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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Last week the days were soaking wet with intermittent rain and foul weather conditions. At night the sky gurgled, thundered ominously with streaks of lightening in between spells of pouring rain. The loud rumbling even wake you up. Ensconced in the cozily warm wrap of the quilt, in eerie darkness, you fall asleep again lulled by the pitter patter of rain.

And today when we woke up- what a morning it was! It wore a dazzlingly bright washed look, like that of a bride adorned with the best of jewels and bridal finery for the supremely joyful day of her life. Here the morning was embellished with the tingling cool of the  blowing wind, draped in sweet warmness of the February sun. The hullabaloo of night morphed into golden threads of light, emanating from the east. The sun which was thwarted in its march these couple of days was appearing in its glorious armour. It looked as if it was carrying the message of positivity and gaiety in the folds of its immense power. The depressed mood and moroseness were at once goaded into action. Calling for some purposeful activity. A step towards inspiration and wellness.

 It'd be sinful to miss bonding with the environs on this blissfully balmy morning. Flora and fauna beckoned. Why not enjoy a quick bracing walk before the mundane chores bust the euphoria? The vegetation seemed to be praying in thankfulness. In the sun filled park dew drops shimmered on blades of grass. The plants secretly blushing were soaking the life giving light waves. The leaves, the buds and the sparse blooms were preparing for a dancing extravaganza. Even the Neem though bereft of much of its foliage seemed to relish the morning radiance spread generously around it. Its cluster of twigs were swinging merrily in the moderately blowing wind.

Looking at the sacred blueness of the sky was a mystifying experience. You look up; close your eyes to allow the visual to strike a spiritual chord with your inner self. You ask yourself, “Is it real or are you in Alice’s wonderland?” The scene was scintillating.

Then you spy a few isolated cottony clouds tinged with the glow of the sun, meandering aimlessly, as if conscious of their irrelevance in the singular personality of the morning.

Far above was visible an eagle in a gliding motion of charming ease, filled with the flush of the blue sky. The uninhibited splash of the sun inspired the eagle to act out some dance forms in the air- going up at marvelous ease without flapping the wings. And then gliding down and in between taking half rolls like air force jets, showcasing their daredevil maneuvers.

As the day progressed many bird species landed on the lawns to warm themselves, twittering eagerly in between pickings. A pair of pigeons settled on the top of the parapet moving round and round constantly as if thrilled by the atmospheric splendor.

No half ways in the world of nature. Not like our metallic existence. Always troubled. Chasing the unattainable. Squeamish. Doubtful. Fearful of reprisals. Guilt consumed. Bridled. Unsure. Never full flowering or fully animated. Always some pin prick behind.

And those squirrels. Oh my God! Such abandonment such friskiness. No subtle moves. Every thing in the open. Going up and down the trees speedily. Or stopping in between to have a nibble of seed or nut hidden in the paws. Laughing discreetly at anxious humanity running around. A sight begging to be drunk to the dregs and digested.

People were out walking or simply sitting in their verandahs. Everybody wanted to taste the mouthful of the breezy warmth and the faint smells of myriad plants in the vicinity.

The genial heat injected life force into the body, strengthening its cells, muscles, pouring energy indiscriminately into all living organisms. Such was the indescribable miracle wrought by the sun rays on the distinctive morning! Can one ask for more?

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  1. absolutely brilliant writing!! wandering thoughts captured the nature so beautifully!

  2. Lovely. Wish I could write as well as you. Perhaps you should write more to spread the love of nature among everybody.

  3. Hi Deb,
    Thanks so much. Watching flora and fauna in our vicinity is my first love. It inspires and gives hope.

  4. Thanks for liking it Easwar. Your Wintery Days inspired me.

  5. Hi Rajesh,
    Welcome and keep coming.Thanks!

  6. Hi Sabyasachi,

    Thanks very much.Actually there are a few posts of mine which cover my observations while in the midst of Shivalik hills during summers.

    I appreciate your dedication and interest.Your Tales from the wild educate and amaze immensely.

  7. Hi,
    I love utopia because it enables you to fly high on the wings 0f your imagination. I'm sure to visit your utopia soon.

    Welcome and thanks a lot!