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Friday, September 6, 2013


taken from the backyard of my daughter's house

  These days I’m intrigued by the feeling of other-worldliness, whenever I step out and instinctively give a lingering gaze to the colossal presence around me and above me. The towering, awesome, crystal-clear purity of the magical blue, patterned with multiple designs of milk white or silvery gray clouds laden with water, flexing their powerful muscles or some mysteriously stationery clouds  weave sheer magic of the mysterious faces of the unknown.
 Sometimes you imagine patches of clouds meandering above going on some pilgrimage chanting silent hymns.The stupendous landscape of the canopy of the sky varies by the minute. In short even millions of frames of a painter‘s brush can't capture even a speck of the infinity surrounding us.
 On all sides, the amazing illusion of the horizon overpowers one’s senses. Here the beauty of the natural phenomenon is so irresistible that sky watch itself can be a full time avocation.
Here are a few images which I took during my walk.

taken when the afternoon sun is mild

taken today at mid morning

 Friends: how do you like these pictures?


  1. First and last pics are so pretty-they almost look unreal--such cleanliness-it is impressive.

  2. Hi Indu,
    Thanks a lot.There is so much of beauty around that one is mesmerized by this blessed land.

  3. the first picture looks as if its a computers desktop image :D beautiful

  4. Thanks aliasgarmukhtiar!

    Hi nomadfashionista,

    So true! It is nature at its best here.Thanks a lot for liking the pictures.

  5. This is so true and lovely. Your observations on American life is band on target. The silence troubles us,(used to chaos), but the beauty... we miss it after we return, for months.:-)

  6. Hi Pattu,
    Absolutely. It is a blessed land. Large open spaces. Mesmerizing canvas of the sky. Abundance of natural beauty. All comforts of life. Well oiled public machinery.
    In short everything which brings out the bast in you. But it is for the young and fit. Old have to find themselves a new here.