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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


The other day I was reading a Harvard Medical School Newsletter (to which I subscribe) that underlined and promoted positive orientation and expression of gratitude as mediums to attract ripples of bliss to flow into you. And this inspired me to mull it over.
The follow-on existential exercise led to some observations realized lately. It is said you can’t chase happiness, however, you can facilitate the spontaneity of its surge towards you. Inevitably, the question arises, how? The answer to this intriguing query is simple. Just by being positive and grateful for what you are blessed with and by giving a little bit of your love and care to others who need it the most.

Let me begin with some home truths which remain derailed mentally and hence hardly ever thought of :

For example our relationship with our parents which we take for granted. Do we ever pause to reflect, how lucky we had been in having unconditional love and support of our parents, in the crucial years of our growing up? The umpteen number of occasions, when we escaped falling prey to unsound circumstances, because of their timely advice. The discipline which they inculcated in us, prepared us to face failure and success with fortitude and learn lessons. 
Because of their training in perseverance, we were able to weather many a storm in our lives unflinchingly. And the way they imbibed in us, recounting their life’s experiences, how faith in oneself and doing good are stepping stones to a purposeful and happy life. How time and again they ingrained in us the spirit of hope in adversity and assurance in misery that nothing is permanent.
The invaluable lesson to be tolerant in our reactions to life’s unpleasant occurrences, passed on to us through their good sense, instilled in us confidence and courage. Their resilience in the face of setbacks, got stamped as permanent images in our minds. Their bucking us up in our lows, strengthened our resolves to be dauntless and not to fall back into brooding and inaction.
How generous and undemanding our parents  had been and are!  Let us express our gratitude through acts of care and concern for their well being and earn happiness through their reservoir of blessings. Their twilight years will be filled with physical and emotional wellness. Smiles and laughter will replace pouts and ruffled looks.
Have we ever pondered over the role of our siblings in shaping our lives? How they used to make light of our capriciousness and indulged us in many ways. How there were sessions of mutual comforting, during stresses and strains of younger days. How playing and fighting enlivened our days together. Let us reignite that old camaraderie for healthier interaction amongst us.
In the hustle bustle of life, we’ve forgotten our colleagues and friends who stood by us in soothing professional complexities by giving their perspective to ease tensions. Let them be back to grace our consciousness.
 Apart from the above let us count our blessings and give thanks:

To God, for bestowing upon us the ability to love, to think, to reason and differentiate between good and evil.
To nature’s bounties of vast lands, seas and hills.  
To the cycle of seasons exhibited in untold variety. 
To flora and fauna for allowing us to spin in their luxurious lap.
To our spouses for blessed moments of togetherness, support and some precious leisure hours, to relive those beautiful memories nostalgically.
To all precious emotions promoting relatedness with the world in which we live. Thereby defeating self sabotage and isolation.
To our vulnerabilities to keep us grounded away from hubris.
To those who lend us a hand in everyday chores. 
To those who consider us capable enough to facilitate them in fulfilling their dreams.  
This and much more we will have to do to kindle a spark within us to break free from self woven cocoons and pour joyfulness around. 

Friends it'll give me pleasure to know your thoughts on the subject.  


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  2. Oh yes,I'll surely. Thanks.

  3. People take their parents for granted.

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  6. Absolutely! Time to start thanking and stop asking!!

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  8. Thanks Deepak ji.All around i find alienation and disregard of familial duties by over ambitious young people.
    This does not portent well for the health of our social fabric.

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  12. [ Smiles ] At times, we do fall short where gratitude is concerned.

    Lovely article!

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