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Wednesday, August 14, 2013


The water treatment lagoon. The walking trail is on the left of the pic.(not visible here)The light blue sky and the horizon.

I’m putting up in Chester Springs near Philadelphia (PA) in the US these days. It is a picturesque city surrounded by a thick forest cover, home to towering trees, rabbits, deer and exceptional species of vegetation. It is a totally peaceful area, except on weekends when the loud buzz of lawn mowers irritate the ear drums  The posh area of single family houses, where our daughter lives is inhabited mostly by professionals. A good number of Indian techies also live here.
Initial hiccups of jet lag and adjustment to the new environment being nearly over, I'm trying to go forward with my usual old routine. Going for a morning walk has been an important component of it.  For a long time the morning walk has acquired deep physical and spiritual connotations for me.
Wherever I'm, I make it a point of  scheduling it in my daily time table. Physically it keeps me in good shape and blesses me with so many loyal friends in the world of nature. I feel as though,the natural flora has deep affinity with me and converse with me in silence or through their rustling sounds.
Spiritually, I feel empowered and more confident after my daily rendezvous with the objects of nature in the course of my walk. It also helps me to relate to the outside world and its multiple frames.The morning scene gets etched so powerfully in the mind’s eye, ready to be invoked whenever necessary. If despair or cynicism  invades the mental space, one becomes resilient enough to come out of it soon. Most of all,  ideas for my articles are born, structured and mapped in my brain here.
the landscaped backyard of the corner house on the other side 0f the road.

Coming back to the present, I watch the outside world through my bedroom window first thing in the morning. If it is a clear day the early sun rays steal through the open blinds. My mood instantly perks up. Next a look at the sky: a massive ocean like entity, majestic and mysterious, attired in greyish white cloak of infinite proportions, exhibiting one of the unexplainable riddles of the universals in our existence. A lone eagle gliding on the roof tops and a couple of small birds dashing in and out of my range of vision break the spell of the magical scene.
I come down. While sipping my morning cup of ginger tea, I step outside through the front door. There is transparency and crispness in the atmosphere.  At the same time I sense a sort of stillness, the eeriness of the absolute quietude only violated now and then by the passage of a vehicle. The silence mystifies. The sheer immensity of the environment overwhelms. I stroll on the side walk and spin around while being hypnotized by the openness of the skyline presenting the perceptible illusion of the earth meeting the sky.  The sight becomes awe inspiring since you feel caught in the middle of an unearthly loop. The wondrous scene is there every day, but it touches your sensibilities once in a while. Nature surely has blessed this great land.
Cloudy sky or clear sky, we go for our morning walk in the company of our darling seven year old granddaughter who, remains at home these days, because of summer vacations. It feels wonderful to be out in the cool breeze and breathe in the freshness to recharge and inspire oneself to do  the daily chores and some reading or writing later in the day. 
The morning walk for us grandparents has its own specific culture here. We get ready for it in a leisurely way. We first prepare our breakfast according to the likings of our granddaughter. Like they say in India we subscribe to the maxim, ‘Grandparents are there to give concessions not to set rules’. Yesterday she preferred to have pancakes with chocolate syrup and today French toast with honey spread over them for extra sweetness.  Children everywhere in the world have a sweet tooth.  She puts the first morsel in her mouth and exclaims, “Grandma I love it.” True to the American style of appreciation.
We coax her to accompany us for the walk. She agrees very reluctantly but  insists on taking her bubbles contraption with her and keeps blowing and popping the bubbles, otherwise she is bored in no time and wants to come back after a short walk.
Walking on the side walk by perfectly manicured, landscaped lawns and shapely ornamental trees is a treat. There’re bushes and shrubs and flower beds, sans weeds, neatly spread with coal black mulch. Surveying the scene, I pay silent tribute to the efforts of the house owners who, by the way, I’ve not seen so far.
 I keep guessing, however. ……May be both husband and wife work and the children are enrolled in some camp. Or one  parent works from home and the kids are inside. Any which way the stillness is compelling. The Americans are busy bees. They’ve no time to look around for nothing. That explains the dedicated work spirit they possess.  
Musing thus we head for the safety of the beautiful walking trail with sprawling grassy land and water treatment lagoon, efficiently secured, on one side and a busy road, blocked by fluffy pines, on the other. Mostly we are a lone threesome there. To keep our little one engaged who really leads us by running ahead; I show her the flowering fennel plants growing on the edges and have promised to show her the seeds when these ripen. The other day we saw the canopy of a really large mushroom finding its way out through the grass.

the cute mini well in the corner house

While coming, back two beautifully maintained houses at the end of the trail attract our attention. In one there is cute looking replica of a mini well placed on the side and our granddaughter examines it curiously and asks questions. The other house has artistically landscaped backyard and side areas with exotic plants and flowering bushes. But do the architects of the beauty ever get time to feast their eyes on their handiwork, I wonder?
beautifully laid flower bed in the front lawn over looking the houses in the neighborhood
I'm fascinated by the things around here and would be observing things keenly to write about them to share with you. 

Friends: Waiting for your response in words.

 images taken with g.daughter's i pad.



  1. Hope you enjoy your stay near Philly. Please visit Delaware River Gap in the fall, I am pretty sure you will like it.

  2. I haven't been to Philly,but I have heard from lot of my friends that it's beautiful,love your pictures.Its so green.Will be awaiting your future posts :)

  3. Thanks Rajesh ji for visiting the blog.Sure we'll be planning sightseeing trips and the Delware River Gap will be one of them.

  4. Hi Ankita,
    Thanks For the lovely comment. Do keep visiting.

  5. Wow!. Congratulations. The make overs are lovely. Looking forward to more experiences in your beautiful style!

  6. Hello Maam,
    Philly has superb scenery ..I would like to visit and spend some time for sure..the snaps are fantastic...Ipad produces good quality snaps...thanks for sharing
    Bhavikk shah

  7. Hi Pattu,

    So glad you're back.Missed you.Thanks!

  8. Hi Bhavik,
    Thanks and best wishes!

  9. Awww beautiful...beautiful pics!

  10. Oh yes! Thanks Aliasgarmukhtiar.

    Hi Ekta,
    Thanks very much!