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Sunday, April 28, 2013


Friends, I took these flower images (bloomimg in my house)with my cell phone and felt like writing a few lines in verse for a change. Here is my take:

Rainbow hued beauteous glowing muse,
Minds not the floating woes,or cynical greys.
With childlike smile of endearing ease,
Doles bliss, wins hearts all the ways.

Its dignified purity holds head high;
Its nods and winks, alluringly unfold.
Springs favorite child entrances and smiles,
And waits for the moment not foretold.

It entwines joy in the petals of a garland
It spins grief in the ring of a wreath
It craves not for the spoils purloined,
It worries not and joyfully breathes.

Folks this is how I winnow the flower;
And attire it with words with my pen’s power.


  1. Beautiful ode to the lovely flowers

  2. Lovely flowers, but will love to see crispier shots...


  3. Thanks Deepak ji!I love nature and it never fails to inspire and soothe.

    Hi Debopam,
    I'm no good in this department and my main interest is penning the diversity of life.
    I'll try to devote more energy to this aspect.Thanks !

  4. Ohw! I'm reading poetry by you for the firs time!! Loved the way you described those beautiful flowers...Lovely clicks :)

  5. Thanks so much Valli for visiting and appreciation. Actually this is the second poem which i wrote after i started the blog. You must have missed that.

    However i love reading your beautiful poems.


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  7. I am glad to have discovered your blog..loved the flowers along with the poetic description :)