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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Once again I’m face to face with the impasse of frozen creative spring. Willing, though I am, to take up the 99 per cent of the writing endeavour, which is funnily called, sweating it out, but what to do about the elusive 1 per cent which is the mother of all writing? Can I import it, whatever cost? Of course not. That one per cent which kindles the spark within can only be waited upon anxiously.

For the last couple of days, unease of not getting hold of that mysterious trigger point bothered me to no end. I waited but remained unsuccessful in arousing the muse of inspiration. Finally decided, that the way out is to coax the mind out of the slumber of inertia and dismantle the slothful grip of languorous inactivity.

After going through self censure and some resolution, dragged the whining self and sat it on the chair with a big pillow behind, to straighten the back, in preparation for facing the ominously blank computer screen. The task of dislodging the devil procrastinator which dangles like a sword of Damocles is a tough one. But when disarmed, it is felt like a sweet victory over wily treat of impassivity.

After mounting the eyes with the appropriate apparatus to aid vision, the dye was cast with the first click on FreeCell to shake the grey cells into a thinking mode. The game won, hurriedly clicked MS Word before the ‘dil mange more’ syndrome takes over.

A familiar state of mental haziness unavoidably precedes a fresh attempt at writing. A few lines and treasured Sim Sim opens, and the process slowly comes on the track

Actually friends, I am amazed at my own foolishness. Experienced as I am about this tug of war between the mind and opposing pulls which try to bog it down, I should always brace myself to fight it out.

At this awkward moment a valid question pops its head with a smirk on the face and says, ‘What on earth is the need to endure the constant internal squabbling? Nobody is pressurizing you and you don’t have deadlines to meet. Take it easy. What is the big deal?’ 

But there is the big deal! I can’t help confessing the steely hold it has managed to have over me. It has made itself paramount and everything else stands as second. It is a compulsion which is God sent. It is a silver lining in the dark clouds of purposelessness. It is a tonic which revitalizes the body and the soul. It ensures participation in an intellectual marathon which gives wings to imagination to soar high in unknown territories. It blesses clarity of thought process and substance to thoughts. It is a pick-me-up for confidence and bearing.

And the priceless bonus of making good friends on the way, whose love and support keep you going. I wish to continue to traverse the less trodden pathway in the hope of making more friends, in whose pleasurable company this journey will be more enlightening and meaningful. Hasn’t it been the quest of all thinking beings since the beginning of humanity?

So friends, here I’m, trying to be in sync with the unique persona of maverick dame creativity.

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  1. I totally agree with you; I find myself in somewhat same situation. Well-written piece.

  2. Oh yes, writing is a whimsical mistress.It has to be appeased and pampered all the time.To humour it we drape it in eye catching adornments.It is the only activity where only one side does the talking. Yet we love it and chase it continuously.

  3. Hi Uppalji,

    How are you? hope everything is fine and you are enjoying your summer in the hills station. Kindly write about your life there.

    Take care

  4. Hi Pattu, I missed you so much. Please read about my predicament in my new post.
    I'm writing about my stay in the hills and will post it before going back. Thanks.

  5. Hi welcome!
    Keep sharing your views dear. Such a lovely name!