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Sunday, May 12, 2013


 (A few thoughts to rattle the brain)

We slog about matters which are peripheral to the immediacy of our everydayness, while remaining indifferent to the aspects of existence which are closest to us. Unfortunately the never ending race of life, clouds our priorities and shackles us to the mundane of average everydayness.

German philosopher Martin Heidegger opines that off and on the realization of boredom and anxiety of our regimented life, challenges our attitudes of insularity and alienation and directs us back to the reality of being-with-others as authentic beings. This is how we wake up to life and recognize the significance of our praxis in the context of larger interests of society.

To be really alive means to pause and listen to the call of conscience. Besides knowledge and understanding of the small world of our affinities, we require wisdom to plan and act collectively for its good. It does not imply mindless conformity but astute march towards the birth of new ideas and their execution. However we’ve to be wary as our preference or inclinations in the micro world will converge with the macro world at some point.

With this premise, it’s not gainsaying to assert that the criminality sprouting in our midst has its seeds in the callousness and gross irresponsibility proliferating at the micro world of the family. In the everydayness of life what type of nurturing created these inhuman monsters?

In the small community where I reside, a gentleman was robbed of his valuables, a woman’s chain snatched and houses burgled and no headway in the investigations. Unpunished, the antisocial elements get emboldened and graduate to heinous crimes over a period of time. The inept and corrupt policing with little sense of duty and members of civil society snoozing in their comfort zones, disinclined to do their bit to help the police( for whatever reason) is the abject reality of our daily existence. The plight of the law abiding citizens can well be imagined? This is the scene which stares us in the face everyday.
Another menace which affects every one of us is the unchecked population of stray dogs. They move about defiantly in groups scaring the passersby. Killing and mauling of children is a grim reminder of the gravity of the situation. The problem has been highlighted in every possible way but the authorities have readymade answers to pass the buck. If a citizen out of desperation tries to adopt a practical method, I’m sure he’d be behind bars in no time. Such are our laws!

Waiting for the dawn when our administrative machinery overcomes the decision/action paralysis and comes out with concrete proposals to end the absymal malaise.

Most of us take refuge in the narrow confines of our backyards, forgetting our professional as well as social duties. Like frogs in the well. Our deadpan graceless living is comparable to that of a stone which can neither think nor act on its own.

These are the questions worth mulling over, though never taken up seriously.

According to great thinkers, to rise above the average -ness of our lives entail circumspection and reflection. There has to be spells of stimulus and creativity to balance the drudgery of the temporality of our being. Hence the quest for finding some meaning must go on for the sake of our sanity. Though, the struggle is individual specific but essential to keep our spirits braced and brain healthily stressed.

For French writer Albert Camus, ‘It’s life that matters, the pure ability to be part of the universe.’ His philosophical creation “The Myth of Sisyphus” brings out the dichotomy between the absurdity of our lives and the tragic reality of our helplessness to do anything about it. In fact every thinking being has to wage an inner battle constantly to transcend the irrationality of our existence to carry on the given journey which per se is as good as a farce.

Philosophers maintain that the certainty of death is a great awakening for the observant, steering him towards generous and genuine living. Though nobody desires to die yet the consciousness of the inevitability of death liberates us from the bondage to the material part of life. It alerts us about the value of the short time at our disposal and goads us to pursue good ‘Karma.’

Religious practices are the most potent stress busters which man has invented for his mental and physical wellness. Everywhere in the world people seek peace of mind and solace in the protective folds of their faith. The feeling that there is some universal power looking after us empowers us to face the frustrations, disappointments and miseries of our day to day life boldly. Religion no doubt is a great force, an equalizer and a stabilizing factor for the overworked nerves.
Above all, to make the odyssey of life palatable, the importance of good health can’t be over emphasized. For this a regular exercise regimen must be incorporated in our daily schedule. For, exercise is a great medicine!

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  1. A healthy mind in a healthy body! The need of the hour!

  2. Thanks Deepak ji. The issue here is trascending the everydayness of life once in a while at least.

  3. Very good post............... Nice read indeed...........

  4. Thanks aliasgarmukhtiar for coming and commenting!

    Hi Debopam,
    Thanks! Actually i wish to have some extension of the ideas put forth in the post via my blogger friends.

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  7. Indeed a very thoughtful Post indeed..To me Life is what we make out of it,There are certainly stress in everyones life but how we deal with those stress totally depends on us..I believe a Happy Heart and a Happy Mind helps us relax our Everydayness of Life as highlighted by you..Though there are enough Problems and Stress surroundings us to find peace among them is art which we need to mould with times.. :)

  8. Hi Harsha,
    Thanks for going through the post which came out of my lived experiences and mulling over them in retrospection.
    Yesterday I was reading a magazine article and amazingly enough the aforementioned elements of the critique were summed up in a Japanese concept 'ikigai' ( ee-key-guy). It means "a reason for being." Wikipedia says: "Everyone,according to the Japanese has an ikigai. Finding it requires a deep and often lengthy search of self." Simply,"It is a person's reason for getting out of bed each morning" and focusing on one's passion.