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Thursday, December 5, 2013


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In the run up to the New Year, I am reaffirming some general principles for meaningful living, which I propose to follow diligently and sincerely.  My commitment is based on due deliberations, experiences, observations and intellectual journey over the years. More or less, I had always been a votary of these beliefs.  However, sometimes life’s boat faces rocky patches and things stare at you menacingly. Well, human memory needs refreshing periodically for direction and focus.

One confession I have to make at the outset. Listen ladies! Now I believe more than ever the adage, “Behind every successful woman is herself.”

The following principles/ suggestions are universal and have classic appeal: They are simply reminders, lest we forget.

Count your blessings at least once a day. Thank God for   your good fortune, a loving family, good friends and the material comforts to enjoy life fully.

Be grateful to your parents for their unconditional love and support. Acknowledge the contribution of your siblings in your growing up years. Give a moment of thought to your colleagues and friends who stood by you in difficult times.

Live in the moment. Feel the joy of being alive. Stop whining about minor irritations of life. Make the most of your present and set achievable goals. 

Be strong and kind to yourself. Try to forget the hurts (though very difficult) and emotional wounds of life and move forward.

Have a positive attitude. It imparts confidence, develops resilience and promotes good health.

Remain honest to yourself. Learn to say ‘no’ to something, which is against the core of your personality.

Try to remind yourself of the legacy of a value system ingrained in your mental makeup. Listen to your inner voice in life’s testing times.

Go with the flow of life. Don’t try to jump the gun. Patience and trust will sort out things for you.

Practice mindfulness, the ability to concentrate on the work at hand. Learn to meditate and do good Karma.
    Hone your creative skills. Set a purpose and focus on it assiduously.

Develop the ability to visualize success in your particular field and work whole heartedly to achieve it.

Be friends with nature. It is our ally in all seasons. It is a great stress buster. Enjoy the sight of a flitting butterfly, a chirping bird and a frolicking squirrel. Look at the lark with a worm in its beak, a dove cooing on overhead wires, a pair of parakeets sprinting above and a woodpecker busy pecking in your freshly mown lawn. Listen to cuckoo’s melodious ditties on a rainy day in summer.

Smell a rose and strike a conversation with the flowers beaming in the soft breeze. Watch the swirl and swing of the newly sprouted twigs in the spring. Wonder at the sight of a dew droplet hanging precariously on the blade of grass and pause to watch the glow of the glowworm on dark moist nights. Can one ask for more?

Follow an exercise regimen of your choice. Anyway, go for a walk and savor the activity around. Focus on breathing. Be conscious of the inhalation and exhalation process. Feel the movement of your limbs as you take steps.

Sitting in your verandah, soak in relaxation in your body and mind. Practice spiritual abandons. Let wind caress your face and blow your hair and allow it to steal in and rub against your body.  Forget yourself and be in a joyful reverie.

Don’t take life too seriously. Laugh and make others laugh. Spread cheer. It is said, “He who laughs lasts.”

In short, the process of inventing and reinventing oneself is life- long. Thank God for that. This is essential if we wish to lead a happy, purposeful life.

Friends, what do you think of the above discourse? Pl. suggest your own perspective about New Year resolutions.


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  4. Thanks Deb for reading the post and supporting my efforts!