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Wednesday, January 1, 2014


A healthy human being is gifted with a unique potent force of a conscious and awakened mind, which is wondrously dynamic. It is also generously enabling. It indiscriminately blesses us the wisdom to ensure a life of purpose, great abundance and success. How to use it, solely rests with us?

Human mind  visualizes and envisions the plan of action needed to achieve the desired results. Its imaginative power coupled with intuitive insights keep creating profound literature, pieces of art, dance forms, mind-blowing canvases of colors, artefacts and medical breakthroughs.

It lives out meditative practices to still its spinning wheel for attaining peace and tranquility for discharging the myriad tasks of everyday living. It prays to the Almighty to grant it the discriminating wisdom to adopt the righteous means to achieve goodwill and prosperity for all. Its thinking power has the potential of creating life-changing possibilities through discipline and confidence.

Though formless, our mind has infinite reservoir of love and oceans of varied positive emotions, which mostly remain untapped because of our narrow selfish considerations. Our pure consciousness, a nonphysical state possesses inimitable properties of acting out things to help us succeed in achieving the happiness, which we deserve from life. It has magic unlimited to change the course of our lives to our advantage. Sometimes it sets in motion day dreaming for thinking big genuinely and facilitates the brain to negotiate the process of action. In fact, mind and brain are complementary to each other. When the mind is crowded with thoughts, the brain tries to figure out how best to clarify and enhance the quality of thoughts for most effective execution. Mind by prodding the brain to fall in line turns invisible goals into visible reality.

Mind’s exceptional supremacy over us intervenes to help us bid adios to mood swings and adopt positive orientation to face life’s umpteen challenges. Studies have shown that a psychological practice ‘auto suggestion’ (Self talk) helps in training the mind to focus on a mantra of one’s choice for self-improvement and better health. Likewise cynical mind‘s obsession with negativities can be reversed into faith for the future through human mind’s healing capacities.

Our mind encloses eerie properties. Its unpredictability is sometimes scary.  It feels sad at sudden reminiscences or as a reaction to some unpleasant episode. It is thrilled likewise at a significant occurrence or some jolly memory in a context. It forgives wrongs done by others but also has the obduracy to nurse a hurt for a lifetime. Many times its whims and fancies stir us to perform unthinkable acts of generosity to others and many a time its narrow considerations turn us into inexcusable misers.

Its ripples of love have a wide range of categories. Love for siblings, parents, unconditional love of parents for their children, for those who rouse sympathy and tenderness and for great works of art and literature.

Our mind nurtures hates, perceived or intensely felt for people or things, which dwell in the subconscious and come to the fore suddenly by some trigger point. It harbors intense passions, to achieve which; it surmounts all obstacles, while inversely it amazingly exhibits complete apathy, disregard and detachment for many other existential matters.

Our mind never rests and unbeknown to us, spins a movie of our life nonstop. Even at night, in our dreams it is embroiled in situations better avoided in real life.  Many a time adversities of life pull its spirits down and at other times, it may feel being on cloud nine after enjoying a gourmet meal or baking a perfect cake or receiving an unexpected gift. Its emotional bounty is enviable. In the span of a single day the mind’s stream of conscious flow, if threaded into words can turn out to be a piece de resistance
Our mind smartly disallows to be trifled with and owns sweet guile and acuity to prevent curious intruders to have access to its core thoughts, racing in its lanes and by lanes.

 If given free rein to its naughtiness and skewed thinking, it can take recourse to violent means   to achieve questionable ends. However, with its good sense and astuteness, it can mobilize right thinking people to start a social movement for probity and social justice. It has a powerful ally in its conscience, which is the voice of sanity. When its arrogance stalls that voice, it degenerates into maddening behavioral patterns and suffers ignominy.

 In a woman the power of the mind can metamorphose her into the spirit of goddess Kaali, out to combat injustice and cruelty  or into  goddess of love and compassion when need arises.

Since times immemorial, great men and women harnessed mind’s miraculous prowess to act courageously for the larger good of human race. They were men of steely determination, who at the cost of their lives won freedom for their country, engineered the end of the curse of apartheid and managed to banish slavery, the inhumanity of man to man. They made history through their deeds and left indelible footprints on the sands of time.
Men like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs with their exceptional mental proficiency have revolutionized the communication systems, erased the man-made boundaries and created a global phenomenon. Their grit and never say die attitude born of their extraordinary mental ability speaks legions about their creative competence. There are examples unlimited of men and women who climbed the ladder of success in science, arts, music, medicine, social service, with unfailing mental courage and devoted their lives for the betterment of humanity, restored cultural heritage, gave joy and succor to the ailing and the needy. 

The gifted minds of scientists are pursuing unrelentingly the possibility of human habitation on other planets. The architects and engineers are designing mammoth bridges over water bodies, rail and road networks to connect cities and towns.  The ubiquitous presence of skyscrapers in metropolises don’t surprise any more. The committed minds have exploited waterpower, wind and sun-rays to generate power to run our factories, rails and make our lives much more comfortable and glamorous.

The steady and steadfast minds of theologians have pondered since centuries over the spiritual aspect of our faiths and beliefs and challenged our dogmas and perceptions. Great thinkers spent their whole lives for ruminating in-depth about the universal phenomenon and our place in it.

One can go on and on in describing the absolute being which nestles within each one of us. Which anchors our lives each moment.

Robert Browning's lines enthuse me to keep endeavoring to express myself.

Grow old along with me!
The best is yet to be,
The last of life, for which the first was made.

Have we ever paused to analyze the infinite potentials of our minds, which apparently, we so meagerly utilize?

Friends, I welcome your perspective on the subject. Do say something. 

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