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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Plains in the North are boiling hot with no let up from the scorching heat. Luckily I’m in the hills of Himachal Pradesh in the midst of cool breeze whistling through the statuesquely lanky and densely growing pines on the flanks of hills. Unfortunately, however, here I’ve been cut off from interacting with the cyber world for a month now and am feeling like a lost child. I’m missing reading my friends blogs and unable to post on mine.. In spite of my best efforts I failed to set things in order before coming here. On arrival we found our landline phone dead, whereas its resuscitation is a pre- requisite for Internet Services.
Strange situations prevail here. When questioned, the BSNL people informed that the telephone wires have been stolen somewhere in the jungle and an FIR has been lodged with the police. No remedial action can be pursued till the police action in this regard. How disappointing it can get! It looks as if no body bothers about an ordinary citizen. The concerned officials do not even pick up the phone. Obviously, this is hardly a priority for them.
Last summer when we came here we got the phone connection and paid for Internet services with the hope that whenever we’d come here we’ll be able to follow a routine and settle here comfortably.We paid all the dues without enjoying the services and here we are in a hopeless situation. I’m suffering from an agony of waiting without any immediate relief in sight. Even the best of weather can’t make up for this loss. This lingering malady has polluted the joy of cool atmosphere and lessened the pleasure of changing moods of wind, sometimes gentle and balmy, sometimesin a churlish trot and sometimes noisily galloping in the span of a single day.
Till the Internet service is restored I’ll have to stay in limbo and imagine my anxiety ridden state! In the  plains life moves much faster and things do get done.
Since BSNL the service provider company has not many subscribers in the hill state, so much less revenue, and individual subscribers are ignored.
In the meantime I’m praying and hoping that my prayer’ll be answered soon.

Note: Friends, I’m visiting my home town for a short period and here all facilities are available. So I’m posting my feelings about the experience. I request your interest back in my blog.


  1. We were missing and wondering what happened?
    I too went with kind of trouble last 15 days back. It took 10 days to set right a small problem. I almost wrote a post!


  2. Thanks Pattu. Small hiccups take so long to be redressed over here. These certainly put your life out of gear.
    Glad that you could manage to get things moving again.