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Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Though it is peak of winter, this bush is aglow with pink woolly flowers

 Friends, I'm passionate about  articulating my impressions about the unique manifestations of nature, whenever I feel inspired. In fact it is my love for nature which keeps me going. Here is one simple personal insight.
The majestic row of trees in the park. I took this pic around noon

Quietude is a very graceful and desirable sensation. However, do we find it in the mad bad world of din and commotion of too many people in too little space? One feels lucky to receive this benediction occasionally. I was that lucky today. After a gap of many days, I restarted my ritual of a morning walk. I was propelled to do so unknowingly. While peeking out of the window for a glimpse of the outside world, I found it deliciously inviting. The sun was rising up on the horizon.  The mere sight was uplifting. Elevating! No wonder we pined for its sweet warmth. Dense fog and   bone chilling cold mauled our spirits. The golden hued light was too much to resist. Suddenly it looked priceless.

In the park, there was palpable silence. The hibernating trees seemed to doubt sun’s full presence. Smarting under the cold wave, they were crossing their fingers as to not show hasty delight lest it should again depart behind some sudden haze.

Though weathering the onslaught of wintery days, the trees looked regal. The stoic calm and pride was clearly visible. Not even a hint of despair in their bearing.  They don’t preach but teach by example. If one were conscious, the intellect would comprehend the cues nature unfolds. I gazed at them to assess, if they were acknowledging my presence, it appeared they hardly cared.

 In fact, they are conserving their energy. Perhaps they are making meticulous plans for the coming days, for ushering in the heavenly splendor of spring. For that, they must have put in place, a secret communication line with one another. May be allotting turns. For who would wear the green dreamy shoots first, who‘d follow suit, who’d be the last to spring a surprise. Thoughtful indeed!

 Though bereft of freshness, they exuded pleasing vitality. Their stately demeanor evoked a sense of well being, confidence and power within me. I lost myself in the towering presence pervading all around. The surreal sensation was part of an awakening, a confirmation of the mystery of our existence. Sorrows and unkindnesses of life lose their sting, when blessed with such ennobling moments.

Let us emulate nature. It bestows unconditional generosity. We’ll be enriched, if we have the ear to listen to its silent sermons. It withstands so many upheavals but never skips its wondrous cycle. Courage, self-belief, righteous path, dignity, patience and selflessness are the words, which float in the ambience.

The experience reaffirmed my faith in the holistic power of nature and its inimitable manifestations.

While immersed in these impressions, I slowly made my way home.