bend their tiny heads and forage for food in the grassy ground. Their occasional chirpings while in the act are perhaps comments on the quality of seeds or worms or thanking the gardener for clearing up the area with his lawn mower and making it easier to locate the fare.

I adore the peace loving doves and carefree larks. Larks look simple and noncombative.They don’t seem to attract any predators and that perhaps is the reason of their burgeoning numbers. These busybodies are always in the look out for grubs for themselves and their young ones. So many times I see them strutting proudly with a worm hanging from their beaks, searching for a lonely corner to relish the delicacy. They are Gandhian in their approach and absolutely nonviolent and fair. I enjoy their company everyday in the morning and admire their open and nonchalant bearing.

But their simple exteriors are deceptive .The other day I saw a pair romancing by locking their beaks in foreplay.

The other group is that of grey colored babblers who create a frenzy on the branches trees before descending in droves on the ground. They stay near each other while pecking and their babble is simply blah blah without any musical trace to it. Their sheer number coupled with their noisy presence is always overwhelming.

A pair of healthy looking pigeons, with their well rounded middles lends a joyful sight. One or two blackbirds with their harsh sounding caw caw and a couple of doves cooing coolly on the electric wires overhead make their presence felt. The wood pecker: brown with polka dotted exterior lands hurriedly and after quick pickings flies away. Some other birds like parakeets, koel and crested grey sparrows make a supervisory stopover once in a while and fly away in a rush.

The other presence which catches my attention is that of small butterflies white and multi coloured flitting here and there. Honey bees buzzing constantly; keep encircling the flower beds before settling on the chosen ones.

But my all time favorites are the squirrels. They caper and romp from tree to tree in gay abandon and look charming and cheerful donning striped coat of silver and dark grey and their tails moving coquettishly behind them. Their sprightly nimble movements give the impression as if they are powered by some magical nectar, so intoxicated they seem all the time. They are gregarious and fun loving and are spotted chasing each other as if playing some game. Off and on I see them with straws and shreds of rags in their mouths climbing the trees to build their dreys. Removed from the nitty gritty of life, though for a short time, I participate in their merriment their positivity and their openness.

On coming home I feel my body and my mind in sync with each other and a sweet calmness enveloping me in its fold.

Images courtesy: We for animals/India nature watch.


  1. A pleasant and cheerful way to spend time . Nature nourishes us.
    You have penned a lyrical post.Enjoyed it.

  2. Thanks Pattu.
    Going there is the first ritual of the day in terms of exercising with a walk and commune with these creatures as a means of rejuvenating my spirits.

    These serve as my tonics.

  3. Hi Hariharan,welcome to my blog and thanks.