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Friday, July 13, 2012


I’ve realized for quite some time now, that to be computer savvy is the best gift, one can aspire for, post retirement. I wrestled a lot to learn the simple operations which have finally opened the floodgates of authentic and unthinkable reservoir of information courtesy dear Google’s magical operations. I salute the crowning glory of the members of the team, who are putting up such awesome repertory of innovations for the global netizens. I wonder at the intensity of motivation and consuming passion which enabled this group to come up with the greatest invention of the last century.

In fact my penchant for writing has been fueled by the chance to start my own blog on the Internet, a service provided by the magnanimity of Google. It is actually thence my peaceful life got entangled in eternal knots. Though Microsoft software is user friendly but my grey cells don’t respond that fast and memory plays tricks all the time. Even then my mental faculties refuse to step into a defeatist mode; rather the desire to learn has become all consuming.

I curse myself when I’m not able to maneuver Applications (for fear of its getting crashed) which I’d like to try on my blog to make it more presentable to my readers. I tried to take help from my children but they have no time and they feel amazed that I’m taking things so seriously. Other young people who have degrees in computer science can’t help either.

Hence I continue to indulge in exhausting skirmishes with the little potent machine to unravel some of its riddles. When I do succeed in executing some complicated stuff, I feel on cloud nine and my confidence bolsters up. However there is a constant flow of highs and lows and in spite of that the pleasure compensates the anguish. The web world is a fascinating place to have friends, incognito, with whom you develop deep affinity by sharing your world with them. The virtual cyber world has empowered us to navigate the globe with the click of a mouse.

While browsing through my favorite sites, I’m struck by the similarities we’ve with the people of other cultures. We indeed are global citizens separated by man made borders.

With age our cognitive abilities slow down. The intellectual exercise afforded by this wondrous object makes me feel a part of the changing world and enthuses me to express the reams of my experience and let the world know the secrets of my consciousness felt over the years. This apart, it is a boon for me as it invests a sense of purpose to my life and offers something to look forward to. It is a constant companion to fall back upon, any time of the day.

It’d have been more fulfilling if I had entered this domain earlier. However, as they say it is never too late to learn!!!